Moving Week…

Hey you all!! I have been m.i.a due to the fact we have been moving all week.

Monday was moving day and I cannot stress how truly relieved I am that the military hires someone to come in and pack everything for you. They are careful and meticulous – they mark each box with what is inside and where it was located in the house, and we didn’t have to lift or carry a single thing🙏. It took them about 8 hours and I spent a majority of that time doing check-ins from my bathtub 😝



Tuesday, Wes and I spent the entire day scrubbing (unfortunately, they don’t do that for you). We did manage to stop for lunch and have Kebabs one last time from our favorite local joint, Döner Kebab – Kebapci Aga 🍖.



Wednesday was our final inspection and we handed over our keys. I absolutely loved living in the beautiful town of Sacile. The surroundings were breathtaking, the markets were amazing and the shopping and socializing were constant; however, that being said, the sacrifice of living space to live there was just that, a sacrifice. I look forward to being back in a house with a full size kitchen, and a home gym in the garage rather than a spare bedroom conversion (priorities😉). New beginnings are always exciting!
We did manage to get in a lifting session each evening, but cardio was non-existent, so that was a first and foremost, must-do this morning. I scarfed down a banana and some aminos and hit the pavement. I completed jog/walk/sprint intervals for 60:00 and I was just shy of 6 miles. It felt good to get in a legit cardio session 💦.



My post cardio fuel was a bowl of oats topped with blueberries and almonds.
I am so grateful that our hotel has a full kitchen!!



Wes scooped me up mid-morning and we had some running around to do, so lunch was on base at Subway.



After lunch I had a few hours free, so I decided to head to the gym for a leg/glute workout.
•Romanian Deadlifts
•Single Leg DB Deadlifts
•DB Reverse Lunges
•BB Glute Bridges
•BB Good Mornings
•Leg Extensions
•Single Leg Extensions
•BW Glute Bridges off the Bosu Ball
I spent a good 15:00 minutes post-workout stretching my hip flexors and lower back. A double day like today, my hips were definitely feeling it!


After a long scalding shower, I was getting ready for a sushi date with two of my girlfriends. We went to my favorite sushi place, Samurai and I had 3 rolls! I figured after today’s training, a good meal was acceptable. I did keep it clean though. I try to avoid any mayonnaise based sauces, anything fried or with teriyaki sauces. It was as usual, amazing! We were there for about 3 hours kikiing and saying our goodbyes ❤️.



Now it is time to pile up next to the handsome man in my bed and call it a day. Goodnight y’all!

Happy Thursday!!

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