Good Morning y’all πŸ’› Happy Monday!!

I was up at it early this morning, and on the eliptical immediately after coffee β˜•οΈ

I planned on a workout, but I chipped a corner off my nail polish this morning, so rather than have it hang up in everyones hair all day at work (😝 eeew, I hate that feeling), I decided to skip the workout and go for a gel mani.

Breakfast and lunch today were both spaghetti squash and egg whites topped with low-fat cheese. I forgot to fix myself food for work, so I scooped up a protein bar at CVS on the way in. I got home and still had another squash prepared, so I ate a 3rd half πŸ™ƒ For dinner, I had cauliflower mash, protein-rice mix, and egg whites. I had zucchini sautΓ©ed in olive oil and more cauliflower for my evening snacks.

I spent my evening prepping veggies for the next couple of days:
βˆ™ rice mixed with white beans and broccoli
βˆ™ rice mixed with black beans
βˆ™ red beans and corn
βˆ™ veggie mix of carrots, peas and corn
βˆ™ peppers and onions
βˆ™ broccoli
βˆ™ mashed cauliflower
βˆ™ brussel sprouts

Now, its time to finish up check-ins, eat some protein pudding, and call it a night πŸŒ”.

Happy Monday!

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