Week 2.

I wrapped up week no. one of my mini cut with a loss of exactly one pound. Is this representation of a true pound of fat, or is it the result of decreased inflammation from a healthier, more consistent routine throughout the week? Either way, it is indication that the choices made this week were in support of my goals, resulting in eagerness to continue moving forward with healthier habits.

I kicked off the week with a full body lift, a Peloton ride, and 15 minutes to follow in the sauna. On Tuesday I got in a workout at OT after coaching, which was the final day of “Hell Week.” A sneaky little game of paper, rock, scissors, resulted in over 50 reps of dumbbell squat cleans, and all-out hill climbs on the treadmills. Tuesdays are for two-a-days, so I got in an upper body workout that focused primarily on shoulders, followed with another 15-minute sauna session. Wednesday afternoon I hit legs with a focus on quads, and another sauna session for 20-minutes. Thursday morning after coaching, I got in a group workout at OT and wouldn’t you know the first half on the weight floor was a lower body block. I kept the weights light so my legs could withstand the sprints on the rower and tread after heavy legs the day before. Friday and Saturday were my rest days this week, and this morning’s workout included skill training with an emphasis on hang cleans and front squats. I hope to get in another 20 minutes in the sauna this evening to wrap up my sweat sessions for the week.

As I mentioned in my last post regarding nutrition, getting in adequate protein each day is top priority. Last week, lean ground beef was my main go-to, and this week I added in eggs, turkey sausage, and fish. Protein powder is supplemented almost daily when I’m coaching or on the go, usually in the form of a latte or a Fairlife shake. My carb sources are currently coming from fruit, and reserved for pre and post workout. In my final meal of the day I am allowing for starchier carbohydrates combined with vegetables. My last cut (which was this same time last year), had the exact opposite approach. I chose starchier carbohydrates surrounding my workouts, and eliminated almost all fruits with the exception of berries and apples. Why the change if one approach seemed to work well in the past? Well, I’m a nutritional science nerd. I love learning how foods affect me differently, and you can almost always guarantee there will be some differences along the way.

There is no one approach to nutrition that works for everyone, whether it be for fat loss or muscle building. I have experimented with multiple dietary avenues ranging from vegetarian to paleo, intuitive eating to macro-tracking, intermittent fasting to carb-cycling, and every single approach can be successful if consuming whole, unprocessed foods, consistently. In fact, one approach could yield better results at one point in your life, depending on training structure and design, where as another may be more suited when a few years older, or lifestyle changes are made. We are all ever-evolving, and nutritional guidelines for each individual often require change to accommodate differences. As for me, I simply love the experimentation of it all.

One question I always get asked when trying to lean down a bit, “Do you allow for a cheat meal, and alcohol?” Throughout the week I prefer to keep a regimen and routine, but If it’s the weekend and I have plans, I will allow for something a bit more flexible. I do my best however to remain mindful of my goals. If I have an evening out, I opt for Mezcal or Titos, or light beer, and I keep it to three or less. I try to keep added sugar to an absolute minimum, so I save naturally sweetened treats for the weekends, which then feels like an indulgence. I also trade out my protein lattes for coffee shop lattes with sugar-free sweeteners. I avoid fast food unless it’s Starbucks egg white bites, but I will go out to a meal for sit-down dining.

My daily rituals of grounding, 10,000+ steps, breath-work, and talks with Jesus remain constant, so now I’m looking to incorporate a couple more habits: sleeping with my phone in another room, and being inverted at minimum, three to five minutes each day….because what could it hurt.

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