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Good Morning 💖

After finally pulling myself out of bed and away from Netflix, I got in a morning cardio session💦


Breakfast to follow was a combo of eggs, whites and mixed veggies🌱🍅

Most of my day was spent programming for clients and working on a class project 📚  

I hit the pause button a couple of times to eat 😛

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.31.05 AM.png


This evening I really wanted to head to the gym, but my hot water heater went out once again, and my landlord had to pop over. By the time he left it was storming and pouring out, so I just opted for an interval session at home.

After dinner (a turkey burger and mixed veggies), I had some protein ice-cream 🍧

Now its time for an episode of Lost (the final season) and bed 😴

Happy Sunday 💖

Good Morning Beauties 💋

I had absolutely nothing to do today, besides squeeze a workout in somewhere,  so I spent a good amount of my morning lounging, drinking coffee and browsing houses online 🏠 (all the excitement).

For breakfast I had an egg white and spinach omelette with turkey sausage and avocado.

After lunch (grilled chicken, sweet potato, green beans and peppers), I took a stroll down the street to grab a few groceries to get me through the weekend.

Nothing fancy here- under armor yogis, a Nike bomber and CrossFit Kevlars.

For my Pre-Workout meal I had eggs and cherry tomatoes with oatmeal.

This evening’s workout consisted of:

• Quad Work (leg extensions, front squats, forward lunges)
Followed With:
• Hang Power Cleans
• Thrusters
• Air Squats

Post-Workout I had a pasta bowl the size of my head (gluten-free pasta, olive oil and cherry tomatoes) with a double serving of asparagus🌱


The rest of my evening I checked in with clients and did some more lounging 🙂

Happy Saturday!! 💛

Good Morning Queens!💞

I started my morning out on the patio with breakfast 🍴eggs and oatmeal.


and then coffee in hand, I was headed to the gym. Today’s workout focused on this peach🍑

I had some running around town to do and it was really chilly with an overcast today ⛅️ so I kept it comfy in my jeggings and chucks 👖👟

While playing in the mirror this afternoon, my hair was feeling blah and a bit flat, so I  grabbed my shears, went in, and point cut the s#!t out of this wig 💇


This evening I packed up my summer clothes to make room for jackets and sweaters. I think warm weather is officially behind us here in Italy ❄️

The highlight of my day was skyping with my mama. We gabbed for a good hour and half, and now I’m head into the weekend like…

❤️ my mama is the cutest! I miss her and love her so so much❤️ (hi mommy, of course she reads my blogs😘).

Now to pile up for the night with a bowl of protein ice-cream and Netflix 🍧

Happy Friday Y’all 💋

Good Morning 💋

My girlfriend Kerri-anne and I hit the market downtown immediately this morning for a cappuccino and a stroll ☕️


Breakfast followed with homework occupied the rest of my morning;
Eggs with a side of potatoes, peppers and zucchini cooked in coconut oil.


I had errands to run later in the day and I had already slipped into comfy clothes, so rather than get ready again, I threw a pea coat over a tee with a scarf to kick it up a notch 🙂


Lunch today was a bowl of the minestrone I threw in the crockpot last night (meh, it was ok) and a good ‘ole cheese sandwich (it however was amazing:) 🍞

I didn’t get a workout in today. I got in a cardio session, but even it was fairly low with intensity. It’s off season, so I don’t beat myself up too bad when I skip a session. Tomorrows training however will be a doozy 😉


For dinner I had grilled chicken, mixed veggies and sweet potato.

This evening while catching up on youTube make-up tutorials, I was inspired to clean my brushes 💋💄


My snacks today included a bowl of protein ice-cream🍨, a fruit bowl and yogurt and 3 Oreo cookies 🍪 (balance y’all). And now its time for some apple slices, peanut butter and a glass of almond milk.

Have a good night!! ❤️

Happy Thursday💋

Good Morning 💋 Happy Wednesday!❤️


My morning began with a quick cardio session and then I was in search for a beauty supply store. Its time for some color. I found this line of professional cream color. Fingers crossed its a good one 💞


Lots of Veggies on the menu today 🌱🍅🌱


Todays gym session was cardio based. I began with a 2500 meter row followed with 5 miles on the spin bike and finished off with the Crossfit WOD Karen (150 Wall Balls). I was dripping💦


I spent my evening organizing my closets and then I tossed together a crockpot meal to cook overnight (stay tuned).

Now it is time for some pro-yo and an episode of Lost. I am seriously so over this show at this point that I think I will skip to the last few episodes of next season just to see the end. It is just beyond ‘reaching’ at this point 😝


Happy Wednesday you all!!! 💋

Good Morning ☕️💋


Breakfast this morning was so incredible: Quinoa, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with parsley🌱Delicious!


I was looking like a true American today in my baseball tee, Buckle jeans and Chucks👖👟 #sobasic


I made a trip to one of my favorite ‘one stop shoppes’ today. It has a little bit of everything, literally everything. I scooped up some toiletries, laundry detergent and dish tabs- God how exciting, I know! 😝


Today’s Lunch 😍

I gave myself a little mini mani and pedi at home this evening. These phalanges are really in need of some professional TLC though!

I made myself giggle when I shopping for nail color. I couldn’t decide which color was best and all I could hear was my husband in my head, “my God, they’re all the same!” 😂 Um, no they’re not hunnie.


Well, now to call it a day and watch some of RuPaul’s Drag Race (I’m obsessed!!) 👑👠💄

Goodnight! Happy Tuesday 💋

Good morning! Lets get this week going ☕️

Cardio to start the day-


Followed with a trip to town for a grocery haul-

I went to an Italian Superstore for groceries today. I wasn’t as thrilled with the frozen vegetable selection as the one in town, but they have Shirataki noodles!! 🍵

Lunch was photo-worthy🍔


I spent my evening slumming it up on the patio – the weather is perfect☀️

I made it to the gym for a late night shoulder session:
I began with rowing for a warm-up followed with laterals and rear delt work.
I ended with an intense WOD:
•Wall Balls
•Kettlebell Swings
•Box Jumps

Now to watch some Lost and call it a day.
It was a good day to start the week- Happy Monday 💋

Good Morning Y’all! 

An early Saturday morning on the patio with breakfast, coffee and a good magazine. Basically, the calm before the storm…

And then…

This depicts my entire weekend! Finals-Finals-Finals.
I had a total of seven papers that were all a required 8-10 pages (some even more). I am thorough (actually a bit OCD) when it comes to writing, so it is an event. But..Hallelujah, it is over and now I only have two classes remaining to finish out the semester!

I literally left my house one time throughout the weekend 👖

I did some food prep on Saturday morning to keep me on track throughout the weekend. Stress is a big trigger for me when it comes to overindulgence with food, so knowing this allows me to prepare in advance during times that I know will create stress and anxiety. This type of relationship with food is normal for a lot of people. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you aren’t aware of it and binging or overeating is a result, then it can become a problem.  So a tip, if you find yourself overeating during times of stress, prepare for it. Granted, most stressful times are unpredictable, but during those times when you know it will be stressful (finals week at school), prepare in advance.


While I didn’t get to the gym this weekend, I did pull myself away from working every few hours to hop on the eliptical for some cardio.


Food Snippets…


Now it is 2 am, finals are complete, clients are checked in and I am hitting the sack 😴

Good Morning 💋💗💋💗💋

I woke up this morning at 5am-Without an alarm clock!
I contemplated going back to sleep but I knew that I had finals all day and I needed to grab a few groceries and I really wanted to get a workout in somewhere in between. So, I had two very strong cups of coffee, chugged some BCAA’s and got to it. I completed a HIIT session that took about 30 minutes and was intense enough to burn just shy of 500 calories, so that was good 😝


I threw on some comfy street wear and hit the road👟

I just feel that a pair of nice shoes and designer glasses can turn a sloppy outfit out 😎


I normally just grab my fresh veggies at the market in town, but I needed some protein and frozen goods, so I headed down the street to the grocery store.

I snagged up this spray bottle at the market on my way back home. It’s perfect for when you just need a spritz of olive oil. I had much rather use a natural oil than a non-stick cooking spray made up of chemicals.


For lunch today I had chicken with zucchini, followed with another plate with tomatoes for an afternoon snack 🌱🍅 So delicious!


I literally sat at the computer working on a single paper ALL day 📖.
The subject is religion, a topic that is always fascinating, so it could be worse.

Now for a big ole bowl of protein ice-cream, RuPaul and bed.

Happy Thursday y’all!!! 💋


Good Morning 💋



Today was leg day, so it was a high-carb day.

Post-Workout: Oatmeal and coconut oil + protein shake


After my workout today, I had a dentist appointment, so pants were required👖

🍁🍂🍃🍁 Fall Fashion-Oversized sweaters and pageboys🍁🍂🍃🍁

For lunch I had a plate full of carbs

The rest of my day was consumed with writing yet another paper📝
&  Pro-yo and RuPaul to finish off the day 🍨

Happy Wednesday! 💋💖