Good Morning Y’all 💕
While most are getting ready for the week on Sunday, it is my Monday. So, I was up around 6 am this morning having coffee and checking emails.

My breakfast today was my pre-workout meal: Proats. Oatmeal and  protein powder topped with apples 🍎

I headed out into the garage after for a shoulder/grip/core workout.
I did multiple sets overhead, and a lot or rear delt focus. In between each shoulder set I would superset with dead hangs from the rig, hanging knees, and hanging leg raises. My grip was spent by then end of this workout, but its something I have been incorporating a lot more lately since feeling 100% now since surgery 🙏🏼

While in the garage, the doorbell rang- it was my Plyo box that Wes ordered for me ❤️ No leg day is complete without a box!!

For my post-workotu meal I had the same smoothie as posted yesterday, except I traded the protein powder for egg whites.

Soon after, I was getting ready for the day. Today’s look: high-wasted cropped skinnies, a black v-neck bodysuit, a long, fitted sweater, and jelly-pop flats.


I wore my hair pulled back loosely into two small buns and 1″ barrel curls framing the face.


Work was slow today- everyone wanted blow-drys only, but once again, I have a blast with the people I work with, so most of our day was goofing around and dancing around the salon 💕


When I got home from work, the first thing I noticed in the garage was my Plyo box sitting put together, tall and pretty 💜

I fixed myself a snack (zucchini and tuna), because the Tupperware of oats and protein powder for lunch had long worn off.


For dinner I had P28 bread with some greens. I love this bread. I have cut out most meats from diet unless I am eating out, so my proteins come mainly from veggies, protein powder, egg whites and legumes.

I had client check-ins to wrap up this evening and programming for myself this week, so my night was spent on the computer.

Now to study for tomorrow’s quiz and call it a night. Happy Sunday ❤️

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