10-Weeks until 2024!

Yesterday marked 10-weeks until the New Year, so I decided that I would to use this time to create some more consistency into my routine to shed a few pounds before the New Year. For accountability purposes, I thought returning back to the platform where I once shared all of my nutrition and training goals, would perhaps rekindle a spark with blogging that I once found so beneficial during these times.

I knew it had been a while since I last posted in the blogging world, but I had no idea it had been over two years! With that, I guess we should have a quick “catch up…” My last post was made when I was coaching for F45 in Las Vegas. The year prior we moved from Aviano, Italy where I had coached CrossFit for three years, and currently, I coach for OrangeTheory in Destin, Florida where I have been for the last two years. This year marks 22 years that I have been in the fitness industry, so I guess if I’m summing up what can be expected from my corner of the blogging world… any and all things relating to fitness and food.

So…Creating more consistency….
Over the last several months I haven’t really had any goals directing my nutritional/training choices. I have been at a fairly consistent weight for about eight weeks now since coming off of a twelve-week bulk prior, so basically that means, I haven’t been too concerned with my caloric intake, and training has lacked any sort of structure. It’s been nice going to the gym without a road map and simply doing whatever I desired in the moment, but as someone that generally prefers a game plan, I am eager to get into a more consistent routine. 

The photos below were taken throughout my 12-week bulk. A big focus was putting some thickness to my back.

Throughout the next 10-weeks I would like to focus on losing 10-pounds. A pound a week is doable, but it requires being diligent with macro tracking, and sufficient protein intake in order to prevent muscle loss. 

I will be updating throughout the weeks ahead to keep myself accountable if you’d like to follow along <3


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