Happy New Year!!

Y’all, I cannot believe that 2018 has come and gone!!!
Last year at this time we were just moving back to the United States from Italy. We pit-stopped in Indiana where we spent New Years Eve with Wesley’s dad, and then the next two days we made our way across the country to our new home in Las Vegas. This last year has primarily consisted of getting settled. We bought a new home which anyone knows takes time to fill and make your own. I also took the entire year off from competing and racing, and invested most of my time into school. It wasn’t until just recently that I decided to take on work aside from online coaching.

This year’s New Years Eve was spent a little different compared to those of past. We got a puppy! Oh my gosh y’all, when I say he is the cutest thing I have ever seen- I mean he really is!

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 3.52.27 AM

This is Jack, our little curly headed Goldendoodle. He is seriously the sweetest little thing. We started out our New Years Eve at  Woof Gang Bakery where we scored Jack some yummy (all organic) treats.

After, we took him on his very first trip to the park. Floyd Lamb Park is a hidden little gem just a few miles from our house that we stumbled across this past summer. It is full of wildlife, vegetation, lakes for fishing, and actual real grass!! (It’s the little things when you live in the desert!) He ran and played and wore himself out just enough to sleep through lunch at Big Dogs. As I have mentioned verbatim, this is one of our favorite local spots. They have an outside patio that is dog friendly, so we stopped in for some lunch. We indulged for our final outing of the year. We each had a beer and shared a big ole bowl of Wisconsin cheese curds (delish!). We were home by 5, piled up watching Netflix by 6, and passed out by 8. Quite the party animals this year!


Like most people, entering into a new year has forced me to take a look and reflect on the highs and lows of the previous year and reevaluate some of those moments- raising the question, how can I create more highs and perhaps elude some of the lows?

I find that “sweating the small things” is something I do all too often. Looking back over the last year, nine times out of ten when I worried about particular situations, the things I worried about most never came to pass. Worrying is a product of fear, and fear is not real. It is something that we merely create within our own minds from our own thoughts. It is a success-stalling inhibitor that causes us to miss out on opportunities because we are afraid of what “could” possibly happen. This year, I refuse to let fear or self-doubt have any power or control over my decisions.

Of course I have goals that consistently reappear each year such as, hitting new personal records in the gym, or making improvements to certain areas of my coaching; however, this year’s biggest goal is to simply be a better human.

Due to the fact that I am taking on a lighter schedule for this upcoming semester, I hope to be more consistent with my blogging!! Heres to an amazing New Year and I wish us all HEALTH & HAPPINESS!!!




Good evening y’all and merry Christmas!
I am writing you all from my comfy couch where I’m cozied up here in Las Vegas. Wesley and I decided to hit up a movie earlier today at Palace Station, but apparently everyone else in Vegas shared the same idea. There were 2 seats remaining in the very front row, so we decided to pass. We opted for lunch at Big Dogs, a restaurant nearby that we tend to visit fairly regularly (and is always amazing). Wes had a cheeseburger and onion rings, I had the seared Ahi Tuna with sweet potato. My Gosh, the Ahi was topped with the most delicious raspberry vinaigrette slaw I have ever tasted! After, we came home and have been piled up ever since.

I just returned home the day before yesterday from Alabama. I spent five days with my family to celebrate the holidays. Wes was unable to come because of his schedule, so that meant time for just us girls (mom, sis and I). We had the most incredible time!
They scooped me up from Birmingham airport Wednesday evening. Mom and I sat up until 2:00 am cackling and carrying on like high school girls. We were able to once again get in our routined visit to Unclaimed Baggage– only the most incredible second-hand store you will ever encounter!!! Mom scored me a pair of Birkenstocks, brand new with their tags, still in the box for $60! And yes, I still wear Birks.

While running around Saturday morning, we found ourselves with the most marvelous photo opts… posh reindeer posted up around town. We couldn’t resist!

Everyone was spoiled again as always for Christmas. I made out with a new coach bag and matching wallet, Chrissy Teigan’s newest cookbook, an autographed copy of Rupaul’s latest hardback, pjs, clothes, and the list goes on. I met my newest nephew Zackary for the first time who was too precious for words. My nieces and nephews again, were another year older and all with a bit more personality.  My family has grown so much since I left home 13 years ago. I find that each year when I head back home from a visit it tends to get harder. I miss out on so much. To keep it real with you all, I find myself nowadays having a big ole dose of self-pity a day or two after returning home. Don’t get me wrong, my life is incredible and I have experienced more of this great world than many ever have the opportunity too; however, it is never easy to feel like you’re missing out on so much. Thankfully we have social media nowadays which helps a lot, and my mom is world’s best grandma when it comes to sharing pictures of them babies.

Tomorrow, we will all be back to reality. The grocery stores will be up and running, which means no more gingerbread men and hot chocolate for breakfast- meal prep will be back in full swing. Workouts will be structured for a greater purpose than to keep off excess holiday gains, and new years goals will be set;  I don’t know about you all, but I look forward to this new year!!


Hey everyone! It seems as if I have been away from you all for forever! School has been incredibly hectic with exams and assessments, but I had to make some time this morning to share a recent food journey with you all.


If you follow my food log on Instagram (tiffanydietetics), you have probably noticed that my meals include a lot of greens and fibrous veggies…this is nothing new. What has changed as of recent however, my protein sources. As of June 5th (my 36th birthday), I made the decision to cut out all meat from my diet with the exception of eggs. Although Veganism and Vegetarian diets are more popular now than ever, I know there are many of my fellow bodybuilding friends out there that are saying, “What the hell for?”

I made this decision after completing an assessment for school regarding the effects of a Vegan diet on muscle building. Not only was the information completely opposite of everything I thought I knew, but study after study in my opinion, showed a vegetarian diet to be the healthiest nutritional approach of all.

I would assume this transition would be hard for a lot people, but I can say in all honesty  I haven’t had any struggles. I traded red meat and pork about a year ago for turkey and chicken, so I didn’t have those cravings to worry about. Becoming bored with eggs was a concern in the beginning, but that was never an issue either.

The main highlight of this trial for me has been the loads of energy. Granted, I have since been reverse dieting to increase my overall caloric intake for winter gains, but I noticed the energy increase immediately.

So, were there any downsides? There was something that I found to be really odd and random, and I will say that it almost made me pull the plug on the Vegetarian trial and call it a day…Cellulite!!! What?! Ok, slow down. Don’t let this be a determining factor if you are considering the Vegan road. Let me explain. When I decided to take on this journey I was mid-way through my summer shredding program, which meant a lower carb intake than usual. I knew that once changing to a vegetarian approach I would have to switch up my macros, which automatically meant an increase in carbohydrates to make up for the decrease in protein. Because I had been in a deficit, my carbohydrate intake was around 160 grams per day. When I made the switch, I increased those carbs immediately to 200 grams per day. For someone like myself that doesn’t eat a lot of processed foods to reach 200 grams a day, is a lot when you’ve been in a deficit; therefor, this meant adding in more grains. Don’t get me wrong, I love oats and brown rice, and these are staples in my diet year round; however, when Im doing a cut, I had rather fill my belly with loads of fibrous veggies. Well, keep in mind, I had been doing a cut for about 10 weeks, so my body hadn’t been accustomed to all the grains I was now packing in to make up for the carb increase.  Am I saying that grains give you cellulite?! NO! I am saying that carbohydrates absorb water. When the body is not familiar with something, and then you throw something at it, out of the norm, it’s going to respond negatively. Just like most females, I hold any excess fat in my hips and butt.  I manage to keep excess fat at bay, and stay relatively lean year round, which keeps cellulite to a minimum, but we all have a dimple here and there. But man, oh man…one week in and I was stressing. I felt heavy  and fluffy, and a bit dimply all over. I was ready to call it quits. The best comparison I can give is that feeling when you have had way too much Chinese food and the next day you feel like a puffer fish. Thats how I felt for an entire week. Basically, the increase in carbs was causing me to retain loads of water, and my body wasn’t accustomed to that. To fix the problem, I simply increased my water intake. Although it sounds counter-active, an increase in water will keep you from retaining water, so that was my approach. I also coupled the increased water intake with an am HIIT session everyday for the following week, which forced me to sweat, A lot.

Week one was a hurdle, but by week two I felt great. I stuck to my Ovo-Vegetarian approach for just over 15-weeks. Week 16, I gorged on sushi with my fellow foodies following the Olympia. I have had chicken twice since my Vegetarian food journey, and have since cut it back out as well.

As of now, I will continue my vegetarian journey. Feel free to follow along as I share my thoughts on this approach to nutrition.

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Good morning guys! It seems as if the sporadic blog upload continues. Since talking with you all last I had a birthday, here’s to 36!!

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.43.01 AM.png

I spent many days leading up to my birthday reminiscing birthdays of past. The last five birthdays were either spent prepping for a show, or reversing out from a show. Competing was such a major part of my life. For many years, it was the primary center of my life. It was a great experience, it allowed me to meet a lot of people and it taught me stringent discipline- but somewhere over the last year there was a shift.

When I began my fitness journey so many years ago, my intention was to become stronger, fitter and happier. I became stronger, a lot stronger. I became fitter and I became happier- but, sometime, somewhere along that road I allowed the aesthetics of fitness to drive me rather than the dimensions of wellness. Do you know what I mean by that? Let me explain. When I first entered the world of weightlifting my primary focus  was the weight on the barbell, not my weight on the scale. I noticed immediate changes in my physique as a result of training, not because of restrictive eating and endless amounts of cardio.

As time continued, training became a chore and my diet was solely for fat loss, as opposed to eating foods because they had certain antioxidants that battle cancer, or because they were optimal for recovery. I was training merely to chase a certain physique. Don’t get me wrong, a nice set of Glutes and abs will always be a major motivator, but loving your body through the process is just as important. 

Achieving optimal wellness means achieving your fullest potential in the following dimensions: physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. Wellness is becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, following a strategic meal plan, or looking good naked; it is a dynamic process of change and growth.

At some point we all get sidetracked and deviate from our path, and sometimes we may not even know our path- Either way it’s OK. Adjusting our visions are just part of growth and improving. It’s important to rememberer to occasionally take a moment, reevaluate your goals and check your path. 

Perhaps I sound like a new-age hipster, but I recently introduced new techniques into my daily routine that I feel are contributing greatly to creating personal renewal, and finding harmony. We are all worthy of the best care possible.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 10.38.18 AM.png


If you are interested in the dimensions of wellness, I have given you my personal interpretation of each below:

Physical Wellness: Improving physical wellness means a number of things to me. This means focusing not only on maintaining, but improving physical health through resistance training, flexibility and mobility, and improving cardiovascular output. Physical wellness not only means exercise but it means adhering to a healthy diet, consuming responsible amounts of alcohol, abstaining from tobacco and all substances that forge depression, anxiety, or disease.

Social Wellness: Reaching optimal social wellness means that you are fulfilling interpersonal relationships. These are relationships with family and friends, as well as everyday people you meet in society. To enhance social health you must be willing to communicate with others. You must be reliable, honest and most of all, acquire the ability to listen attentively with an open mind and a closed mouth.

Intellectual Wellness: Mental stimulation is a major component to intellectual health. We should continuously strive to stimulate our thought process; it can mean finding ways to be creative, developing good study skills, practicing time management, challenge yourself to see all sides of an issue. Everyday is an opportunity to learn new concepts and expand our knowledge. 

Emotional Wellness: The greatest component of emotional health is the ability to not only control our behavior, but to better understand it. This means taking time to look at ourselves and acknowledge why we feel certain emotions; learning to recognize what brings on feelings of anger, stress, anxiety, or sadness, and those of hope, love, joy and happiness. Once you know what brings on these feelings, you are more equipped to dictate your emotional wellbeing. 

Spiritual Wellness: This is finding peace in knowing that you provide a purpose for existence. A person may find spiritual contentment through organized religion, volunteering, mediation, hiking; whatever fulfills your spirit and creates harmony in your life.

Environmental Wellness: We cannot always determine our environment. There are threats from our surroundings that can play a hazardous role in our everyday lives: people’s negativity, pollution, infectious diseases, crime, and the list goes on. This means taking time to do all of the extra little things that can add up to make a big difference: caring about your skin enough to apply SPF, wash your hands after public interactions, make an appointment at the doctor if you feel something isn’t right, get regular check-ups, and for God’s sake make time to floss. Minimizing the negative effects of environmental hazards is a major contributor to wellness. 

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Good Morning 2018!! Happy New Year!!!!!

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I have received many emails this last week regarding New Years Resolutions with inquisitive minds seeking out my personal list.

Last year, I decided to stop making resolutions and opted to create a vision board. This way I didn’t feel pressure of immediately tackling a list of goals and feeling like I failed if I slacked off by February. My board was a creation of goals that I wanted to reach by December 31 of the year, so I had 12 months to “make it happen.” My board was posted in my home gym and every single day I was forced to see it, and envision the goals that I had set for myself.
How did it go? Some I achieved and some I wasn’t able to meet- and thats ok too. I had a multitude of things: First and foremost, I had a picture of Wes and I from a triathlon I completed four years before, and he was kissing me after the race with my trophy in hand. I used this as my vision for a strong and supportive relationship. Our relationship is stronger now than it has ever been! Don’t get me wrong, I give God all of the glory for my successes in everything I do, but I believe that God created a universe that works by our ability to “create our greatness” through the power of belief, faith and positivity. I also included a picture of myself with my CrossFit crew and envisioned wrapping up my final year coaching with the guidance and ability to help others reach their goals. The day that I left, my crew presented me with a plaque that each had signed, many listing goals and PR’s reached throughout their three years. This goal was met!! 💙
I envisioned completing a Spartan Tri-fecta, which began as just that, three races in one year. What I initially envisioned, turned into a Tri-fecta (+an additional race), with each race being in a different country (pretty f#cking awesome if I do say so).
However, as I said, some were not met. I had a vision of earning a pro-card in my WBFF bikini competition, well that didn’t happen. I fell two spots shy, but even still, I walked away with a 3rd place title and didn’t feel disappointed with my placing. I had a vision of finally reaching a 300 pound deadlift and fell shy by 30 pounds. I had a vision of reaching PR’s in my snatch, but opted for breast augmentation instead (ok, I call that a win 😉). As a whole, 2017 was an amazing year! I feel that I accomplished and achieved greatness, and overall, I ended the year feeling proud.

This year’s board, as of now, is a list that is stored in my iPhone. I will begin creating my board once we are in our new home💜. For 2018, I envision SO MUCH GREATNESS 🙏 . At the center of my board will be my family. My vision doesn’t stop with my own personal goals, it includes the desires and wants of my family as well. Secondly, our home. We have been extremely blessed with the ability to move to our desired location and purchase our dream house, and my desire is to create an actual home filled with serenity and love (and with the most perfect of walk-in closets😉 -hey, visions include any desires of your heart and mine just happens to include a glam-closet).
I don’t have a personal goal set at the moment regarding competing; however, what I do know for certain is, whatever I choose this year, whether it be competing in bikini, competitive weightlifting or racing, I will bring my best self! I envision a successful final year in school, followed with an amazing location of internship. I envision growing my clientele and continual growth in guiding and coaching. Most of all, I envision a daily practice of self-love and self-awareness. Loving yourself is acceptable. It is ok to walk with your head held high and exude confidence, but awareness of how you act, speak and overall self-presentation is crucial.

Self-love without self-awareness is useless (that one took me a few years of practice).

I woke up this morning feeling a little under the weather. I had a scratchy throat, a runny nose, and itchy eyes. I had a cup of coffee, and went for a stroll outside in hopes of feeling better. For most of the morning I spent my time online getting registered for school for the up and coming semester. As time passed, I began to feel worse and some things with school began to stress me out.
For dinner, I had prepped green beans and ground turkey, and while eating, it just wasn’t satisfying my taste buds. I think this was due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling good, and we all know that greens aren’t the most appetizing when sick. I decided to fix me a grilled cheese with a side of Doritos (much tastier), even though it took up most of my remaining macros for the day. Well, I went back to work on my computer and once again was having problems with my registration that began to cause a bit of anxiety. I rarely get anxious, but when I do, my face becomes extremely flushed and just like many, my go-to is food. I went back into the kitchen, whipped up another grilled cheese, this time with cheese curls, followed with a handful of lemon cookies. I picked up a bag of white powdered doughnuts from the cabinet (remember I’m at my moms house that has all the goodies), and asked my mom if I could open them. Well, don’t get me wrong, my mom would give me anything in this world from her house and while she looked at me and said, “of course you can,” in my head I heard her saying, “you can, but I know you’re gonna be so upset at yourself if you do.” I didn’t open them. I took a moment, and thought to myself; Ok, I can eat this, which would be considered at this point as binging, and feel miserable, or I can chalk up the meal that I just had, as my cheat meal for the week. Granted, I had my heart set on fish and chips this weekend, but you know what… in that moment I used food as a crutch, but I didn’t go overboard and turn a moment of weakness into a binge. Now, I can wake up tomorrow and not feel ashamed or like a failure, and I can continue my week without frustration or ‘starting again next week’.

Why do I share this? Because I am human! I am a coach and a nutritionist, but I am a person that has moments of weakness as well. I have had many clients over the years that share their weaknesses and binge eating with me and its only right that I share mine as well.

The lesson here, is that every moment of weakness doesn’t have to be looked at as a failure. I could’ve opened that bag of powdered doughnuts, and if I did, I probably (lets be real, I would have), eaten half of the bag. I was a terrible binge eater in my past. I suffered from a terrible relationship with food. Thats why I am a nutritionist and currently studying dietetics. I overcame that battle, and my passion is to help others too as well. But no matter how strong a person is, there will always be moments of weakness. Learning how to resist those moments, overcome those moments, and push past those moments without self-destruction, is when you win!

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Monday was as usual, my busiest day of the week. I have check-ins with my online clients, food prep for the week, two training sessions, a weekly quiz in math and a Chemistry Lab. Its always a hectic day, but I enjoy jumping feet first and getting the week started right. 



Tuesday was a little more low key. I had an extremely long lifting session that included Olympic Lifting, full body isolation work, abs and ended with HIIT training, 



Wednesday was a tough, but exciting morning. After almost three years of coaching CrossFit at Aviano AB Italy, today was my last day. I have spent the last two months preparing and working with new coaches that are hungry and excited about stepping up and making certain that our program continues to grow. I am able to leave knowing that my athletes are in good hands and will continue to advance in the hands of qualified, enthusiastic coaches.
This being my last year in Italy, I have many goals that need full attention in order to be acheieved and I am beyond excited for the next six months and whats in store.



Thursday began with a morning training session of Deadlifts and Power Cleans  followed with all day Chemistry Labs. 

Friday was a complete off day to rest up for Saturday’s Super Spartan. My first race for the 2017 season.


Race Day Essentials: Coffee. Medium Chain Triglycerides. Protein. Bananas. Trail Runners. Go Pro Camera.





This was my 2nd race in Italy. Last years Super was held in Milano, and while it was beautiful, this race was by far the most breathtaking scenery of any race to date! The course began in the town of Orte, which reminded me of a miniature Venice, and then led us up through the mountains where we tracked through  Vineyards and farms filled with Lama and goats and chickens. It was amazing. I have to admit that I was subject to one set of burpees this race due to the fact that my spear throw was Shit!  I was excited to see rope climbs within the first few obstacles, ensuring energy was in tact (seeing that it has been raining 3 days straight and everything was coated with mud…3 folds!) There were a few new obstacles this race that were definitely testing, and I LOVED it! I’m pretty sure that I am losing a couple of toenails after this one, but other than that just your typical  bumps and scrapes 🙂




Sunday (today) is spent catching up with Netflix 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful week!
Now that I am in the final week of one class and my hour from 0530-0630 is freed up, I will be more diligent at making daily posts. So i would love to hear any topics of interest 🙂
Have a wonderful Sunday-Funday!! 

Hi everyone 🙂
It has been a little bit since I have created a “personal” blog entry.
So, let’s catch up!
As I sit here, typing away, I am recovering from an awesome lower body training session. Today I worked Tri-sets of back squats, high-hang cleans and squat cleans.
I have been working on creating a new program for myself which focuses primarily on Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting four days a week and two days a week focusing on isolation movements (not my favorite), but by the end of the week my body is beat down and my hands are spent, so isolation at that point is the only option 🙂
I have plenty of time at this point to focus on building some mass along with an increase in strength. I have no plans to compete again this season, so as of right now, I don’t have a show for another 9 months. This allows me to set pretty big goals for any changes that need to be made. So for right now, adding mass is definitely at the top of that list.
It has been twelve weeks since my WBFF show in Kansas City and I am happy with where I currently sit. I have reverse dieted to a point that I am now at an estimated 1800-1900 calories a day. I am currently not tracking exact macros. I am eating intuitively with two “treat meals” weekly. I sporadically track macros (one to two days a week) to have a relatively good estimate of where I am.
I will continue to log totals of all of my lifts for the following two weeks and from that point I will follow a split of light, medium and heavy loads (taking percentages of my 1RM and basing my program from these).
As for my diet, each day will vary to accommodate the program. Heavy days will require a higher caloric intake and lighter days slightly less (a bit of a carb cycle without dropping too much fat on the higher carb days).
As far as cardio goes….I have two types of cardio that I currently alternate between. The first being; a typical CrossFit WOD (whether it be a sprint, AMRAP, chipper or RFT) following my programmed training session or the second being; a more scaled version (light weight) typically done first thing in the morning. I base my cardio off of my schedule each day.

Today is officially my first day back to school!! I took the summer off to head back to the states for four weeks to enjoy a nice vacation following my show, so  now it is back to the grind!!
I have a full schedule on my hands; Between coaching my CrossFit class, training clients, creating customized online programs and school, I am one busy bee!! But I am beyond blessed and so thankful that I get to live this amazing life!! I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.37.40 AM.png
Nerding out and doing work on this beautiful day. Weekly check-ins with my online clients while getting some sunshine 🙂 So beyond blessed to live this life!!

My Latest V-LOG 🙂 Thanks for watching!
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To understand Tiffany is to grasp the understanding of her primary passions- Competition and Coaching.
Her competitive nature stems from completion of her very first Triathlon long ago. AFRAID, TERRIFIED, PANICKED. Like a fish out of water.
These are the emotions that led to, or produced, great performance.
Emotions that created within her this manner of healthy competition, all the while, without sacrificing morale.
The understanding that fear was her formula for effectiveness, led her to the obsession and marvel of the human body’s capabilities during competition.
TRIATHLONS, DUATHLONS, MARATHONS, ULTRA-THONS AND OBSTACLE COURSES… Her choice of extreme sports due to the mere fact of being solo performances; the competitive element being proposed by and against ones self.
She is driven by fear. Fear of giving anything less than her personal best. Fear of not making the attempt at all. These executions of attempts have to led to over 20 incredible racing adventures, in four different countries, on three diverse continents. This fear in return yields..Self-satisfaction, Self-glorification and above all else, Self-respect.
The understanding that her athletic success stems not only from hard work, tedious training and dedication, but as well as self-determination that leads to competition within all other aspects of her life. Dedicated and determined to finding her best self, each day is devoted to training and preparing for the next big adventure of competition in her life.
However, regardless of the preparation…Nothing could prepare her for her greatest adventure- Her 2nd passion..Coaching.
ACCOUNTABILITY, CREDIBILITY AND LIABILITY…Characteristics that accompany this role.
It comes with immediate realization, it is more than just the sport. It is more than the weightlifting of teaching someone a clean, a jerk, or a Snatch. It’s more than  a conditioning challenge, or CrossFit. It’s more than being just a coach…
It’s mentoring. It’s being a motivator.
Positivity creates confidence. And to believe that you will succeed tends to silence the voice of self doubt. This for her as a coach is primitive. To instill self-confidence, which in return yields greatness.
Enthusiasm not only for the sport, but for each individual athlete is part of her formula for success. Getting an athlete to believe in themselves and the desire to achieve prominence is key!
With over 10 years of certifications to display, these pieces of paper are mere printouts in frames, stuck on her wall. While they make her capable as an individual and knowledgeable, they do not possess the power of pronouncing her as a good coach. But….the two coffee mugs, one that reads “#1 coach” and the 2nd, “coaches change lives”, well, those sources are significant. An offering of thanks for the accountability and motivation.
What began as the hope of using coaching as a platform to inspire, rather she was the one who was inspired.
From a competitor driven by fear, that decided to take a ‘leap of faith’, which in return, created greatness among herself and many amazing athletes…


“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”― Edith Lovejoy Pierce
Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.57.00 AM

This is the beginning of a new year. A fresh start. A time to make changes.
For this year, I will explore the pursuit of greater courage.
I feel the last three years have been dedicated to discovering myself. Finding out  who I am outside the walls of the comfort zone of my home.
A life outside of Florida. A life outside of the United States.
Discovering who I am as an individual is an easier feat when I am in an environment of unfamiliarity. Things that I always knew as happiness aren’t necessarily my happiness anymore. Priorities change.
I believe that I have changed my entire life’s path, by dipping my toes into small ponds over the last three years. I have discovered new loves for so many different things that have captured my imagination.
I feel I cannot personally grow by taking the same action that I’ve always taken.
This new book is dedicated to my continuance of growth as an individual.
Opening my mind to new things, things that I often consider frightening because of it’s unfamiliarity.
I find that the spirit to try new things is synonymous with the spirit of self-improvement.

Bravery is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger or pain without fear.
Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else.