Good Morning 💜

I woke up today without any obligations. I was off from the salon, so after waking up and getting Wesley’s bag for work packed, I piled up to watch youtube a bit while sipping my coffee and sending out emails. I spent the first hour of my morning chatting it up on the phone with my mama playing catch up.

I made myself a bowl of oats topped with eggs and hot sauce while watching Wendy William’s Hot Topics..

After breakfast I made my way out into the garage for a lifting session. I didn’t have a workout planned for today, so it ended up being a full body workout.
•Full body bar warm up cycle
•BB Overhead Strict Press 3×10
-Single DB Overhead Squat 3×10
•BB Upright Row 3×15
-DB Thrusters 3×8
•Pull Ups 3×10
-Sumo Squat 3×10
•BB Good Mornings
Follow with:
:10 rounds of dead hangs
+ Jump Rope

For my post workout meal I had a protein drink (BPI Snickerdoodle) and a plate full of fruit, with a dollop of yogurt and sugar free chocolate pudding 🍓🍌🍎

Most of my day was spent organizing in the garage and cleaning our leather sofa.

I got most of our entry room complete; however, we have two extremely large art pieces that we still have to get matted and framed and then, it will finally be complete.

I paused mid-day for a luck break on the patio: Kale chips, lettuce wraps and zucchini pasta (absolutely photo worthy).

After what seemed like five loads of clothes and twenty-five runs up and down the stairs, I called it a day. I had an afternoon snack while sitting outside listening to Spotify.

Now, it is Friday night and Wes is working late, so I decided to pop this bottle of Alaskan Amber and turn on some Netflix.

Happy Friday ❤️

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