Back to the grind-

Good morning you all 💜 I think my last day to post was Tuesday of last week.
I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day on Wednesday❤️. Wesley gave me money to spoil myself a bit, and I got him a toolbox (thats love 😝).


I stayed busy with school and client programming on my off days from the salon this week (Thursday and Friday). I have a handful of new clients and my originals are still slaying it weekly and making me proud!!

If you have followed me since last year, you know that I have a great friend (and client) that transformed last year. You can find that post here:  If you don’t follow her social media (IG: katlifterchic), I suggest doing so. She is a testament to going hard and not giving up! She recently had shoulder surgery and it forced her to take some down time. When she was cleared to work lower body, she didn’t let it slow her down! This was yesterday morning’s check-in pics (yes she allows me to share her journey with you all). I ❤️ my clients!!! Their happiness and success is my happiness and success! They keep me focused and motivated, and I am so blessed to be a coach to such amazing people!

I did take time out on Thursday for a lash fill.
My girl Kylie at slays every single time 💜

Friday afternoon I took some time to touch up the roots on my own wig 💁.

On Saturday, I spent most of the day cleaning, doing laundry, and homework (adult things). Wesley found a cable machine online and went and picked up the newest addition to our home gym, the Free Motion Cable-Crossover. If you have ever used one of these before, then you know that you can do literally hundreds of movements with this one cable machine. I am so excited!!!


I decided since Wes invested in such a great piece of equipment, that I should do my part too. I contributed a $2.99 ab roller 😂 (quite a steal of a deal if I do say so myself) from the dollar store.


We did manage to venture out Saturday night to a local spot down the highway, Distill. We met up with our friend Brad, had a few beers and some good conversation before calling it a night. I traded my Saturday for Sunday at the salon, so I didn’t get a sleep in, chill and Netflix kind of day 😞. I really have to say though, that I love my job and never dread going in! I took a break from hair for the entire four years overseas, so it is so nice to be back behind the chair!

Yesterday being that it was President’s Day, Wesley was off from work, so I slept in a bit and then headed into the salon around 11:00.

I was home by 7:00 last night and Wes was piled up on the couch just about to start a movie, so I piled up an joined. It was a good Monday 💕

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