Good Morning! Happy Hump-day 🐪


I was awake super early this morning, so after a couple of cups of extra bold ☕️☕️, I was heading out into the garage for a shoulder workout:
• DB Overhead Strict Press
• DB Side Laterals
• DB Front Laterals
• Cable Upright Row
• Rear Delt Cable Pull (rope)
• Incline Front Laterals
• FW Front Laterals

Intra-Workout Fuel: Protein mixed with aminos and a banana 

For my post workout meal I had a combination of lentils and broccoli 🌱

I had a full day scheduled at the salon today, so I headed in a bit early to record some tutorials for our salon’s social media.

I used some Bellami clip in hair extensions and was really surprised when I looked at the before and after pictures of my hair with the clips added in. It did add some volume, but I can’t believe how much my hair has grown! Living in Italy was vey harsh on my hair, so to see it finally growing makes me so happy 💜

In between clients I squeezed in a protein bar, greek yogurt and some snaps 💋

Once home, I fixed myself a veggie plate and cleaned up in the kitchen. I got in a quick 15 minute HIIT session, and finished off my macros.

Now, it’s time to go snuggle the beast in bed ❤️ Happy Wednesday!

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