Good Morning & Happy Monday!
You had better believe that I needed coffee the size of my head this morning. Wes had to be up at 4, so that put me getting up at 3:30. I am an early bird, but man, it was a struggle 😩.
I saw him off to work at 4:30, and by 5 am I was having breakfast (same ole eggs and oatmeal). As I was running up the stairs to get ready for the gym, I realized how sore my upper body was and how fatigued my lower body was. I am a firm believer in “never skip a Monday,” but when you work out just as hard on Saturday and Sunday, sometimes recovery falls on Monday. So, I decided to get in some cardio at home in the form of “dance cleaning,” I cranked YouTube music and went to sweeping and swiffering.

After dancing and dusting, I worked up an appetite. 😝 I fixed myself some broccoli and chick-peas with a side of zucchini noodles 🌱

I cleaned up to make a Wal-Mart run. It was a sweatshirt, cropped jeans, no makeup, flip flop kinda morning ☀️


I grabbed a few more groceries to get us through the week.

Once back home, I had some things to do online for school, checked in with clients and began to get ready for work.

I was obsessed with this Kitty filter on snap today with my red lipstick 💋💜 and yes, I am aware that my catsuit is a bit boob-a-licious…I put a button-up over top before heading into the salon ☺️.


On the way to the salon I snacked on one of Wesley’s protein bars (it was so yummy too!)

My first two appointments were immediate today, and back to back. After a few hours at work, I had a cottage cheese snack pack.

I wrapped up at the salon around 6 this evening. On the way home my belly was growling and at the point of hurting because I felt so hungry. I made it home and Wesley had pizza on the counter!! 😳🍕 It took everything in me to pass by that pizza!!! I threw together a salad and had a half of a quest bar.

Now its time to make my way upstairs to snuggle the sleeping beast in my bed ❤️

Happy Monday!!!

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