Morning Y’all 💜

My morning began at 5 am with coffee the size of my head.
I fixed Wesley breakfast, packed him a lunch and off to work he went.


I spent most of my morning standing at the computer in the kitchen getting homework assignments complete (I will be super happy when my desk comes in). School this semester will be no joke. I had 3 assignments due immediately in both classes to start off the session (but I ❤️ it). I can never gain too much knowledge in nutrition. If I weren’t doing homework in my free time, I would be online, reading scholarly journals, studying food trials and assessments anyway. It’s funny how were all so different, isn’t it? To some, I assume the thought of studying nutrition is such a bore, and to me, the thought of studying oh, I don’t know, solar energy…blah, where some find it to be oh-so-fascinating. I guess thats what makes the world go round.

After schoolwork I had breakfast (oatmeal and eggs), and then off to the gym. Today’s workout focused solely on shoulders and rear delts, followed with Abs.

Todays workout = 1 hour + 39 minutes
•10:00 Warm-Up on the elliptical
•Seated Overhead DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing DB Front Lateral Raises 4×10
•Seated Incline DB Press 4×10
superset with
•Standing Free Weight Front Lateral 4×10
•Alternating Side Lateral using Cables 4×12 each
•Alternating Rear Delt Flyes using Cables 4×12 each
•Seated Rear Delt Flyes 4×8
Followed with:
50 Burpees + 20 Minutes on the stairmill
Ending with:
•8 rounds of Tabata: Full planks with high and outside knees
•8 rounds of Tabata: Low planks with high and outside knees
(these set my Abs on 🔥 and my shoulders were screaming)


Today’s post-workout: BPI’s snicker doodle protein and a banana 🍌

The gym is the only place I went today. Once back home I did some more studying, cleaned the bathtub and sinks in our bathroom, and did some laundry.

For dinner I had a bag full of zucchini pasta, green beans and ground turkey.


This evening was spent piled up with my love watching Netflix. I had a snack plate to finish off my macros for the day- apple slices with peanut butter, carrots  with hummus, and greek yogurt with pistachios.

Today is a good day ❤️

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