Good Morning!!!
After 1900 miles and 36 hours, we made it to Las Vegas!!❤️

We woke Monday morning with intentions of hitting the road bright and early, but the roads were still a bit slick and decided to wait one more day.

Tuesday morning we got up and Wes planned our route home. It would have been 1-2 hours quicker to travel west through the northern US, but being uncertain of the driving conditions, we opted for the southern route.

When we left Lafayette, IN it was negative eight (brrr) ❄️. We made one final pitstop at my favorite store downtown and I scored a super cute cross body bag and then we were on our way.


Our first major city to pass through was St.Louis. It was my first time seeing the Gateway Arch which was pretty cool.


We scooped up breakfast at quickie mart that was joined with McDonald’s, so I opted for the egg and cheese burrito and of course, coffee ☕️


Within a few hours we were passing through St. James, Missouri and I had to take a snap of this billboard 😂. Apparently, its a pretty well-know spot, because once I posted it on my Instagram (tiffanymitchellmull), I had numerous responses of how amazing the fudge actually is 😜.


At 700 miles we reached Tulsa, Oklahoma…



Once into New Mexico 🌵, there was not a lot to be seen. There was a pretty famous (or so it said world famous 😜) store, Clines Corner that we stopped at. It was full of souvenirs and hand crafted Indian creations (beautiful jewelry and blankets). I managed to walk out with a historic route 66 coffee mug and a bai thirst quencher. We took a few minutes here to stretch our legs and move around outside ☀️. With a temperature of 44 degrees, it felt like summer coming from -11 in Indiana!


Once in Texas we decided to call it a day. We had made it over halfway, and we were in desperate need of a bed. The next morning we were up and at it at 8 am and ready to complete the second half.


It seemed like we were never getting out of Texas and then we finally reached Arizona.


We had a few hundred miles to cover before finally reaching Nevada, but the excitement carried us through!!!! Finally, just before 6pm we made it!!! 🎉



So many people sent us positive energy and prayers for safety throughout our travels and it is greatly appreciated!!! ❤️

Now, cheers to kicking off 2018 with positivity, prosperity and purpose!!!

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