Wrapping up the Week-

Good Morning Y’all 💗
I believe the last time I checked in with you guys was Wednesday, and I was at the salon. It is currently Sunday morning at 7:30 am, and today is my Monday.


My weekend was a day shorter than usual, being that I worked a shift Thursday at the salon, so we got quite a bit packed into two days. We woke Friday morning to the sound of the doorbell. The UPS man had us a delivery of 14 boxes (aka: my closet 👜👚👠👗👒). I can’t wait!!!!

After a stellar upper body workout Friday morning, I began my day at the Pretty Kitty 😽. My ladies out there know that going into a new salon that offers Brazilian waxing can be a scary adventure! I have had both good and bad experiences with aestheticians and waxers all over the world. The best being in Korea, and I prayed that I would find someone just as amazing here- today, I did!! I was referred to the Pretty Kitty here in Las Vegas by a client from the salon. When calling last week and scheduling my appointment, the receptionist on the phone was professional and extremely helpful. Once at my appointment, I filled out some paperwork (being a new client), and was called back by Kirsty within 5 minutes. She made me 100% comfortable, and when I say she was quick, she was wrapping up within 10 minutes!!!! I would recommend this place to anyone and could not have been happier!!!


Friday evening, Wes took me to Market Grille Cafe for a date night ❤️. I had the Pasta Stefano with chicken, which was spaghetti pasta sautéed in lemon butter garlic, lightly tossed in parmesan cheese and white wine, with fresh basil and capers. Omg, Im drooling as I try to give you a detailed description! It was delicious!! We shared a bottle of Moscato, which was a bit sweet, but paired nicely with the dish. Soon after, we were piled up, watching Netflix.

Saturday morning began early in the garage with a quick full body workout, before we were out and about for a day of consignment shopping. We are looking for a big shelf to cover an entire wall in our front room, but can’t seem too find the perfect fit.

After running on coffee for most of the morning, we scooped up some breakfast. I had egg whites on toasted wheat with a side of veggies.

We didn’t find a shelf; however, we did drop off a picture to be framed that has been in the tube since it arrived in almost 6 years ago! I cannot wait to FINALLY have this piece hung to see everyday ❤️

After a full day of shopping, Wes was over it. On the way home we stopped in at our favorite bar and grille close to our house for him to get in a few games of video poker and I splurged on some boneless wings. Yes, I had a cheat meal yesterday (I am human 😝 and a female who just started her period😩).
After a steady losing streak and just about ready to call it a night, Wes hit for a $4000.00 jackpot 💰 Not a bad way to finish up the weekend!!

Now time to get this new week going!!! Happy Sunday 💗

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