Good Morning 💜 Happy Wednesday y’all!!


I slept in again today until 6:30. I love waking up without an alarm clock, it just starts the morning off a little better in my opinion.

I began the morning with some steady cardio on the eliptical followed with breakfast: egg whites, oatmeal and avocado.

I had to head into the salon today, and being that it was my Friday, I decided to skip on the shampoo and do a messy side bun (dry shampoo is life).

Work was great. Once again, I am so happy and blessed to go into a place that I enjoy every single day ❤️.

I forgot to pack my food for work, so when I got home I was beyond hungry!!! I snacked on some pistachios and had a BPI protein shake while I cooked dinner.


Dinner: eggs and corn tortillas with kale chips🌱

I had emails to read and check-ins to send, so I spent a good part of the evening on the computer. In between, I fixed myself a bowl of mixed legumes. Today was an off day, so calories were a bit lower, but because I forgot my food for work, I was extremely behind on carbs and protein. I had two cups of mixed beans with low-fat cheese for an evening snack, and had a bowl of protein ice-cream for my final meal of the day.

Now after an episode of the Ranch, it’s time for bed. Happy Wednesday! ❤️

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