Wrapping up the F45 Global Challenge.

Hey, fam! Here we are wrapping up week 7 of the F45 Global Challenge. I had my final in-body scan completed yesterday and must say that I am pretty shocked! Comparing week one’s scan with yesterday’s, I have gained exactly one pound. What?!!  Day one, I weighed in at 131.8 pounds, and yesterday I weighed in 132.8 pounds. How is this possible?! Maybe I haven’t been perfect with my nutrition or hit all of my workouts over the last 7 weeks, but how in the world did I manage to gain a pound?!

Well, let me explain. My overall body fat percentage dropped down from 20% to 17%, but this wasn’t reflected on the scale due to the fact that I increased my overall skeletal muscle mass by 4 pounds. This is exactly why I beg my clients not to freak out over the scale!! 

My overall goal for myself and my clients (particularly females over the age of 30), is to increase overall skeletal muscle mass, all the while shedding unwanted body fat. In order to create increases and decreases, simultaneously, one must realize that the scale won’t show a great change.

So having stated the above, I am thrilled with the progress made over the last 7 weeks. Next week marks the final week of the challenge and then, I will officially head into my own personal Summer Shredding program. My nutrition approach will differ compared to what I am currently doing in the sense that, I will begin following a calorie range and macro breakdown. At the moment I am just simply avoiding sugar and high-processed foods. But, we will talk more about Summer Shredding next week.

Now to address the last couple of weeks. My coaching schedule shifted a bit and I am primarily working in the early am. My first week with this new schedule was a bit of a struggle. I woke around 3:30am, which left me just enough time to get ready and get to the gym to coach my first class. After coaching three classes (usually in a fasted state or running on a banana), my own personal workout later in the day suffered. My solution this last week was to wake even earlier in order to get my workout in before coaching. This meant a wake time of 2:00am and bedtime of 7:00pm. It made for a long, tiring week for sure, but enabled me to get in all of my workouts without sacrificing intensity. Fingers crossed this next week will be even easier!

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 12.55.16 PM

Cheers to an incredible week ahead!!!





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