Las Vegas-

Good Morning from Las Vegas!!

We have officially been in our new house for 3 days now! It is so surreal and so exciting, and I feel blessed beyond words ❤️.

I will spare you all from the picture overload in one blog post, so each day I will add a few pics of our new home ❤️
Two of my favorite “accessories” are: the refrigerator and our two lemon trees in the back yard 🍋. We also have two pomegranate trees, but apparently those are more productive in the spring and summer.

Upon waking our very first morning, we headed straight for the gym. I had heard friends in the military speak of how incredible the base gym is here and I had seen pictures, but nothing prepared me for just how amazing this gym is!! As soon as you walk in there is an Olympic size swimming pool (heated), a full Alpha Warrior training rig, a full CrossFit area, row after row of machines, free weights and benches, and enough weightlifting platforms that one should never have to wait! I definitely grinned a few times during my workout with excitement over this new playground 😬.

My first workout of the new year was lower body (of course 🍑).
4 sets of each (increasing weight/decreasing reps):
•Power Cleans (from the hip)
•Romanian Deadlifts
•Back Rack Reverse Lunges
•Back Squats
To End With:
•100 Walking Lunges (with 12# DB’s)
Three days later and I am still sore!!!

It is so nice to finally, be back in the kitchen food prepping!!!

Yes, we are eating off of paper plates. We did invest in a new Circulon cookware set, but until we are certain on a color scheme or motif, paper plates it is.

We spent our first two nights sleeping on a blow up mattress in the floor and yesterday we spent most of the day furniture shopping. Lets just say that the furniture store had a café and Wes had to take a snack break 😂. He has probably never spent 4 hours at one time shopping for anything. He was amazing though, and we purchased our bedroom set, our sofa for our main family room and our coffee table.

We had one afternoon that was full of “sight-seeing.” Wes’s old roommate from way back (who lives 5 minutes away), took us out and showed us around locally. Literally within 15 minutes, anything that you could possibly want is available. It absolutely blows my mind at the healthy, “fast food” options here! We have managed to try a couple out already. I can tell by one visit, that my new favorite on-the-go café will be Greens & Proteins 🌱 Incredible!!!!
I had a Greek bowl that was full of ground turkey, tomatoes, zucchini, olives and low-fat cheese, and Wes had the chicken tacos with a smoothie. This bowl was the best thing that I have eaten in a long time!! It was so much food that I was able to eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner. Well worth the $11.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 8.02.50 AM

Las Vegas and our new home are incredible!! I cannot wait to see whats in store for us here💜.

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