How BIG is your BRAVE?!

The words “I can’t” are often spoken with fear of failure. These are words that you will never here from Kat Regalado. As a military spouse, I met Kat while both of us were stationed in Aviano, Italy. Kat would occasionally join my 0530 CrossFit Class and we became friends. After a move back to the states, Kat messaged me and asked me to be her coach. I told her it wouldn’t be easy. I told her that I would give 100% but she had to be 100% dedicated as well. I knew that Kat had the willpower and determination within her. I set her plan and week after week, check-in after check-in, changes were made. Not only was Kat seeing physical changes, she found a passion for this lifestyle that would forever change her.

After weeks of seeing major results, Kat decided that she wanted a goal. She had always dreamed of competing in a bikini-fitness competition and that is what she set her mind to do. As her coach, I knew this dream was attainable, but as a friend, I knew this meant that at times I would have to be crude without “sugar-coating” anything. She never once thought of throwing in the towel. Competition prep requires a dedication that most people will never understand. It is a commitment that some call crazy. It not only takes determination, diligence, and perseverance; it takes bravery. Of course bravery to walk across a stage in front of hundreds of strangers, a panel of judges, critiquing every inch of your body (and from the most unflattering angle at that!!!!) – But it takes bravery in a sense that you have to overcome not only physical changes, but mental changes as well.
For Kat, to lose the weight that she lost and completely transform her body, was astonishing to those following her on social media; however, what people don’t always see, are the mental transformations made. Kat would have days in posing practice that she would feel like the old Katie inside. Any competitor (or anyone on a weightloss journey), has to overcome these mental setbacks, and that she did. She would go in the gym the next day, push harder than the day before, and leave those feelings of self doubt there on the gym floor.
With each Instagram post or Facebook feed, Kat was constantly inspiring others that had goals of transforming. She found her Brave.

If you follow Kat on Instagram @katlifterchic (I suggest doing so if you need inspiration), then you will see this has become her lifestyle. It hasn’t been an overnight crash diet- It has been macro-managemnet and constant implementation of healthy, whole foods.

While transforming ones body like Katie has, is 80% diet…dedication in the gym is a must!! You won’t see this girl lifting five pound pink dumbbells; however, what you will see her doing is squatting and deadlifting, without fear of becoming “too big.” She knows that in order to attain a lean, toned physique, it takes heavy- lifting, hard-hitting training sessions, each and every time!

While Kat is an independent, powerhouse of a female, she has the support and love from her three favorite men. Her husband and two boys.
Rod, her husband, an amazing supporter, has stood by Katie through every step of her transformation. To be the competitor in training for a show is extremely hard, but to be the supporter at times can be even harder. Husbands have to endure bouts of hanger and random emotional breakdowns, often without understanding why we do what we do- But Rod, being an amazing husband never questioned Katie’s journey. He held her hand, often prepped her food and constantly praised her productivity. It takes a strong and supportive man for a woman to live this lifestyle and compete in this sport, and Rod has been the epitome of a supporter.


Thank you Kat for not only being an amazing friend, but trusting me week after week as your coach. I am so proud of you ❤️ You are so Brave.

Six Weeks Out!! I cannot believe it! 

Where to even begin…
I have to start out by saying that I am 100 percent in a complete different mindset this prep than I have ever been with previous shows. For one, I am not a new comer to this sport and second, most importantly, I prepped for this prep. I knew coming into this journey this time around, that I wanted it to be positive and stress free and I wanted to feel confident with my progression each week. I have been on the other side. The side where you are constantly in the mirror doubting, and full of fear. That is a horrible place to be and the stress and worry is not only detrimental mentally, but it can reek havoc on your physical progress as well.

As for training, I have definitely kicked up the intensity. My sessions in the gym are usually about an hour and a half in length. Each session begins with around 10-15 minutes of cardio for a warm-up (mental prep) and then I begin with warm up sets of my base movement. My base movements are either olympic lifts or compound lifts. I generally complete 5 to 10 working sets of my base movement (reps vary), then follow up with isolation work focusing on the muscle group being trained that day.
My cardio timing is dependent upon my day and varies with each day.

My nutrition generally leaves me satisfied. There are days of course that I am hungrier than others and at times wish for more calories at the end of the day, but that’s part of being in a deficit. If you aren’t hungry, you body isn’t burning fat, it’s that simple to understand. While my nutrition focuses primarily on macro tracking, I also pay close attention to meal timing. I plan for most of my higher-glycemic carbs to be taken in pre and post workout, and the remainder of my carb sources come from vegetables. My protein sources come from lean meats, casein protein powder (at night) and branch chain amino acids (bcaas) throughout the day. My fat sources are coconut oil, organic peanut butter, avocado and olive oil. I am on a slight carb cycle where I ingest higher carbs on my lower body days and less carbs on my rest and active rest days.

The last measurement check I did was when I ordered my competition suit and I ordered it according to where I “should” be for show day 😉 So, rather than take measurements each week, my suit bottoms will be my guide. I estimated a full inch and a half off of my hips and glutes within six weeks, so I had better get to sprinting 😉 My weight dropped below 130 last week and next week I will be having my body fat tested using the bod pod method to see for certain where I’m at.

Overall, everything is great- Physically, I see improvements everyday and mentally, I remain in a positive mindset (and that is a blessing in itself).

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 7.19.20 PM

Cheers to the next six weeks!!! It’s GRIND time!!!!!