Good Morning ❤️



I spent the first hour of my morning in a bath- reflecting, giving thanks and being aware of all of the great changes coming our way.
After, I had a bowl of oats which was my pre-workout meal (and post-workout, mainly due to the fact thats all I have left in the cabinet) – oats topped with blueberries and almonds with a protein drink and peanut butter.



This mornings workout focused on back and triceps, followed with intervals on the rower and treadmill. I ended with abs and a full body stretch and mobility.



I got a few last staple pieces to take home with me today 👜👢👝
My husband truly is the worlds best when it comes to spoiling a girl! I am so very blessed and thankful! ❤️❤️❤️



This afternoon we walked outside and it was snowing!!❄️❄️❄️ These are a couple of pics that I borrowed from my girlfriend, Jessica. She lived near us in Sacile and she posted these. It really is the cutest little town. I will miss it ❤️



This evening we met up with a couple of friends for dinner at New Punjab, a local Indian Cuisine restaurant.



I managed to keep it clean. I had rolled baked veggies, spinach cream and cheese (I avoided the cheese chunks) and my “bit of a splurge” was a serving of garlic naan. I LOVE Indian food- It was absolutely amazing!



Once back home (even though it was freezing cold and still snowing), I decided to put that garlic naan to use. I hit the gym for a late night shoulder and bicep workout (its all about balance you guys!) As I have mentioned before, I am not oblivious to the fact that throughout the holidays and while traveling this entire next month, I will eat foods that are not my “usual.” However, I will make certain that I put in the extra effort to train hard, even if that means two-a-days a couple of times a week.



Now time to snuggle up in bed where its warm ❤️ Happy Sunday!

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