Good morning dolls 💜



We got started early on this Saturday morning- Wesley and I both had to work today- Wesley earlier than I, so as he headed off, I jumped on the eliptical for some cardio.


My cardio this morning was at a moderate intensity on the eliptical (40:00), fueled by BCAAs.


Immediately after, I mixed up a protein drink with 1 scoop of BPI snicker doodle protein and amino’s with a banana. I had half of my drink and all of the banana consumed before my warm up was over, and then had the rest of my drink throughout the workout.



Today’s workout:
Warm Up: full Body Bar cycle
•DB Clean and Jerks
•Kneeling DB Curl and Strict Press
•BB Clean and Jerks
•Squat Hops (between each full set)
•Pull Ups
•Dead Hangs

After my workout I had a bowl of oats mixed with protein powder, topped with strawberries outside on the patio ☀️

Soon after lunch I was off to work. I opted for a messy side braid today- I added a couple of clip in extensions for a little added length.
*photo on the left has no filter and the photo on the right is snapchat filter.


In between clients today I ran next door to Del Taco and had a shrimp and avocado taco (yummy 🍤).  I was out of work at 6 and made a grocery store run. My evening has consisted of being online and checking in with clients. Now I am just waiting on my hunnie to come snuggle and call it a night🌛

Happy Saturday❤️

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