Good Morning Y’all! Happy Thursday!

Today began my weekend, which meant lots of running around and getting things done. I was up early and got in a quick cardio session to get the morning started. After, I had a couple of breakfast tacos, before heading out the door.

I had an eyelash appointment first thing today with my girl Kylie at Mallyna Lash and Brow Lounge.

After my lash appointment I noticed a consignment shop across the street and went in for a look. We are still in search for a few big pieces for our house, so while browsing, I ended up coming across a piece for our front room- a picture actually (it is so awesome). I failed to take a picture, but I will definitely share once we go and scoop it up tomorrow!

For lunch, I stopped in at Panera Bread 💜


After pit-stops at the 99 cent store, Target, the and the grocery store, I was headed home for the afternoon. I fixed myself a plate full of veggies, immediately. For dinner, I had fajitas on corn tortillas, broccoli, rice and beans.

I finished my evening with a Stella and a re-run of Gossip Girl.

It was a good day ❤️ Happy Thursday!

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