My ‘theory’ on Orange Theory.

Good morning fit fam! Happy Monday!!

I believe I left off with you all almost two weeks ago when I was going to make my debut at Orange Theory Fitness. I shared with you all that I needed to bring up the intensity with my interval training and after looking into the ‘theory’ behind Orange Theory, it had me intrigued.

Myself, my friend Kaitlyn and her sister, Kelly all three headed in to OT on Thursday afternoon with a water bottle and no expectations. We arrived about 15 minutes early to fill out any needed waivers or paperwork and with hopes of getting the rundown before class. The first initial impression was, welcoming. The girl working the front desk was friendly, energetic and eager to offer assistance (but not in an overpowering, annoying way). People continued to trickle in, but with only 5 minutes to spare before class starting, we had no idea what we were going to be doing. The instructor was nowhere in sight. The front desk girl apologized for the instructor’s tardiness and took us into the gym area.
We were instructed to take our pick of either a rower or a treadmill without explanation of why. I never felt uncomfortable (but only) because I am familiar with the unfamiliar when it comes to training (thanks to many years of coaching and CrossFit). I tried my best to guide Kaitlyn and Kelly (who were a bit unfamiliar), through rowing techniques during the warmup. After a hundred meters or so, the instructor arrived. She apologized and jumped in. I will say that the guidance started off rocky. She was using the microphone to call out commands to the class, but not being familiar with any of their terms or “lingo,” I just rowed with intensity and assumed if I was screwing up royally I would be called out. We continued to row with uncertainty and when we heard “switch” yelled out, we just went with the flow of the others.  After the warm up, we were instructed to partner up. I told Kelly and Kaitlyn that I would fly solo and try to find a regular member and they could pair together. I paired up with another female and the workout consisted of rounds for time of treadmill sprints, rowing sprints, and dumbbell work. After 60 minutes I was a sweaty, red-faced mess. Class ended and the instructor approached us with apologies for being late and apologized for her poor presentation of the class introduction. I will be honest in saying that in the beginning of class I was a bit aggravated with the lack of guidance, but 5 minutes into the workout, I was sweating and racing towards a heart rate goal, and I really did enjoy it!

After class, we were back up front to talk memberships.


While I enjoyed the intensity of the class, I didn’t know how the class schedules would fit in with my schedule, so I chose the basic package of one session a week. This would allow me to get in 60:00 of HIIT training a week- meaning, I won’t have to do any other cardio!!!! This is worth $59 alone, but when I told the girl behind the desk that I would sign up if she threw in the heart rate monitor ($69) for free, and she said “OK”, I was sold (I know how retail goes).

My overall first impression of OT ended up being a great impression! My next class is scheduled for Thursday morning and I will let you all know how it goes!!

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