Nutrition Programs

Working out is only half the challenge. Allow me to take away the confusion and guesswork of macro-managing, and customize a nutrition plan suited to your individual requirements. People often think they follow a “super clean” approach to eating, but still find themselves battling the scale. This could be for several reasons: metabolic disturbances from yo-yo dieting, a cycle of restricting and binge eating, not consuming enough calories, or too many calories. Whatever it may be, the cycle will continue until you find an approach that works best for you. A good nutrition program should be more than a temporary solution to shed unwanted pounds, it should be an introduction to a new outlook on nutrition.

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*Not accepting new clients until September 1, 2021. 

Each nutrition plan involves an assessment of your current body composition and provides you with an optimal meal plan that caters to your caloric needs.
Your meal plan will include:
– An extensive questionnaire to get started based on your goals, preferred foods, allergies, etc.
– 4-Weeks of menus tailored to your needs in the form of PDF
– Full meal breakdowns with macronutrient totals

Custom Nutrition Program – Option 1: $50/month
Includes customized macronutrient breakdown
+ 4 weeks of menus catered to those totals
(package does not include weekly check-ins or alterations)
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Custom Nutrition Program – Option 2: $75/month
Customized macronutrient breakdown
+ 4 weeks of menus customized to those totals
+ weekly check-ins and menu adjustments
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