Getting Settled-

Well, we are officially here to stay ❤️ Within ten days I can say with confidence and assurance that I will love it here!

Although we are still not quite in a normal routine, every morning has begun the same. We are up with the sun between 5 and 6 am, and getting ready for the gym.

Breakfast has been a pre-workout fuel source, so it has been routinely the same: peppers sautéed in coconut oil, with eggs and a side of oats, or apple slices, egg whites and nut butter with a side of oats.

As for training, I am not yet following a specific program. I have basically just been allowing my body to get comfortable being back in the gym on a daily basis since traveling and moving- two days a week for overall lower body, two days for complete upper body and then two days for Crossfit and cardio and one complete off day. I am hoping for the upcoming week to get back to logging lifts, incorporate more Metcons and get a jump start on the program I laid out for myself at the end of the year.


Earlier in the week, our furniture on order got delivered, and it is absolutely perfect- the bed sleeps like a dream ☁️. Now, just a couple of more weeks and our things from Italy should arrive 💜

We were holding out for our overseas shipment before buying things that we really don’t need, but after 10 days of having only a TV in our bedroom, Wes broke down yesterday and brought home a 75″ Sony. My mind is seriously blown each time I am introduced to a new tech-savvy “smart” device (I sound old 😜).  I watched the first two episodes of the Netflix series, The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher, Hilarious!!!!


We managed to get in a trip to the grocery store this week for a full grocery haul. I can’t begin to stress how in love I am with the room in our refrigerator! We can now finally have more than 3 bags of frozen veggies at a time, and more than a 6-count of eggs!

While making a Target run for sheets and candles, Wesley scooped me up a Soda Stream. He knows that I became a Frizzanté freak when living in Italy. I love it and I use it every single day 💜.



I would have to say though, the highlight of my week has been my car ❤️.
My entire life before moving overseas I have always driven Jeep Wranglers. Once in Italy, I began driving a BMW. I never took myself for the “car-type,” but I saw this 645CI and I loved it! She has some miles on her, but she is a bad B! ❤️ The BMW that I drove in Italy was old and had well over 200K miles, but I drove the shit out of that car. While Wes was deployed I drove it to several countries and never feared a breakdown. They’re well made vehicles and this one, with a V8, 4.4L, 325 HP -she will scoot! I just love her!


Next week, Wes goes back to work, I start back to school and the schedule begins. I wouldn’t say that I live a life day in-and-out that is completely structured, but I do prefer some sort of a routine throughout the week. I am excited to get back to class, to work, to tackling goals and to daily blogs 😘.

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