Good Morning 💕 Happy Saturday!

I woke up this morning happy. My feet hit the floor and I thought to myself, “how blessed I am to be able to jump out of bed and begin my day without any burdens weighing me down.” Life is so good 💜.

I began my morning with a typical breakfast of eggs and oats and headed out to the garage for a full body session. My entire workout was supersets. A combination of a lower body movement (ex. DB squats), superset with an upper body movement (ex. cable curls). I wrapped up with few minutes on the eliptical and followed up with a protein smoothie 🥤

I spent most of my morning cleaning house- floors and laundry. I paused for lunch: egg whites, corn tortilla, 1/2 serving of spicy tuna, wheat crackers, sweet potato and asparagus 🌱. Soon after, I found myself hungry again, so I fixed up this bag of cauliflower, topped with hot sauce (volume food).

My afternoon was spent on the computer completing client check-ins while waiting on Wesley to get in from work.  Once he was home, we were heading out the door for dinner. I kept it super cas with a sweatshirt and bootylicious jeans 🍑 with flops.


We went to Greens & Proteins and I had the chicken tacos 🌮 So Good!!


After dinner, we were headed home and piled up on the couch for a movie and a snuggle ❤️ It was my kind of Saturday.

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