100 Days of Yoga.

Hey, fam! I wanted to share with you all my most recent “personal journey” I have embarked upon, 100 days of Yoga. I did something similar in the past that I referred to as 100 days of happy. When I began 100 days of happy is when I began a gratitude journal. Journaling every morning is something that has completely shifted my mindset and created great change in my life. Now, I cannot imagine beginning my day any other way. As of recent I have been thinking, “what else can I incorporate into my wellness journey that can cultivate rewarding benefits? ” Well, I have decided to see if yoga may just be that answer. I have incorporated yoga off and on over the last year, but by no means has it been practiced consistently (even when I had the greatest of intentions). This time around incorporating a session every day will be a priority.

If you know me at all, you know that I love Science. Don’t think for one second that I didn’t log into my school’s library to read scholarly journals supporting the benefits of yoga based on scientific studies. To begin, I immediately went for the articles regarding yoga and its benefits for greater muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory fitness (of course), but then my mind was blown away with all of the benefits in so many other aspects of life. I really didn’t know much about yoga. I knew that it was great for flexibility and I was aware of the strength it requires but other than that I have never expanded my mind and read about its many benefits. I won’t go into the details here but I encourage you all to read about its benefits (those far beyond the mat). These things encouraged me to add another 100-day journey to my list, and I am stoked to get started!

As far as where and when I will practice, it will be varied depending on scheduling. I have followed along with friends using apps and YouTube, which have been great previously at being descriptive and easy to follow, but having an instructor in a classroom ensures expert guidance. I have several friends here in Vegas that teach so a good mix of both is the plan- whenever I can get it in.

Today, being that it is the beginning of a new month, marked day number 1. I followed along with a beginners yoga video from Youtube this evening with basic (and familiar) movements that allowed for an easy and relaxing introduction to my journey.


After my first session, I took it outside and worked on inversions. Headstands and handstands have been something that I have incorporated into my training since my CrossFit days first began. I love being inverted and overhead strength and mobility have always been my strong point (although I still can’t handstand walk to save my life, a fear I really need to work out).


I find when I incorporate yoga, mobility sessions, lengthier warm-ups, make more time for recovery, and better nutritional choices my body appreciates the acknowledgment, and less pain is the reward. It seems so basic, right? And really it is. It doesn’t require science to understand the why’s, but it does require mindfulness: being mindful of how my body feels and reacting accordingly. My hope is that incorporating the practice of yoga into my daily routine will bring more awareness to my present moments. Whether it be being more mindful of my physical well-being, or simply create another moment in the day to unplug, I embrace the journey.

Follow along as I journey 100 days in search of another amazing shift in my life.

If you are new here, hello and welcome! Thanks for stopping in! Please check out my “about me” heading to grab a quick introduction.


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