Good Morning dolls 💜
I was up once again around 6 this morning, checking emails and having my normal two cups ☕️☕️. After breakfast (oats and eggs), I made my way out to the garage where I focused solely on deadlifts and pull-ups.


I began with a full lower body warm up. My warm ups are a combination of the movements I will be preforming throughout my workout using Body Bars. I have three different sizes of body bars, 9-pounds, 14-pounds and 20-pounds. So before my lifting program for the day even begins, I warm up with each bar. Today’s warm up was as follows:
•25, 20, 15 Romanian Deadlifts
•25, 20, 15 Traditional Deadlifts
•25, 20, 15 Good Mornings
•25, 20, 15 Sumo Deadlifts
*each movement above is completed using each body bar.
My warm up probably takes me about 15:00 before each workout
For my workout today I superset Deadlifts and Pull Ups.
•Romanian Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
•Traditional Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
•Sumo Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
•DB Deadlifts / Pull-Ups
You could say that my grip was shot at the end of this workout!!!


After my workout I had a usual post-workout:

After a quick shower, I threw on some joggers, a hoodie and a cap for a quick grocery run (I look so hood 😝). I had to pick Wes up a couple of things for work.

Before getting myself ready for work, I made myself some lunch: a wheat tortilla with turkey, and green beans topped with low-fat cheese. I also finished off my leftover steam-able bag of rice and veggies.

The salon was rather slow today until the last couple of hours, so I used my downtime to study for a nutrition exam tomorrow and play with snap filters 😝

This particular one had me contemplating bangs for a good 5-minutes…

I had my usual apple and peanut butter, cottage cheese and yogurt at work today, but on the drive home I felt so hungry. As soon as I got home I was fixing up dinner: Chicken, sweet potato and green beans. This chicken is a first for me. I found it at Smith’s this weekend. It is all white meat chicken that is finely shredded and you simply take out the serving you want and heat it in the pan for 5 minutes. The macros are amazing and it tasted fresh-it didn’t have that rubbery pre-cooked chicken texture either 😝


I am about to  unpack our final box labelled “kitchen” and call it a night 🌛.

Happy Wednesday ❤️

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