Good Morning From Lafayette, Indiana ❄️❄️❄️

We left out on Wednesday morning from my moms in Alabama-headed north to see Wes’s family in Indiana. The entire drive we continuously watched the temperature drop from the 40′s to negative digits 😳. We got in around 1:00 am and immediately hit the sack.

Thursday morning we woke to a solid 3 inches of snow!


We spent most of the week’s mornings lounging with Wes’s dad, Donny Dee-catching up, drinking coffee and trying to stay warm while watching the Price Is Right and Frasier reruns. We did manage to battle the cold everyday for lunch. I kept it mostly on track until New Year’s Eve and then allowed for a couple of indulgences: Culver’s fish and chips and white castle (no, its not better than Krystal!)

A couple of our afternoons were spent taste testing at some of Don’s favorite local spots for happy hour 🍺 and our evenings were spent much like the mornings, bundled up, watching old classics 💙

We did venture out Saturday on a 4 hour trip to Ann Arbor, Michigan, which was just as cold. We visited some more of Wes’s family and squeezed in a movie..Jumanji (HILARIOUS 😂)

New Years Eve we were up and at it early. We headed over to Wes’s Uncle Jerry’s house where we spent most of the early afternoon.

This was Uncle Jerry’s home bar 😳. He and his wife ran a local liquor store for 15+ years, so the range of his collection was quite impressive. He made certain that we had a private bourbon tasting of some of his favorites to celebrate the end of the year.


We decided to keep it low key this year for our New Years Eve celebration. We figured after 4 years of celebrating in different countries, this year it would be nice to dial it down a bit (not to mention it was -11 degrees and almost intolerable!!) We kept it close to home at a little dive called Lefty’s. We rang in the new year with Donny Dee and about 15 of Lafayette’s locals 🎉. By 12:02 we were headed home and by 12:30 I was snoozing away 😴.

While Indiana has been a great time, you better believe that unless it is a must, I will not being coming back unless its summer time!!! You can keep your -11 temp and frigid snow!

Happy New Year!!! 🎉

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