the Weekend-

Hey y’all! This last week and a half has been busy-busy with multiple dietary reports due for school and testing on top of my already crazy schedule 🤪, but now its the weekend and time to relax!

Now that things have calmed down, it is time to celebrate a new month! One month is not just a period of time in your calendar – it’s a period of your life. So don’t neglect it -make the most of it. Do something that you can be proud of. Do something that can create positive changes in your life.


Also, remember that March is the introduction into spring, so creating your summer body begins now!! My summer shredding program has officially begun. March 1st I took my (always dreaded) Phase 1 photos (143 pounds). I definitely have some work to do before summer, so here we go…

OK…so I came back and edited this post because I had already been into my new macros (somewhat) for one week 1 week in the photos posted- so I wanted to put the VERY FIRST photos before cutting processed foods (and this is post cheat day belly 😩). We all know that  usually within the first week of changing your diet (at all), you will shed a good amount of water. Anyway, I wanted to keep it real…

I have allowed myself 6-weeks to meet particular goals, so the next month and a half will mean grinding it out in my workouts and adhering meticulously to specific macros.

At this point in time I have yet to make the decision if I will compete this year. I feel that each and every year when training for a competition, particularly in the last 4 to 6 weeks while in a caloric deficit, I lose a lot of strength and run the risk of injury. This is something that cannot be completely avoided. In a deficit, you have to expect to lose strength and unfortunately, muscle as well. I would be happy reaching 13-15% body fat and holding steady there. A 15% body fat percentage year round is attainable, where as, 8-12% (for women) on stage day usually is not. I may change my mind (and as a female I have that right 😉), but as of right now, I have no set show scheduled..

My training program for now looks much like it always has. I always incorporate Olympic lifts and compound movements in each and every workout, followed (or superset) with isolation movements, and end with a HIIT session or a MetCon. Each workout lasts generally 1:30 including warm up and stretching.

My nutrition too, is much like it has always been. I will adhere to a set macro breakdown for two weeks at a time and adjust accordingly, bi-weekly. I stick mainly to whole foods, surround my workouts with starchier carbs, and eat 4-5 meals a day.

So here we go…follow along over the next 6 weeks for SUMMER SHREDDING!



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