A New Blog Series!

Good morning beautiful people!


I was going to upload a blog entry and I realized that all of my posts were becoming pretty monotonous. Sure, I may have a new gluten-free cereal to show you, and I know a lot of you enjoy my food post pics, but from my side of things, I got to thinking, I need to shake things up a bit. This however, not only pertains to my blog, but to my training as well. As I have mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks, that my motivation for summer shredding has been lacking a bit and I credit this to the fact, this is the first summer in 5 years that I don’t plan on stepping on stage. You guys know that this is my lifestyle- Whether it be bikini season or I am bundled up in a down jacket, I am still in the gym 5-6 days a week, incorporating cardio and I keep my diet whole and clean 85% of the time. But….I need a change!!

I love weightlifting. Give me a barbell, a set of dumbbells and a rig and I am content! Hell, I even love cardio, but I know that I am not bringing the intensity that I usually do when it comes to my HIIT intervals. I think this is partly because I haven’t been training in a gym since we got our garage set up, and I have not been creative when it comes to my cardio- so, when driving to the salon today I detoured across the street into Orange Theory Fitness.

One of the trainers came into the salon a few weeks ago and was telling us what they were all about. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t find a set of bumper plates or lifting blocks, but they are interval focused. The theory behind Orange Theory seems to be scientifically based, and this science nerd is all about the whys, hows and facts behind everything. All of us fitness enthusiasts knows that interval training in comparison to steady state cardio burns more calories post workout, and that is why HIIT training is so incredible- but, that is also why it sucks, because to bring the full intensity needed, simply put, it’s hard!! At Orange, everything is based off of your heart rate. You spend intervals on the treadmill or rower coupled with bodyweight movements using the bosu, bench and weights or straight up calisthenics. You keep your heart rate in the targeted area suggested for your fitness level for maximum output. In “theory” (no pun intended), it seems great!


So, after that spill- my new blog series:
I live in a city where there is not only a casino on every corner, but a gym as well. I have decided that I will make this a new goal: Each month I will incorporate a new form of exercise into my current training program. For the month of April I have chosen Orange Theory. I scheduled a session for myself and Kaitlin (my girlfriend from the salon) tomorrow. I will fill you all in with how it went and what the hour consists of. If I like what it has to offer, Orange Theory will be April’s training “add-on.”

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