Hello, I’m Tiffany, a southern girl born and raised in Alabama, currently residing at the beach in Florida. I grew up participating in a variety of sports, but it wasn’t until after high school that my fitness journey truly began. 

I went to cosmetology school at 19, and while trying to build a clientele, I began working at a women’s only health club part-time. I became a group fitness instructor and taught everything from step aerobics to boot camp, kickboxing, and indoor cycling; you name it, we had a class for it. I truly loved it! Soon after, I had the opportunity to purchase the gym, and it was then I knew this was what I was meant to do. The next several years I spent my days teaching group fitness and personal training and the evenings doing hair in the salon I added to the gym. My weekends were spent running and cycling, which eventually led to a love of triathlons and obstacle racing. 

At age 25, I was ready for a new adventure, so I sold the gym, packed my Jeep, and headed to the beach where I would live for the next 6 years. I took up bartending for a while and coached small group workouts in the park and at the beach, and then opened a hair salon. It was during this time I was introduced to the world of CrossFit, and also where I fell in love with my husband and military life. Three years later we were married, and within 6 months we were off to Osan, Korea where we would be living for the next year. 

While in Korea, I got my CrossFit L1 certification, nutrition certification, and got back into racing (this time Spartan races), and also met a group of individuals that would introduce me to an entirely new side of the fitness world, bodybuilding competitions. Intrigued and curious about the sport, I gave the categories bikini and fitness a try, which led to three shows while there, and then several more over the years while at our next home, Aviano, Italy. 

We were in Italy for three years, which I can define only as life-changing, rewarding times. I coached CrossFit in the early mornings and spent my days in the classroom pursuing a degree in Nutrition and Health. My husband deployed while we were living there, which allowed me to find love and a deep appreciation for solo adventures. I spent my last year in Italy traveling from country to country racking up Spartan races to add to my roster whenever possible. I crossed the European Trifecta off of my bucket list, scored a supplement sponsorship, and placed top 3 in my final 3 shows. It was an amazing experience! 

After Italy, we were back to the states, this time to Las Vegas, Nevada for another 3 years. I got my CrossFit L2 certification and started my online business of writing fitness ebooks and creating custom nutrition and training programs. I was introduced to an incredible interval training gym, F45, where I coached part-time for the next two and a half years until Covid hit, and then we decided on a forever move back to the beach. 

Currently, we are back in Florida living that salty life, where I continue to coach both in the gym and online.