Good Morning πŸ’•

I was up and at it beginning around 6:00 again this morning. I had my usual coffee, eggs, and oatmeal and then I headed into the garage for squat day.

I began my workout with a full body bar warm up cycle that took about 15-20 minutes. Leg day focused primarily on high bar back squats and front squats. I superset each squat set with push ups (tricep isolated) and DB Overhead tricep extensions. My workout took about 1:20 today, so I didn’t add in any cardio.


Following my workout I had more eggs and oatmeal and threw in a few strawberries πŸ“

I was feeling my booty pump πŸ‘ and decided to sport the skinny leathers πŸ‘–for my Walmart run.


Once back home I fixed myself some lunch: A wheat wrap stuffed with turkey and low-fat cheese with a side of kale chips- soon followed with peach Greek yogurt. This diet A&W kept staring at me in the checkout line, so I decided to splurge on some fake sugar.


This afternoon I unpacked our final box (YAY!!!) I spent most of the evening organizing and doing laundry.


I had every intention on cleaning our leather sofa to get our entry room set up, but after organizing cabinets, I decided to take it to the patio for dinner and work on programming a whileβ˜€οΈ


Now it is getting late and I had my last indulgence for the evening (snicker doodle protein mixed with almond milk), so its time for bedπŸŒ›

Happy ThursdayπŸ’œ

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