50 more days until 2022

Hello everyone! I cannot believe that 2021 has come and is now almost gone! What a crazy year it has been! A lot has happened throughout this last year, so let me catch you up!

To start things off, we moved! We left Las Vegas and headed South, back to Florida. We last left Florida in 2013 when we headed to Korea, and really didn’t know when (or if) we would ever come back. It was a hectic few months with selling our house, buying another (especially in this market), and moving cross-country, but we are finally settled and getting back into somewhat of a routine.

One can only imagine the wining and dining and evenings out while wrapping things up in Vegas, and the same since being back and catching up with old friends here at the beach, but it is now time to get back to the grind. I tried really hard throughout the move (and while living in hotel for a month) to remain diligent with my training and mindful of my eating since I knew we would be back at the beach for the end of summer, but as soon as Labor Day came and left (the big end of summer hoorah), I’ve stacked on a few extra LB’s. While I still feel confident in my skin, I am storing a bit more fat than I typically like for the winter. Usually, I wait until the end of January or February to begin shedding the winter fluff, but I think I had rather begin slowly decreasing now, so when spring comes I won’t wish I had started sooner.

I believe the last time I followed and blogged any sort of fat-loss program or shred series was at the beginning of the year, but that was cut short just a few weeks in once we began planning our big move; so, let’s see if I can give it a successful go once again, and share some insight along the way!


This morning I weighed in, took measurements, and snapped progress photos. I am sitting at 155 pounds, which is 5 pounds heavier compared to when I ended my last bulk; unfortunately, I don’t believe I can count the additional 5 as added muscle. I can see I gained a good amount in my waist, inner thighs, and the area just below the butt cheeks, and these are areas I tend to carry excess fat stores.

Starting Stats:
Weight: 155 Lbs
Arm: 11.5″
Chest: 36″
Waist: 32″
Glutes: 40.5″
Thigh: 24″

The biggest changes that will be made initially within my training are reps and rest. For the last 8-weeks I have been training intuitively (meaning I haven’t been following any custom programming or structured format). I simply go into the gym and whatever muscle group of my body feels strong (or not sore), I will workout by completing (in total) about 25-30 working sets. To kick things off, I will be incorporating more supersets (completing 2 exercises back to back with minimal rest between the 2 sets), along with an increase of reps. This will ensure the heart rate stays a bit more elevated throughout the workout, and then as time progresses, you will see how I adjust training even more (incorporating giant sets, interval training, and plyometrics).

As far as nutrition, I have the most consistent results when I track macros, so that will be my approach over the next several weeks. I will be sharing lots of tips and tricks regarding meal prep here on my blog, and then, all of the foods I eat along the way will be available (along with an educational ebook that will teach you all about customizing your own personal macros to reach your goals) at the beginning of the new year.

Follow along over the next several weeks to see what changes can be made within 50 days.

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