Good Morning 💜

Do you ever have those mornings when you wake up, you automatically feel aggravated at everything? I had one of those mornings.While fixing Wesley’s lunch, I dropped a couple of things on the freshly mopped floor, spilled my coffee all over the counter and realized I never hit start on the washing machine where my intended workout pants for the day were hiding. This aggravation carried over after breakfast, into my drive to the gym. While driving, I knew if my mindset didn’t change, that my workout would receive less than my best. In the words of my favorite comedian, Bianca Del Rio, I screamed out loud, “Not today Satan!!” I cranked my workout playlist as loud as I could and began to shake whatever was trying to hold me down. By the time I pulled into the gym parking lot, I was ready to workout…and that I did!

I began with lower body isolation to warm up the muscles and joints:
5 sets each: 10-15 Reps:
• Single Leg Extensions
• Double Leg Extensions
• Leg Press (using the assisted pull up machine)
• Abductor Machine
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 5 Deadlifts
• 5 Front Squats
• 10 KB Swings
• 20 AMSU’s (abs)
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 5 Deadlifts
• 5 Clean & Jerks
• 10 KB Swings
• 20 Weighted Russian Twists (abs)
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 10 Overhead Walking Lunges
• 20 Leg Drops (abs)
Followed with:
• 25 Hang Snatches
End With:
• 10:00 Cardio
• 10:00 mobility/roll out/stretching

I got back in the car and had my usual post-workout banana and BPI snickerdoodle protein and began to chuckle 😂. That was one of the most intense workouts that I have had since before my surgery back in the summer!! What if I had allowed the day to continue without trying to shift my mindset? What if all day, I allowed that dark cloud to burden me? I refuse!! I wrote a paper in college two years ago, “The Power of a Smile.” Since writing that paper, it is a constant reminder that you have the power to alter your mindset, and it’s as easy as smiling and refusing those negative feelings. It’s pretty simple actually, but how often do people wallow in the negativity and allow it to affect their entirety…not this girl- I have too much to be happy about to let spilt coffee get me down!

Once back home I showered up and fixed myself some lunch: Green beans, chick peas and boiled eggs.


I headed into the salon at 1:00 today with my Farrah Fawcett inspired hair 💁

I flipped through a couple of Cooking Light magazines while waiting for my first client in hopes of creating a few new recipes…

In between clients I had a snack break: greek yogurt and peanut butter

I was at the salon until 6:30. Once home, I had the same exact meal for dinner as I for lunch.


Now it’s time to do a bit of reading for school and call it a night 🌜
Happy Tuesday!!

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