Good Morning 💜

I was up this morning at 5 to see Wesley off to work. Soon after I had myself a bowl of oats and eggs for breakfast (also my pre-workout).

I headed out into the garage for a stellar shoulder workout.
●BB Push Press
●Single DB Strict Press
●Banded Upright Rows
●Front and Side Laterals

For today’s post workout meal I had a protein shake immediately after, and then I had half of a bag of Steamables Mediterranean Mix🌱

I had to work in the salon today, and I wanted to be comfy, but still put together,  so I tossed on an oversized box dress with some tights and over the knee boots with a messy topknot and a bold lip.

I had my usual low fat cottage cheese, apple and peanut butter while at work, as well as a pretzel pack with coffee ☕️

Once home from work I fixed dinner: chicken and low fat cheese on corn tortillas with broccoli 🌱

I hopped online this evening for a bit and then……

😳 Look whats back!!!! PROTEIN ICECREAM!!! I was a bit munchy tonight and needed a bit more protein and fat for the day, so I made myself an oldie-but-goodie 💙. I used BPI’s Snickerdoodle protein and topped it off with Cocoa powder, PB2 and cashews.

Happy Tuesday!!!!

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