Good Morning Monday πŸ’œ
I challenge us all, everyday this week to believe something wonderful is about to happen. Create your great!

I began my morning with a cardio session and oatmeal .

I had to head into the salon a bit earlier than usual today, so I skipped on the shampoo, and opted for high buns…


…Which inspired today’s look: high waisted cuffed skinnies, a cropped tee, J.Crew blazer, jelly-pops and a touch of turquoise.

I took my food with me to work today: 2 servings of oatmeal and protein powder, along with my customized k-cups (Caffeine and Kilos)

I left the salon around 5:00 this evening and ran by Trader Joes- I was craving a burger! I was hoping to find a black bean burger, but the fat was so much higher in comparison to the turkey burger, so thats what I went with instead- along with cauliflower mash and asparagus 🌱.

While Wes got in his workout, I got in another cardio session. I planned on hitting legs, but my hip flexors have been extremely tight the last few days, so I opted for a cardio only day.

My last meal of the day was a flatbread, egg whites, peppers and avocado, followed with a protein pudding.

Today was a good day πŸ’œ Happy Monday!

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