Good Morning! I woke this morning and just laid in bed starring at the ceiling  for a good long while thinking what a precious privilege it is to be alive and well and facing another day- Life is so good!! I really love my life 💜.

I bummed around in my pjs for most of the early part of the day. This mornings breakfast was oatmeal topped with peanut butter.

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 12.15.51 PM


I got up and finally put some pants on and met my girlfriend Kerrianne for our last coffee date before flying out 😞.



This picture is the perfect depiction of our relationship.



Kerrianne and I held each others hand during some difficult times here in Italy. While the military life is an amazing experience, it is often extremely hard. Kerrianne got pregnant before her husband deployed last year and she had to find her inner wonder woman and give birth to her first child on her own without her husband by her side. She had some complications and was moved off of the military base into an Italian hospital where she had to stay for a week with nurses that barely spoke English and certainly have a different approach to things from the American healthcare facilities. Without help, Kerrianne was unable to get back into CrossFit, so within weeks after giving birth,  I was loading up the car every morning heading to her house where we would complete workouts in her basement with this little nugget playing spectator.




A couple of months later we were in training for our European Spartan Tri-fecta. Soon after, my husband deployed. Kerrianne was there. She made certain that we had meet ups, workouts and coffee dates. She truly is someone that God put in my life and Italy would not have been the experience it was without her ❤️.



After two hours of reminiscing the last few years, I headed back to the hotel for lunch (pre-workout), I had oats and chicken. My workout began with 30:00 of Abs followed with rear delt focus using the cables. I ended with 20:00 of inclines on the treadmill.  Following my workout I had a Kellogs protein bar (no, I don’t find them to be nutritious, but it was convenient) and soon after, a plate full of broccoli, rice and chicken.



The rest of my evening was spent doing laundry and packing up some of our things. For dinner, once again I had broccoli, rice and chicken. We are trying to avoid buying food that will be thrown out, so were just eating up what we have.



Now, its time to pile up and call it a day 💜

Happy Tuesday!! 

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