Playing Catch Up…

Good Morning Y’all!!
I have been a busy, busy girl!! Between work, online clients, meal planning, and school, things are already busy enough, but then add a 5,000 pound delivery into the mix and it makes for a chaotic household 😳

Yes! Our things finally arrived earlier in the week and it has been like Christmas everyday thereafter with each box unpacked 😁


Of course our Squat Rig was one of the first things unpacked and put to use!!

Amongst the chaos, we did have our first night out Saturday with some friends. We went to the casino for BINGO night. We didn’t score big with Bingo, but Wes and I made our way into the table area later in the night and Wes managed to walk away with a pretty decent win, $1500. I may have been awarded arm candy fees 😉


Work at the salon has been busy 💜. I got called in Sunday because a client decided to attempt an at home bleach job 😳 She came in panicked and hiding under a baseball cap with carrot top orange roots. She had her heart set on a soft mocha. It was a three hour process and while I wasn’t 100% satisfied (I am my worst critic), she left with much better hair than what she entered with! She was thrilled and could go back to work Monday morning without a baseball cap!

Since I went into the salon Sunday for a color correction, I didn’t wash my hair. Sunday is typically one of the 2 days that I shampoo throughout the week, but instead I clipped in a couple of extensions, threw in a braid, some curls and a headband and called it a day 🌼


So, today when I went into the salon, my hair was a bit flat- An hour before closing up shop, Yvōn (another stylist), offered to give me a good scrub and blow-dry. He has magical hands!! I love a pumped up swoop bang 💁


Once home this evening, I worked online a good 3-4 hours programming for clients. Now it’s time to pile up and get ready for a new week ahead!!!

Happy Monday 💜

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