Good morning fit fam 🧡
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On my way to the salon today, I detoured across the street into Orange Theory Fitness. As I have mentioned a few times over the last couple of weeks, my motivation for summer shredding has been lacking a bit. I credit this to the fact, this is the first summer in 5 years that I don’t plan on stepping on stage. You guys know that this is my lifestyle. Whether it be bikini season, or I am bundled up in a down jacket, I am still in the gym 5 to 6 days a week, still incorporating cardio, but….I need a change. After doing some research about Orange Theory Fitness, I was intrigued.  The “theory” behind Orange Theory seems to be scientifically based, and this science nerd is all about the whys, hows and facts behind everything. All of us fitness enthusiasts know that interval training in comparison to steady state cardio burns more calories post workout, and that is why HIIT training is so incredible!!

So, after two weeks and two workouts at two different locations, I can share my thoughts on the “theory.”

My first OT experience was shared with two of my girlfriends, Kaitlyn and Kelly. We all three headed in to OT last week with a water bottle and no expectations. We arrived about 15 minutes early to fill out any needed waivers or paperwork. The first initial impression was, welcoming. The girl working the front desk was friendly, energetic and eager to offer assistance (but not in an overpowering, annoying way). People continued to trickle in, but with only 5 minutes to spare before class starting, we had no idea what we were going to be doing. The instructor was nowhere in sight. The front desk girl apologized for the instructor’s tardiness and took us into the gym area. We were instructed to take our pick of either a rower or a treadmill (not really knowing why). I never felt uncomfortable (but only) because I am familiar with the unfamiliar when it comes to training (thanks to many years of coaching and CrossFit). I tried my best to guide Kaitlyn and Kelly (who were a bit unfamiliar), through rowing techniques during the warmup. After a hundred meters or so, the instructor arrived. She apologized and jumped in. I will say that the guidance started off a little rocky. She was using the microphone to call out commands to the class, but not being familiar with any of their terms or “lingo,” I just rowed with intensity and assumed if I was screwing up royally I would be called out. We continued to row with uncertainty and when we heard “switch” yelled out, we just went with the flow of the others. After the warm up, we were instructed to partner up. I told Kelly and Kaitlyn that I would fly solo and try to find a regular member and they could pair together. I paired up with another female and the workout consisted of rounds for time of treadmill sprints, rowing sprints, and dumbbell work. After 60 minutes I was a sweaty, red-faced mess. Class ended and the instructor approached us with apologies for being late, and poor presentation of the class introduction. We assured her that our workout was great, and her tardiness was not the determining factor of our impression. After class, we were back up front to talk memberships. I chose the basic package of one session a week. This would allow me to get in 60:00 of HIIT training a week. This means all of my HIIT training for the week is taken care of in 1 class!!! This is worth $59 alone, but when I told the girl behind the desk that I would sign up if she threw in the heart rate monitor ($69) for free, and she said “OK”, I was sold!!!

*Class pricing varies by region, so it’s worth giving your local studio a call to find out the exact cost of a membership or class. Your first class at any OTF is free; after that, the studio’s packages start at $59 and can go up to about $200 for an unlimited plan. The average price for a drop-in class for nonmembers is $28, with a few select locations costing slightly higher than this.

Now, fast-forward another week and I came back for round 2, except this time at a new location. Last week I visited an OT next to the salon, but because I flew solo this week, I decided to go first thing in the morning to a location 10 minutes from home.



Yesterday’s class was endurance based, meaning that we ran…a lot. We began on the treadmill with a base pace for 5 minutes, followed with a 10 minute push pace and 1-minute recovery- then, a 5 minute push pace, a 2 minute all out pace, 1-minute recovery and ending with a 1-minute all out, give it everything you got race to the end 💦.



After running, we hopped on the rowers for intervals mixed with dumbbell work. After 60 minutes, my body was spent and my lungs were on fire (I loved it).

What I find to be most successful about the OT approach is the use of the heart rate monitor. I began wearing a heart rate monitor years ago when I began training for my first triathlon, and have worn one ever since when it comes to aerobic and endurance training. Keeping a monitor on your heart rate allows you to you see when you’re crushing your cardio, as well as when you’re not actually working as hard as you think you are (this is usually the case). Your heart rate shows you exactly where you are, and where you need to be, and this method of training allows continual improvements.

A big screen hanging above the cardio equipment continuously displays your name, heart rate, percentage of max exertion, calories burned and “splat points” (how often your heart rate is in the “orange zone”).

Below is an analyzation of each color:

  1. Grey Zone (50-60% Maximum Heart Rate) – This is the safest, most comfortable zone, consisting of very light activity.
  2. Blue Zone (61-70% Maximum Heart Rate) – This zone is specifically geared for warm up and cool down exercises. You are merely preparing your body and mind for high intensity interval training, but you haven’t unleashed the burn just yet.
  3. Green Zone (71-83% Maximum Heart Rate) – In this zone, you have reached a challenging but doable pace. This is what Orangetheory categorizes as “Base Pace,” a pace that you can maintain for 20-30 total minutes. Your body starts to burn fat and carbohydrates evenly.
  4. Orange Zone (84-91% Maximum Heart Rate) – This is where the magic happens and where you achieve “EPOC” (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) – what we call the “Orange Effect / Afterburn.” The goal is to accumulate 12 minutes or more in this zone within a 60-minute period to achieve the maximum caloric burn up to 36 hours AFTER your workout is completed.
  5. Red Zone (92-100% Maximum Heart Rate) – This zone happens organically and may be achieved during ‘All Out’ efforts when you’re emptying the tank and using every ounce of energy left in your body. You don’t need to set an All Out pace for more than 1 minute at a time to experience maximum results.

This “zone” approach definitely gives you continuous motivation. I know personally, each time I looked up, if I wasn’t in the correct zone, I would fight until I reached it (this meant digging deep a few times).



Once the hour was over I felt, accomplished. I took a quick snip of the board to log my totals on the way out the door, but I was informed by an OT staff member that my stats would be emailed to me within minutes (which was pretty great!)



Within minutes I received an inbox with my heart rate and zone summary 🧡.



My overall opinion of OT summed up in one word, effective. I personally will not use OT as my only form of exercise- I am first and foremost a weightlifter. Olympic weightlifting and compound lifts are my jam, but when it comes to shredding, cardio is a must, and this approach, I feel personally is the best for optimal results. Interval training is hands down the best method of cardio when it comes to getting the most “bang for your buck.” What I mean by this is…you can spend an hour on the eliptical and burn 500 calories doing steady state cardio, or you can spend an hour doing high intensity interval training (HIIT), burning 500 calories, plus causing excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as the “afterburn.” This causes a stimulated metabolism and increased energy for hours post-workout.




Continue to follow along as I share my experiences while exploring the  versatility of fitness. By expanding and diversifying my routine, I hope to find new elements that will continue to target any weaknesses within my training.

Hello Dolls 💕 This is me headed home on this Wednesday afternoon to begin my 4-day weekend!

This week has been busy-busy! Monday started off with a trip to the Las Vegas Campus’s testing center for proctored exams for school. I didn’t have to work at the salon until the afternoon, which gave me just enough time to squeeze in a gel-manicure before 💗

Work as usual has been great this week! We have been trying to incorporate more Instagram live stories, giving quick hair tutorials while using our favorite products. Feel free to follow our IG: Blow-N-Go Hair Bar.

As for summer shredding- Confession: I have not yet been back on the scale since my initial weigh-in, nor have I taken any more progress photos. I have been loosely tracking my macros and honestly, I have been content with that. I decided to finish off this month without a deficit. I haven’t felt pressured to increase cardio, or beat myself up over too many grams of sweet potato (yet), and my lifts have shown improvementAs I have mentioned before, I don’t think that I will be competing this year. I don’t have the desire to at this point in time. I am enjoying training and cardio because I want to, not because I have to hit 2 hours a day for a purpose. This is my lifestyle. Prepping for a show or not, I will still be lifting 5 days a week, incorporating HIIT and cardio and choosing foods because they nourish my body, not harm it; however, having said that– it is officially spring now, and today it was 75 degrees. This means that bikinis are around the corner, so I have to get this 🍑 in gear, y’all!!!! So, I had a pep talk with myself yesterday- I have cut many times, for many shows, but I have never cut just for me. I am ready now. I am excited to see what I can accomplish without a deadline or outside pressure!!

Now, it is time to make a Home Depot run for paint. Fingers crossed that I can find a match!

Good Morning Y’all 💗
I believe the last time I checked in with you guys was Wednesday, and I was at the salon. It is currently Sunday morning at 7:30 am, and today is my Monday.


My weekend was a day shorter than usual, being that I worked a shift Thursday at the salon, so we got quite a bit packed into two days. We woke Friday morning to the sound of the doorbell. The UPS man had us a delivery of 14 boxes (aka: my closet 👜👚👠👗👒). I can’t wait!!!!

After a stellar upper body workout Friday morning, I began my day at the Pretty Kitty 😽. My ladies out there know that going into a new salon that offers Brazilian waxing can be a scary adventure! I have had both good and bad experiences with aestheticians and waxers all over the world. The best being in Korea, and I prayed that I would find someone just as amazing here- today, I did!! I was referred to the Pretty Kitty here in Las Vegas by a client from the salon. When calling last week and scheduling my appointment, the receptionist on the phone was professional and extremely helpful. Once at my appointment, I filled out some paperwork (being a new client), and was called back by Kirsty within 5 minutes. She made me 100% comfortable, and when I say she was quick, she was wrapping up within 10 minutes!!!! I would recommend this place to anyone and could not have been happier!!!


Friday evening, Wes took me to Market Grille Cafe for a date night ❤️. I had the Pasta Stefano with chicken, which was spaghetti pasta sautéed in lemon butter garlic, lightly tossed in parmesan cheese and white wine, with fresh basil and capers. Omg, Im drooling as I try to give you a detailed description! It was delicious!! We shared a bottle of Moscato, which was a bit sweet, but paired nicely with the dish. Soon after, we were piled up, watching Netflix.

Saturday morning began early in the garage with a quick full body workout, before we were out and about for a day of consignment shopping. We are looking for a big shelf to cover an entire wall in our front room, but can’t seem too find the perfect fit.

After running on coffee for most of the morning, we scooped up some breakfast. I had egg whites on toasted wheat with a side of veggies.

We didn’t find a shelf; however, we did drop off a picture to be framed that has been in the tube since it arrived in almost 6 years ago! I cannot wait to FINALLY have this piece hung to see everyday ❤️

After a full day of shopping, Wes was over it. On the way home we stopped in at our favorite bar and grille close to our house for him to get in a few games of video poker and I splurged on some boneless wings. Yes, I had a cheat meal yesterday (I am human 😝 and a female who just started her period😩).
After a steady losing streak and just about ready to call it a night, Wes hit for a $4000.00 jackpot 💰 Not a bad way to finish up the weekend!!

Now time to get this new week going!!! Happy Sunday 💗

Good Morning y’all 💗


Today’s blog post is coming straight from the salon. I had to be in early this morning for an appointment, and now have an hour in between clients, so I figured I would fill my time with a blog update.

This week has been crazy busy! Spring break was officially over as of Monday, and I had multiple dietary analysis’s assignments due, along with welcome back quizzes 🤓, so I have have been filling a lot of time the last three days getting back into the groove of being on the computer for more than an hour a day.

Between homework, client programming and the salon, life is busy, but I ❤️ it!

A busy schedule hasn’t given me a reason to slack on my training; however, tight hip flexors have. I am guessing it stems from those 125 front squats Saturday. So, the last few days have focused mainly on upper body, cardio and mobility, and any lower body work has been bodyweight exercises or accessory work using ankle weights 😝.

I haven’t been back on the scale since beginning my cut a couple of weeks ago, but my diet has been on point (mostly 😉), so I will be posting updated stats and progress photos sometime soon (I am shooting for Sundays to be my personal check-in days).

Now- to brew myself up a cup of coffee, and get ready for my next client 💜

Happy Hump-day!! 🐪

Good Morning 🍀 Happy St. Patricks Day!



I began my morning with a cardio session on the eliptical, followed up with a big bowl of Proats.


My workout this morning was full of front squats, 125 reps to be exact 😳
5×10 / 5×8 / 5×6 / 1×5 – followed with step ups, Romanian deadlifts, and lunges.



I kept lunch light because it’s cheat day🍀 A corn tortilla topped with egg whites, low-fat cheese and mixed veggies.


This afternoon, Wes and I went to a place not far from the house for a pizza 🍕
Wes decided to play video poker for a bit, and he did alright 😉


The pizza was incredible, the wins were even better, and my date was the best part of all 💍. Now with a full belly, its time for a movie and a nap 🌙. It was a good Saturday ❤️.

Good Morning Friday!

Even though it’s my weekend, I still couldn’t force myself to sleep in today, so I was up at 3:45. While waiting on my coffee to brew, I began picking things up in the kitchen, which led to cleaning the pantry, and then I was headed upstairs cleaning showers and bathtubs. I took a break for breakfast: brussel sprouts and eggs topped with hot sauce.

Soon after, Wes and I were heading out to pick up the picture I snagged yesterday, and we ended up finding a table to sit under our wall tv in our living room.

While out and about today, this ring caught my eye 💍 I am completely obsessed with rose gold, and I just loved it’s simplicity and elegance. Wes told me to try it on and I ended up wearing it home ❤️. I am such a lucky girl.


I fixed lunch immediately after getting home.

After checking emails and getting some work done online, I fixed myself a bowl of protein oats and headed out into the garage for a back workout. I finished today’s workout with a burnout set of pull downs using a band…🔥. I followed up with a protein shake and a banana.

We spent the evening in, piled up watching Netflix ❤️. For dinner, I fixed tacos.


Towards bedtime I got a bit munchy and fixed myself a protein pudding topped with a new cereal I got at Trader Joes last week.

Now with a full belly its time for bed 🌙. Happy Friday!

Good Morning Y’all! Happy Thursday!

Today began my weekend, which meant lots of running around and getting things done. I was up early and got in a quick cardio session to get the morning started. After, I had a couple of breakfast tacos, before heading out the door.

I had an eyelash appointment first thing today with my girl Kylie at Mallyna Lash and Brow Lounge.

After my lash appointment I noticed a consignment shop across the street and went in for a look. We are still in search for a few big pieces for our house, so while browsing, I ended up coming across a piece for our front room- a picture actually (it is so awesome). I failed to take a picture, but I will definitely share once we go and scoop it up tomorrow!

For lunch, I stopped in at Panera Bread 💜


After pit-stops at the 99 cent store, Target, the and the grocery store, I was headed home for the afternoon. I fixed myself a plate full of veggies, immediately. For dinner, I had fajitas on corn tortillas, broccoli, rice and beans.

I finished my evening with a Stella and a re-run of Gossip Girl.

It was a good day ❤️ Happy Thursday!

Good Morning! Happy Hump-day 🐪


I was awake super early this morning, so after a couple of cups of extra bold ☕️☕️, I was heading out into the garage for a shoulder workout:
• DB Overhead Strict Press
• DB Side Laterals
• DB Front Laterals
• Cable Upright Row
• Rear Delt Cable Pull (rope)
• Incline Front Laterals
• FW Front Laterals

Intra-Workout Fuel: Protein mixed with aminos and a banana 

For my post workout meal I had a combination of lentils and broccoli 🌱

I had a full day scheduled at the salon today, so I headed in a bit early to record some tutorials for our salon’s social media.

I used some Bellami clip in hair extensions and was really surprised when I looked at the before and after pictures of my hair with the clips added in. It did add some volume, but I can’t believe how much my hair has grown! Living in Italy was vey harsh on my hair, so to see it finally growing makes me so happy 💜

In between clients I squeezed in a protein bar, greek yogurt and some snaps 💋

Once home, I fixed myself a veggie plate and cleaned up in the kitchen. I got in a quick 15 minute HIIT session, and finished off my macros.

Now, it’s time to go snuggle the beast in bed ❤️ Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning Dolls 💜


I slept for 10 hours last night, which is completely out of the ordinary for me! My body must have really been needing rest and recovery. I woke up this morning with a positive mindset, and put out energy for a good day 💛.

I swapped breakfast tacos this morning for protein and oats, before heading into the garage for a Glute/Ham workout 🍑
I worked on a single side, completing 4 sets for each superset before changing sides (my buns were 🔥).
4 sets of 15 each: Complete all on the R. side, then all on the L. side
• cable kickbacks / single box step ups
• cable abductor pulls / single DB deadlift
• BB good mornings /  air squats
Followed with: 4 rounds of the following (with minimal rest):
• 25 Box Step Ups
• 15 Deadlifts
• 15 Power Cleans
End with:
20:00 steady cardio

During my workout today I sipped on BPI’s CLA + Carnitine (I ❤️ it when cutting). Immediately after my workout I scarfed down a banana and some protein.

Soon after my workout I was getting ready to head to the salon for the day.

On my way in, I stopped at Sprouts for their amazing salad bar and a diet lemonade  🍋 🌱.

I got home this evening and did a whole lot of nothing. For dinner, I had the final half of spaghetti squash that was prepped in the fridge with egg whites and cauliflower, followed with a protein pudding.

Now its time to head upstairs for some snuggles ❤️ Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning y’all 💛 Happy Monday!!

I was up at it early this morning, and on the eliptical immediately after coffee ☕️

I planned on a workout, but I chipped a corner off my nail polish this morning, so rather than have it hang up in everyones hair all day at work (😝 eeew, I hate that feeling), I decided to skip the workout and go for a gel mani.

Breakfast and lunch today were both spaghetti squash and egg whites topped with low-fat cheese. I forgot to fix myself food for work, so I scooped up a protein bar at CVS on the way in. I got home and still had another squash prepared, so I ate a 3rd half 🙃 For dinner, I had cauliflower mash, protein-rice mix, and egg whites. I had zucchini sautéed in olive oil and more cauliflower for my evening snacks.

I spent my evening prepping veggies for the next couple of days:
∙ rice mixed with white beans and broccoli
∙ rice mixed with black beans
∙ red beans and corn
∙ veggie mix of carrots, peas and corn
∙ peppers and onions
∙ broccoli
∙ mashed cauliflower
∙ brussel sprouts

Now, its time to finish up check-ins, eat some protein pudding, and call it a night 🌔.

Happy Monday!