Good morning Monday 💜
Mondays can be stressful. Often people head back into a work environment that they’re unhappy with. Take time today to make this Monday one of the good ones!! Walk into work and demonstrate the power of a positive attitude and see how much faster you get to your goals!! Today can be a day of beginnings and new starts! Take on this Monday with positivity and momentum, and carry that throughout the week!! 💕


I began my morning at 5:00 am. I got Wesley’s bag packed for the day, but didn’t realize I forgot his breakfast until mid-morning (😞). Once he got off to work, I laced up my reeboks and hopped on the eliptical for a 20:00 cardio session. I didn’t lift today (due to my girly time 😝, which explains those chocolate chip cookies last night), so I fixed myself some breakfast: An egg omelette with peppers sautéed in olive oil with corn tortillas.

I took a trip to Walmart for a grocery haul after breakfast and grabbed the usuals. Once back home I was checking emails and reading for class.

I paused for lunch: egg whites, broccoli, a corn tortilla, and a sweet potato topped with cashews.

I headed into the salon at 2:00 today. I wore a super casual ponytail, which set the mood for my outfit -A vintage tee that I grabbed in Indiana years ago, a J.Crew blazer (best investment ever), a 10 year old pair of Buckle jeans and leather, black on black Chucks.


I didn’t have a whole lot of free time at work but I managed to squeeze in my usual low fat cottage cheese, apple and peanut butter. When I got home I was super hungry, so I fixed some kale chips, and chicken with low-fat cheese on a corn tortilla.

I spent the evening on the computer completing check-ins. I fixed some oatmeal topped with strawberries, cashews and a squeeze of sugar free syrup, with a glass of almond milk for my late night snack.

Wesley and I piled up to watch a movie and I lasted 5 minutes 😴 Happy Monday❤️

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