A new week!!

This morning began with client check-ins, and after I spent most of the earlier part of the day customizing my meals for the remainder of my prep. This will allow me to focus solely on training and all things that need to be taken care of the next 17 days, without the hassle of figuring out what meals to fit into my program.

My meal prep is generally the same each week. I find foods that treat my body right and that my body responds well to and I stick with those.

Some of todays eats…

Can you tell I love my mason jar:) A friend of mine gave this to me filled with goodies a couple of months ago and it holds just right amount of beverage. I literally use it all day, everyday.

Todays workout focused solely on back so my workout was only about 45:00 long, so to make up for the remainder of my gym time, I followed with plyo intervals using the step bench, followed with the stair stepper.
My body felt weak today, so I lightened the weight a bit and increased the rep range 😦 I feel my workouts are a bit incomplete when I have to do this, but at this point in prep, weakness here and there is bound to happen. 

Now that it is 11:00 pm, I am going to pile up and watch the first episode of the newest season of Orange is the New Black (insert excitement here!! 🙂 and then off to sleep.

Happy Monday!!

Hey you all 🙂


Leading up to the weekend, I stuck to my programmed leg day; however, being that I had a race planned for Saturday, I kept it short and sweet: 10 Sets of Front Squats, 10 Sets of Leg Extensions, 10:00 on the Starmill.


Saturday morning gearing up to head to Milano for the Spartan Sprint. This is my first sprint. I have always chosen the 10-13 mile distance over the 5-6 mile course, but I am completing the European Tri-Fecta this season, so a Sprint must be completed- So today, a sprint is is;)

This was my second time completing this course (however last time it was the super), and it was pouring rain, which made for slippery trails with lots of stumbles. Today was much warmer and dryer, and less mud definitely made for easier, quicker rope climbs!


Sunday was spent doing homework...ALL. DAY. LONG.
This was an awesome weekend. I am so blessed to get to travel this world doing what I love.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

My morning began with an extended moderate intensity cardio session. I was happy once it was complete, knowing that I was done for the day. No lifting session today meant a day of relaxing 🙂

Cardio was fueled with BPI’s Lemon Sherbert  BCAAs.
In between laundry, end of the week meal prep and homework, I decided to snap pics of all of my eats today to share a full day of eating with you all.
**this is an off day of eating**







Evening Snack:

Today was a good day:) Goodnight.

Well I definitely NEEDED the coffee this morning. I woke up at 3am and could not go back to sleep.

Today was a high carb day so I started my morning with oatmeal and egg whites topped with hot sauce.

My pre workout meal was more oats topped with banana, cinnamon and almonds. 
When I have a high carb day, I usually don’t stray away from my “normal” foods. I stick with the familiar, just in greater amounts. 

I had two lower body training sessions today. My am workout focused on Glutes and Hamstrings and my pm session was an overall lower body workout.
After waking at 3 am this morning, I decided a mid-day nap would be a good idea, knowing that I had to head back to the gym for a 2nd workout.

Here I am dreaming of how nice it would be to skip the gym, after all it is 10pm. But….instead, I get out of my head, push through and grind it out. 

Sweet potatoes are a main source of carbs for me on re-feed days. 
Now that I have worked these wheels and fueled these glycogen stores, it is time for bed!!

Happy Hump-Day y’all!!!

My morning began as usual with breakfast on the patio.

An egg scramble and oatmeal bowl with a green smoothie (spinach, coconut water, apple).


Morning cardio-

I am forever a student of my sport. Learning and understanding the human body is beneficial in designing fitness programs ensuring sufficient training loads that may correspond with the specific ability of an athlete to improve. 
I refuse to let myself stagnate or reach a plateau. I will constantly keep learning and improving to  ensure that I have the ability to raise the bar and set higher standards that will help me to evolve and take me to the next level as an athlete and coach. 

After lunch (sweet potato, ground turkey, zucchini and avocado), I took it to the gym for a shoulder/delt workout-


This afternoon I worked on editing my latest competition prep Vlog that I will be uploading this evening. I am super stoked that my new portable tripod came in before vacation 🙂

Tonight will be an evening of Netflix.

Happy Tuesday!!


Today I am 35. Do I worry about getting older? I did on my 30th birthday, but not anymore. I am grateful and thankful!! My body is stronger than most 25 year olds, mine just happens to have a few age spots and a lot more laugh lines (earned).

My morning began with breakfast at my favorite breakfast spot, my patio.
Followed with:

I had an intense leg session today. Worked these 35 year old wheels good!!
Running errands-

No fancy birthday suit for me today 😉 Just some 10 year old buckle jeans, a tank from H&M, and Michael Kors sandals. All of my girls understand that no matter how basic the outfit, a good pair of designer glasses and handbag can do wonders for an outfit!
Todays Lunch-

Zucchini and ground turkey cooked in coconut oil, yellow peppers topped with spicy mustard and a rice cake topped with guacamole.
After dinner (chicken, fat free refried beans, peppers and onions), I had my birthday treat 😉 

Last year for my birthday it was post-show, and my sister and I indulged in ice-cream with all the toppings! Today I am 4 weeks out from competition, so it is Pro-yo topped with PB2 and nut butter 🙂
….Sister (as you read my blog:), we will make up for this in a month!!!…

Well I hope you all had an amazing Monday!!!
Don’t forget to take a moment and be thankful and receive your blessings;)
Life is good!!! Cheers to another 35 years (and many more).

It has been an amazing weekend 🙂

I realized when putting this blog post together that on the weekends, I am a creature of habit…

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 6.32.19 AM.png

Saturday Morning…and…Sunday Morning…

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 6.37.42 AM

As I have stated in a previous post, because I will be spending the summer back in the states and after returning to Italy will have only a few more months in Europe, it was time to pass my reins as Aviano CrossFit Coach.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 6.53.05 AM.png
Saturday evening my CrossFit crew had me farewell dinner and presented me this amazing plaque with personalized messages on the reverse. 


Coaching to the military has been the greatest, most rewarding task put in front of me. I have no idea what the future holds for me, but I do know, because of coaching this group, I will face anything with greater discipline and selflessness.


I think my sodium-filled sushi Saturday night made for a good pump on Sunday.

Both of my workouts this weekend were full body sessions. Saturday was geared more toward heavy lifting with smaller rep schemes and Sunday was full of volume (lighter weight, increased reps).


Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 7.33.41 AM.png
The beginning of meal prep is now underway. 


Here’s to the week ahead!!

Enjoy your blessings and be thankful.

Its Friday- yay!

I woke up this morning after sleeping for 13 hours! Yep, I am pretty sure that rest day yesterday was a good call. I felt like a completely different person today!

After breakfast (oatmeal, egg whites, apple slices and peanut butter), I went straight to the gym.

My am workout was full of squats followed with glute/ham isolation. I ended with 10:00 on the stair stepper (I keep cardio to a minimum on leg day).


The earlier part of my day was spent food prepping for the weekend. 

The main part of my afternoon was consumed with Labs. 

This was my very last lab!!!! How exciting!!! I have two more weeks until finals, and then I am off for the summer!!!


Round #2: Legs

High Volume Training: 5 sets of each:
Traditional Deadlifts
Single Leg Deadlifts
DB Reverse Lunges
Leg Press/Toe Press
Leg Extensions
Standing Ham Curls


This evenings pre and post workout meals:

Pre-Workout: Rice cakes topped with spicy tuna, cucumbers and sweet potato.
Post-Workout: Oatmeal topped with ground turkey, hot sauce and mustard (I know it seems weird:) with broccoli and apple slices.


Today was an awesome day! Its amazing how well the body responds once you give it a break. 

Be Blessed! Happy Friday 🙂

Hi Everyone 🙂

I woke up this morning, had lots to do, so decided to take an off day and give myself a break mentally and physically. 

My morning began with having my progress tracked using the BodPod.  My appointment was at 9am, so lets just say that by this point I felt as if I was starving. I didn’t even have coffee!! It is suggested to wait at least 3 hours to have your scan after eating or drinking, so seeing that I woke at 6, I had nothing. 
(I will be posting those results this weekend when I post my competition prep update).

After coming home from my scan I had a lunch that was so satisfying!!

I stopped immediately after having my bodpod appointment for a coffee and snagged a new green tea that I have not had before. It has all of the essential vitamins and only 6 grams of carbs. It was yummy. Once home, I fixed this photo worthy salad the size of my face.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 7.25.48 AM.png

Soon after I was headed to the grocery store for tomorrows food prep for the weekend (not in gym clothes 😉

The rest of my evening has been spent completing minimal homework (that I will regret later), and watching Netflix (Suits). 
Tomorrow I will be slaying two workouts, but for tonight, I will be in bed early letting this body fully recover!

Happy Thursday 🙂 Take a moment to be blessed!