Good Morning Y’all 💕 I was up a little later this morning. I slept in until 6, so I felt revived!

After a couple of cups of coffee ☕️☕️ and breakfast (eggs and oats), I headed into the garage for a shoulder session.

It felt so good to finally have my wrist wraps back!! Wes has offered several times to get me more for those heavy shoulder days, but I knew I had at least 3 pair coming in our shipment. My shoulders were on 🔥 this morning!!

After my workout I had a protein drink and Greek yogurt while on the patio checking emails and then I unpacked a couple of more boxes (it’s slowly getting there).

For lunch today I had brown rice mixed with veggies and legumes. These come in frozen steam-able bags that you can get at any grocery store now and I ❤️ them!! The protein to carb ratio is great and if anything, toss in a scrambled egg and its a complete meal!

I had to be in the salon today by 1:00, so after lunch I was getting ready for work (in between snaps💕)

I really love the salon that I chose ❤️. I am so blessed that everyone is easy going, easy to communicate with, and most of all- Fun! We have a good time. The music is always poppin’, were always dancing and singing, and I feel that I’m always smiling. It is such a blessing 🙏

Once home this evening, I checked the mail and a wonderful friend of mine, Haley, from Alabama sent me a card- congratulating us on our new home 💜 so sweet!! I have the greatest friends in the 🌎.

Now it is 8pm and I am fixing dinner (chicken, peppers and corn tortillas). Soon it will be time for bed.  I hope you all had a wonderful day today!!

Happy Tuesday!!

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