I hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday-Funday!
My morning began at 3:30 am, unintentionally. I was on a 3 am wakeup call almost everyday for the last two and half years, so now sleeping in is pretty much impossible. I really actually prefer this schedule, especially during contest prep. It especially comes in handy when posing practice begins (next week), and I have the cardio room surrounded with mirrors all to myself before the sun comes up. 

My workout began around 6 am with a 20:00 treadmill warm up and a base movement of push presses, followed with more overheads and shoulder isolation.

My Pre-Workout was 1 scoop of cookies and cream protein and coconut water

After the gym I came home and had some post workout Pro-yo. 
For those that have been asking how I make this:
1 scoop of Chocolate Protein
1/2 tsp Xanthan Gum (careful, a dab will do;)
100 grams Yogurt
3 Ice Cubes
1/4 Cup Almond Milk and blend
topped with:
PB2 and Pretzel Crumbles (and Nut Butter on top if its not post workout) 

The rest of my day was consumed with studying for Chem. mid-terms in between meal prepping

Now it’s time for a bath and bed.
Cheers everyone- to an exciting week ahead and climbing more mountains;)

It’s Saturday and I had absolutely no obligations today, no tests to take and nowhere to be. I woke up early as usual, 5 am to be exact, had some coffee, checked emails, lounged around a bit and then headed to the gym. Today was the first day all week that I truly felt back to normal with my lifts and it felt so good. My program called for deadlifts and barbell glute bridges followed with  hamstring isolation. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 7.06.59 PM.png

After the gym I came home and cleaned my house that I had neglected all week, caught up on laundry and Netflix and took an hour long epsom salt bath to relax these glutes and lower back that I know are going to be sore tomorrow:)

Here was today’s breakfast and lunch:
Breakfast: Oatmeal topped with cinnamon and strawberries and egg whites topped with hot sauce
Lunch: Smoked Salmon with zucchini 

Now to pile up and relax for the rest of the evening. Enjoy your Saturday night! 🙂

Its Friday, which means that finals are over!! It has been a bit of a stressful week, but thankfully I made it through with A’s and B’s and I’m satisfied with that. I still have one class and a Lab, which is by far my toughest to date, but once I make it through this I am off for summer break!

I haven’t got in a workout yet today and I am trying to decide on a home session or head to the gym, which I know will be empty this late on a Friday.
My workouts all week have been tough. My body has been exhausted since my race this last weekend. I have had a problem getting my electrolytes balanced. My muscles have been cramping, extremely sore and fatigued. I knew there was trouble when I was in the 9th mile and my sweating was mild and my thirst level was almost non-existent. The entire drive home that night I kept having to rub my eyes and take extra precaution with focussing the lines of the road due to a blurry haze with my vision. I have always had a problem with taking in enough sodium (opposite from most of the population), but being that it was a distance race I should have taken more precautions. Lesson learned! If you have ever had extreme electrolyte imbalances; it is serious. I have to be aware of mine at all times. A lot of athletes and competitors that constantly watch their diet can fall into this category quite quickly and not realize the seriousness. Sodium depletion for athletes that train above average is just a disaster waiting to happen- Now, after a few days of gatorade and sea salt, I am feeling back to myself and ready to train.
Speaking of…here are some pictures from the weekend…

Here are some of my meals from this week…

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Mine will consist of prepping for my Chemistry mid-term next week and thats about it 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

I woke up to this message from one of my clients this morning. A great way to start of my day:) #proudcoach


I made it back to the gym today and got in a lower body workout. My shoes were still rubbing my ankles a bit, but nothing a couple of band-aids couldn’t fix. I focused more on isolation work and finished up with sprints on the rower. If you don’t row, I suggest adding it into the mix:)


My afternoon was spent at school, test taking. This is finals week. Finals are always tough, but it just means classes are almost over!!! After this week I have one class left before summer break:)


Tonights Dinner🍴 Zucchini and ground turkey with cucumber and peppers 


I received a few snips from my race last weekend…


Now it is time for casein, yogurt, peanut butter and bed! 

Hey Hey!! Its Monday which is my favorite day of the week. Weird, I know, but it is always a fresh start and I always feel so revived and refreshed and ready to tackle the week. I have a rule to never miss a Monday in the gym; however, today turned into another off day. I had my pre-workout meal and slipped into my Lulu’s, but as soon as I stepped out of my slippers into my Nanos, the blisters that I thought weren’t so bad on the back of my ankles instantly felt like razor blades. So, I wore my slippers to the post office and grocery store and came home and food prepped in between client check-ins. 

I got a good giggle this morning while checking in with one of my clients. I opened an email to this… WTF. She too is an obstacle racer, so her workouts always include some crazy intense cycles and her check-ins always include some crazy entertaining remarks regarding my programming;)) 


Mondays meal prep includes lots of veggies and usually gets me through until Thursday.

Today’s Lunch🍴Tuna sandwich on Ezekiel Flax bread, cucumber and mixed greens topped with oil and vinegar.


The highlight of my day was Skyping with my mama:) In just two more months, her, myself and my sister, will be having a girls trip to Arizona followed by half of the summer in sweet home Alabama. I can’t wait!!


Now to finish up my evening with some Proyo and Peanut Butter and call it a night. 
Have a wonderful week!!!


Monday was as usual, my busiest day of the week. I have check-ins with my online clients, food prep for the week, two training sessions, a weekly quiz in math and a Chemistry Lab. Its always a hectic day, but I enjoy jumping feet first and getting the week started right. 



Tuesday was a little more low key. I had an extremely long lifting session that included Olympic Lifting, full body isolation work, abs and ended with HIIT training, 



Wednesday was a tough, but exciting morning. After almost three years of coaching CrossFit at Aviano AB Italy, today was my last day. I have spent the last two months preparing and working with new coaches that are hungry and excited about stepping up and making certain that our program continues to grow. I am able to leave knowing that my athletes are in good hands and will continue to advance in the hands of qualified, enthusiastic coaches.
This being my last year in Italy, I have many goals that need full attention in order to be acheieved and I am beyond excited for the next six months and whats in store.



Thursday began with a morning training session of Deadlifts and Power Cleans  followed with all day Chemistry Labs. 

Friday was a complete off day to rest up for Saturday’s Super Spartan. My first race for the 2017 season.


Race Day Essentials: Coffee. Medium Chain Triglycerides. Protein. Bananas. Trail Runners. Go Pro Camera.





This was my 2nd race in Italy. Last years Super was held in Milano, and while it was beautiful, this race was by far the most breathtaking scenery of any race to date! The course began in the town of Orte, which reminded me of a miniature Venice, and then led us up through the mountains where we tracked through  Vineyards and farms filled with Lama and goats and chickens. It was amazing. I have to admit that I was subject to one set of burpees this race due to the fact that my spear throw was Shit!  I was excited to see rope climbs within the first few obstacles, ensuring energy was in tact (seeing that it has been raining 3 days straight and everything was coated with mud…3 folds!) There were a few new obstacles this race that were definitely testing, and I LOVED it! I’m pretty sure that I am losing a couple of toenails after this one, but other than that just your typical  bumps and scrapes 🙂




Sunday (today) is spent catching up with Netflix 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful week!
Now that I am in the final week of one class and my hour from 0530-0630 is freed up, I will be more diligent at making daily posts. So i would love to hear any topics of interest 🙂
Have a wonderful Sunday-Funday!! 

        Another week down and one step closer to the stage for this season!

                                                   12 Weeks Out!!

I began the week determined and focused. At this point in competition prep, every day counts!

         Mondays are for Leg day, client check-ins, and meal prep…


My husband brought me flowers home for no particular reason, other than to make me smile:) 
Can you believe this is the view from my patio? I am so blessed to have the experience of living in Italy. Spring- This is the perfect time of year here!

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.49.59 PM.png

Thursday I had heavy split jerks for my workout. 
(video below)

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.52.48 PM.png

I am still using my off day for active rest. 
Race season is here, so Sundays are for rucking and running.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 5.03.35 PM

                          Another week closer to taking the stage for 2017!!

My training split remains the same as it has since day 1 of competition prep began; however, this week rather than splitting lower body muscle groups (Monday-quads & Friday-hams and glutes), I am doing full leg days twice a week. One day is geared toward low reps and larger sets, while the second lower body day includes smaller sets with increased reps.

I am still including HIIT sessions two days a week followed with ABS. 
Today’s HIIT training was ‘Tabata’ Intervals of the Air Dyne bike and Toes to Bar.

This was my second week of running for my active rest day. The weather is too perfect right now to not be outdoors! 
Running will be increased weekly seeing that its racing season on top of competition prep;)

My weight was a bit stalled over the last two weeks, with a decrease of just at one pound (134.9 to 134.0).
My chest, waist, hips and glute measurements remained the same, and I dropped a half inch on the top of each thigh.

My nutrition thus far into prep is easy to manage. I am not a point of feeling too restricted; however with the last week’s progress halt, I will be adjusting my macros just a bit.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.19.31 PM
Click here to watch my latest VLOG for this Prep Series 🙂

Another week down and another step closer to that stage!
This week’s prep once again was right on track.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.11.43 AM.png

I need to bring up my rear delts, so workouts consist of a lot of behind the neck presses, rear delt flies on the pec dec machine, and isolation work on the cable machine.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.12.16 AM

Trunk loaded with the essentials for an outdoor workout…
I changed up my HIIT training/MetCon sessions this week. Rather than completing my sessions directly after my workouts, I split the workouts into two sessions. This allowed me to up the intensity and get the most out of each session.


Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.13.02 AM

This week the sun was shinning and it was a good week to add in some outdoor running in the mix 🙂 I take two off days a week- one being an active-rest day (usually cardio).

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 9.14.08 AM.png

Macros and meals are on point..Nutrition is everything!!!

                Click on my VLOG below for a complete Bi-Weekly Overview 🙂



Well it looks as if today will be a double upload day. With school and finals going on, I somehow failed to upload my bi-weekly competition progression at 18 weeks…..

While my mentality may (and at times will) change as prep continues, thus far, this prep is the easiest by far. I went into this prep with a different approach compared to those of the past. I basically prepped for this prep. I reverse dieted for months which allowed me to get my metabolism back to where it needed to be in order to start cutting with a relatively high macro-nutrient count.

So let’s catch up…..

My training and nutrition remain the same as my last check-in. Training focuses on Olympic Lifting and compound lifts 4 days a week, with 2 of those workouts followed with 10:00 of HIIT training. I do 2 to 3 solid ab workouts a week that are generally 10-15 minutes long (unbroken). At this point my cardio consists of moderate intensity on the treadmill or eliptical prior to my workout for 10-12 minutes. I have one day a week that I focus solely on accessory work (full body) and this leaves me with 2 rest days. One of these days I typically take a complete off day and the other is used for active rest (an outdoor run or hike).

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 6.05.43 AM.png

My nutrition usually consists of 5-6 meals a day. My post workout meal is the largest, along with breakfast, lunch, dinner and 1-2 snacks. I choose whole foods and my grains consist of oatmeal and rice. I avoid gluten and my sugar intake is from natural sources, fruit and the occasional tsp of honey.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 7.14.07 AM.png