It was back to the basics this morning for breakfast: Eggs, oatmeal and coffee.


Sister and I decided to head to the the gym for a workout. This was my first heavy lift session since my competition and it felt amazing!

Although todays training was considered a heavy session, my deadlifts were light in comparison to my previous PR’s, but as my caloric intake begins to increase, my lifts should show quick response. 

I always have people asking where I train when on vacation. Today I checked out a local gym, @fosterstraining that I have heard others rave about. This gym is by far the greatest training facility that this town has ever seen! For my Fort Payne and Rainsville followers that are looking for a place to bang weights, or need knowledgable coaching, this is the place! You guys know that a welcoming environment with certified coaching is of most importance in my book, and this facility is the epitome of both!!


For lunch: Peppers and turkey cooked in coconut oil, rice crackers, a pita sliced for dipping with salsa and spinach artichoke.

Mom, sis and I spent the afternoon bouncing around little local markets scoping out all of the wonderfully unique foods that I can’t find in Italy. I snagged some rice chips, Josephs pita bread (omg! In the past these were my obsession, and although they have gluten, I manage to have little to no flare ups, major plus), and I scooped up three varieties of sparkling water, which made my mama and sister gag :)) I guess Italy has definitely had that impact on me!


Back Seat Selfies 😛


My evening snack was egg whites topped with peanut butter and PB2, an apple, and a whole pita (not pictured because sister wanted to have a little taste test and left my plate beyond photo ready 😉 She was forgiven though for introducing me to this wonderful core cutting, apple slicer!! Seriously, how have I never seen this!!

Now, 7pm, I am piled up watching reruns of Sex and the City and calling it a night.

Happy Hump-Day!!

Saturday night, following the show and a much needed shower scrub, us girls took a trip to In-N-Out Burger. Not a single one of us had ever had it before, so being that it was right across the street from the hotel (and we were exhausted), it was a must try!

It was by no means a five guys burger and fries, but it satisfied my craving for greasy and fried foods. We stopped in at Starbucks and picked up a couple of sweet treats: a chocolate chip muffin and a brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart. All just scrumptious!!!

Sunday morning we woke super early, so we laid around watching Bravo TV, giggling and catching up (just being super girly girls).

We saw a Dennys the night before and it was a must for post show day breakfast pancakes- where we weren’t too much trouble (our little inside joke of the morning).

We managed to find a mall and spent our day shopping. It was considered one of our “lightest” shopping days to date, considering we were near max capacity with our luggage- And of course we got some more eating in throughout the day.

While lunch was considered somewhat healthier (in comparison to burgers and fries), we did manage to find the Chocolate Factory, where I had a larger than usual peanut butter cup and chocolate ice-cream topped with all of the must haves. It was heaven 😉

I spent a large part of my evening in a food coma and managed to get in a nap. When it was time for dinner, we all decided that keeping it somewhat on the “lighter side” sounded like a good choice, so we caught an Uber to the nearest Panera Bread.

I almost forgot how amazing Panera is!!!! Following dinner, we opted to skip any sweet treats for the evening and decided rather than cab it back (it was just over 2 miles), that we would get some steps in. It was such a nice evening, hot, but there was a nice breeze and we all needed the movement.

Monday morning I woke bright and early and had my first post competition workout at the hotel.

I am definitely feeling fluffy after all my indulging, but it has all been guilt free and worth it 😉

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.04.39 PM.png
Off to Bama we go 

Tomorrow we will be in Alabama where I will spend the summer with my family. Getting into a routine with training and tracking will be tough in the beginning, but I am stoked to spend this time with my family!!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.11.57 PM.png
2 cravings that had to meet before tracking begins…Nutter Butters and Doritos!!!!

Now its back to the Grind 🙂

I believe I finished off with my last blog post on Friday evening, so lets catch up beginning with Saturday morning (show day)…

I slept in until 8:30 and for breakfast, I had a half of a bagel with peanut butter and black coffee.

Tan touch ups and packing my bag to take to the venue filled my morning, while waiting for my mom and sisters plane to land (insert excitement here)!!! As soon as they arrived we took a trip to WABA Grill where I had a few bites of steak and rice.

My makeup appointment was scheduled for noon at the hotel, however, the artists were running behind, so I just filled the gap with doing my hair.

I have an amazing set of Guy Tang Bellami Hair extensions that I use for big events (when I need big hair 😉 and just created a bit of a beach wave using a flat iron.

After, I went and had my makeup done, and was extremely happy with how it turned out. There is no greater feeling than feeling pretty (well, pretty and lean 🙂 on show day!!

Back Stage Shenanigans….

The relationships and lifelong friendships that are created among the competitors, is by far the greatest part of competing within this federation.

After many weeks of dedication and sacrifice, the hard work has paid off, with a 3rd place finish! It was an amazing weekend!! #blessed

Hey you all 🙂

I have spent the last 33 hours of my life in route to the good ole USA, so now that I am planted safely on American soil (hallelujah), lets catch up over the last couple of days….


If you can imagine (the day before leaving for vacation), I was consumed with running around like a crazy person- Laundry, packing, shopping for the last minute necessities, and all the while, in my final day of carb depletion (hence the quote about not hitting or biting anyone). I may have dodged and weaved my way around today to make certain that I wouldn’t have to fake a pleasant demeanor with anyone 🙂 Hey, its honesty with you guys!
I had another overall upper body workout that took about 30:00 (high volume/minimal rest), and cardio was a light stroll in the city this evening.



Thursday began bright and early at 3 am to get in some light cardio before heading to the airport. I normally would have completed another overall body pump sometime mid-day; however, knowing I would be traveling for the next day and a half, I didn’t want to risk additional water retention.

I boarded around noon with my pre-prepped flight food: 99% lean ground turkey, asparagus, sweet potato, almonds and trail mix (nothing as yummy as the inflight menu 😦 )


Travel Attire:



What do you guys wear when traveling? I literally had 2 minutes to throw clothes on before running out the door. My friend scooped me up to take me to the airport, but she had to park 2 blocks away from my house due to the fact that the weekly market was set up in town; good thing I took my bags to her house the night before!! So a rogue gym tee, Dondup cutoffs, pineapple hair and of course chucks to finish my ensemble… I am so Hawt!!

My flight from Venice to Philadelphia was almost 10 hours. You can imagine the excitement when the announcement was made that all passengers were loaded and I managed to have 2 seats all to myself!! I was worried about being trapped on the inside while still at a water intake of over a gallon today! #blessed



I had a 2.5 hour layover in Philly before my final flight to Phoenix. Y’all, it felt like the longest flight ever!!! Now, I am here at the Hotel and finally winding down. I managed to stay awake the entire duration of travel in hopes of skipping the jet lag all together- fingers crossed 😉



Well, I managed to get about 4 hours of sleep last night (not too shabby), and I woke up feeling great and went down to check out the gym area and got in my final light lift before show day. A quick 30:00 light lift with 10:00 of cardio and I am done 🙂


Now to get the pre-show day shenanigans in order…. I will fill you in later!

To begin the day:

Most of my day was spent trying to decide what to pack and take on vacation. No matter how light you try to pack, fitting six weeks into one suitcase can be a challenge- And being my mothers daughter, we LOVE to shop. This trip may mean shipping a box (or two;) back home.


It was probably a good thing that I spent a majority of the day at home.
Low Carb / Glycogen Depleting = Hangry


I had to make a run to pick up the final must have travel necessities, so I snapped a pic to share my new fancy nails with you guys 😉

My gym session this evening was a quick 45 minutes. I strung my movements together, with minimal rest and knocked it out. It was rough and Im completely exhausted, but its done:)


Can I take a moment to express my love/hate relationship with avocados. It is probably in my top 5 of favorite foods; however, catching an avocado in the 5 minute window of perfection is nearly impossible. This is approximately 30 grams, which is all I could savor from a whole avocado- and avocados are not cheap!
Ok, Im hangry 😉 but even in a carb loaded state, this would still irk me.



Happy Tuesday you all!!! Hangry or not, life is still amazing 😉


I want to touch a second on the term peak week. To peak, means that you completely deplete the glycogen stores in the body and toward the end of the week, the goal is to fill these glycogen levels to their fullest (without spilling over). 
(** I will do a complete separate blog post on peak week later that will include the truth and myths behind the “magic” **)

My morning began with having my nails and toenails done thanks to my husband who told me to go and enjoy myself 🙂 My poor toenails have taken a beating over the last few months due to it being race season. I have had two nails that turned black because of bruising, and one completely fell off (except for a tiny bit of new growth), so having them professionally done was a must!

These were my inspiration colors to go by. I wanted to keep the color neutral and I decided to go with gel formed tips rather than the traditional plastic tips. I forgot to snap a pic of the final outcome in the natural sunlight, so I will share those tomorrow 😉


Some of todays menu:

Peak week nutrition is pretty brutal in the beginning of the week. It is very low carb, so volume eating is key. Broccoli and avocado are staples.


This afternoon I completed my first depletion workout- A full upper body workout that included two exercises for each muscle group, as well as, calves and abs. I did 4 sets of 20 reps for each exercise. My entire workout took my usual hour and a half.

This evening my cardio consisted of a low intensity jog outside.
Day 1 of depletion isn’t terrible. I would normally opt for my first depletion workout to be lower body (while the body is still holding some glycogen stores), but seeing that my Glutes and Hammies are still sore from my last leg day, I had to switch it up a bit. I suspect as usual the next two days will be a bit brutal, but hey, the end is near!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday!! 
Take a second to be thankful in advance for the blessings headed your way this week!! 

Wrapping up another week, getting one step closer to the WBFF stage for this season…

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 5.49.07 AM


One word to describe the last two weeks of prep, challenging.
At two weeks out, my cardio increased substantially and calories decreased, so the physical demands on the body are inevitable. Mentally, it has become more demanding as well, but I continue to push and remind myself that the end is near.
I enjoy structure. I enjoy tracking my macros. I enjoy following a training program; however, I am ready for a break, a moment of free range living. While I look forward to a few days of guilt free indulgences post-show, I am mostly excited to get back to training without an obligatory regimen. I am excited to lift heavy weights without the fear of injury due to a caloric deficit and I am excited to go for a run without anticipation of calories burned.
As I sit here typing up this blog entry, I have wrapped up the terrible two week out stint of prep and now head into peak week!!!


As I sit here on Saturday morning, I realize I never pressed the magical “upload” button for yesterdays post…

My morning began at 6:30 am, entirely too early, seeing that I wasn’t in bed until 2 am. After trying to force myself back to dreamland with no success, I got up and had breakfast on the patio.


Today was a rest day, so I kept myself busy with the normal girly maintenance routine.


After a fresh face and sealed ends, I went down to one of my favorite local boutiques and scored some new wedges and oversized linen box cut tops for my vacation.
I am really into neutrals this summer, so I kept it basic with the wedges, black and tan, and I got three identical tops, all in different colors (white, camel and olive).

My evening consisted of Gilmore Girls and dreaming of my post-competition meal 😉

Happy Friday!!!

Today was a good day.

I slept in this morning until 8:30 am and met up with a couple of friends for coffee and to scope out the local market.

A cappuccino and quinoa popped cakes were my market scores. 


Breakfast was a combo of two meals, being that it was 1:00 in the afternoon before I finally ate, followed by a 2 hour nap 🙂 



After my nap, I took time to configure the exact totals of each food that I would need for food prep for the remainder of the week into the weekend and took a trip to the grocery. I did this partially because I am leaving for vacation soon and don’t want to throw out any unnecessary food, but also because it is a method of willpower.  These last 15 days of prep have been the toughest (the cravings are real).


My workout was a late night session, I didn’t get to the gym until 11:30 pm. I had a slight increase in carbs during the earlier part of the day and I felt good. I told myself on my drive that I had 2 more lower body workouts before show day, and I think that gave me new found energy to dig deep and go hard…And I went hard. This lifting session was literally the best lower body day that I have had in months!! I did every lunge variation that one could imagine. My overhead walking lunges were at 105 and my back rack and front rack walking lunges were at 125. I could feel every muscle fiber in my glutes and inner quads tremble with each step. It was an AMAZING.

I was at the gym until 1:00 am and when I got home had my last meal of the day which was literally a pan full of veggies  and a plate of egg whites.

I started my morning with breakfast which was my pre-workout meal-
Egg whites topped with hot sauce, steak tips, sweet potato, avocado along with a green smoothie blended with spinach, coconut water, and apple.



Todays lower body workout focused primarily on Glutes and Hamstrings-

My workout was awesome! I felt great and pushed hard, so my post workout meal was everything! I was so hungry when I cam home from the gym. I was wishing that I had my meal prepped in advance but my tilapia was thawing as I was at the gym.


I chopped zucchini, tomatoes and peppers and topped the tilapia with a cajun steak seasoning and cooked it all in coconut oil. It was SO good and the veggies created a voluminous meal that was extremely filling.


I spent a good bit of my evening out on the patio. I had my afternoon snack while catching up on some of my favorite you-tubers and while scrolling through IG, this post was made by one of my competitor clients…

So to those that don’t understand the word, commitment….This is what it takes to reach goals. She is dining out with her family. They are each eating their own personal pizza while she is having a pre-prepped meal out of tupperware. Is it glamorous? No. Had she rather eat pizza with her family? Yes.
When I hear people say that they can’t reach goals because of those around them or their family and friends don’t  share in the same goals…well here is what it takes. It is NOT an easy lifestyle, but it is doable.
Once her competition is over, she can enjoy her once weekly indulgence of pizza with those around her, but the remaining time, she will continue making healthy choices. A competitors diet is more strict than the average person; however, once the competition is over, its still a lifestyle.
Eating grilled chicken, brussels sprouts, brown rice, fish, fruits and vegetables does not mean that you are on a diet. It means that you make conscious decisions of what you put in your body. The sooner a person realizes that this is a daily commitment and not a diet, the sooner they realize that what was once a goal, has become a sustainable lifestyle.
Its not easy you guys, but if you truly want to reach a goal and see lifelong changes within yourself, you HAVE TO COMMIT. 

Happy Humpday!!!!