Today was a scheduled off day from weight training, so for my morning cardio I used the empty BB mixed with bodyweight exercises to get the blood flowing.

I had a hard time not going to the gym today. When you get this close to a competition and you know you still have progress to make, taking an off day can be a battle in itself; however, I know that I needed it. Every single muscle in my body today felt fatigued (not to be confused with muscle soreness), so I listened to it and forced myself to finish up my latest series of ‘Breaking Bad’ 🙂


Confidence is belief in yourself and the ability to feel beautiful without approval of others. If you wait for others to build you up, you will be waiting a while. It is  OK to feel confident and be proud of yourself😉


This is 100% truth. Exposing yourself to artificial ingredients within junk food lead to more cravings. I often have people ask me, “don’t you like pizza and sweets?” Of course I do! I’m human, but what I like even more is to feel good on the inside and appreciate what I see in the mirror on the outside.
It is not an easy lifestyle! Staying committed and having willpower is often extremely hard, but disappointment within ones self is even harder.
Happy Tuesday 🙂

A fresh week! Here we go…

This morning began at 8 am with coffee and weekly client check-ins. 

An hour later I was on the eliptical doing cardio which I mixed with body weight only leg exercises. This cycle was a quick 30-35 minute session.

I took about and hour to do some food prep to begin the week with-

I felt extremely tired after eating lunch today. I ended up eating over half of my carbs for the day in hopes to feel better, but I ended up falling asleep on the couch for about 4 hours. For me to sleep that long mid day, I must have been exhausted. After waking, I had some coffee and made my way to the gym for leg day.

I begin every leg workout with a warm up of air squats and lunges. Todays lower body exercises were:
Back rack box squats
Traditional back rack squats
Smith machine wide stance squats
Weighted box step ups
Leg extensions
Toe Raises

My post workout meal: oatmeal, sweet potatoes and egg whites


Now I am going to mix up my casein pro-yo and call it a day.
Happy Monday!!

Sunday-Funday 😉
It’s funny how Sunday-Funday has taken a turn from what it use to be. Only a few short years ago it consisted of bottomless mimosas and brunch at the beach. Now, it is waking up for early morning cardio and bcaa’s.

This morning I woke up again around 8am 🙂 I had my normal cup of coffee, checked emails and then had some cherry-lime bpi bcaas. My cardio consisted of eliptical intervals followed with 50 toes to bar..Ouch!!

I spent the earlier part of my day doing laundry and cleaning a bit. It was a beautiful day out, so I spent some time out on the patio enjoying the weather.

On the patio having my pre-workout mix of bpi cookies and cream, coconut water and spinach.

Today’s workout was isolation work that focused on biceps, shoulders and rear delts:
Seated DB Curls
Seated DB Curls into Arnold Press
Seated Hammer Curls
Seated BB Press
Upright Row
Straight Bar Curls
Single Rear Delt Flye
Single Curls
Followed with 15:00 LISS cardio on the treadmill

Today’s lunch and a couple of snacks from today. Nutrition is everything!

Happy Sunday you all!!!

Hey you all!! Happy Saturday 🙂
I woke up this morning at 8:00 am!! That is the latest I have slept in months! I woke up to the sun shining through the window and immediately felt blessed with a wonderful day ahead.

I started the day with a couple of my usuals: Coffee with BPI’s Keto-Bomb for those medium chain triglycerides and Proats (oatmeal mixed with protein powder), topped with cinnamon and strawberries.

I got my HIIT training in early in the day which was a mix of rowing and jump rope and this evenings workout focused on back:
BB Rows
Seated Rows
Single Rows
Triple-Sets of:
Wide Grip Pulldowns
Standard Pulldowns
Narrow Grip Pulldowns

My wild and crazy Saturday Night has so far consisted of lounging in the bath, soaking these tired muscles. Now, I am planning to pile up in the bed and download a new playlist for the gym tomorrow. New music always makes for a good workout!

Enjoy your Saturday night!!!

Another amazing week 🙂 
All week, my workouts have taken place at night which has allowed me to sleep like a baby and to sleep in past 5 am.

The weather was gorgeous out this morning, so I decided to have breakfast on the patio.

I actually did a double workout today. I had a two hour lab right in the middle of the day, so I split my workout into two sessions. I went to the gym this morning and worked on legs (high volume, glute/ham focus), and went back this evening and hit glutes and quads (high volume).
Romanian Deadlifts
Deficit Romanian Deadlifts
Alternating Back Rack Lunges
Lying Hamstring Curls
Glute Bridges
Reverse Crunches
BB Good Mornings
Leg Extensions
DB Plie Squats
Leg Press / Toe Press

Today’s Lunch: Two rice cakes- one topped with tuna, the second topped with avocado, zucchini mixed with ground turkey and cucumber

My wild and crazy Friday evening, hanging out on the patio drinking green tea (with my fresh home manicured painted fingernails;)

Now as I sit here with my eyes feeling heavy, it’s time for bed:)
Happy Friday!

Hey you all:) Happy Thursday!! 

I had absolutely no obligations today. Today is my scheduled off day from training, so what else do I do?
Well, I started the morning out with some light cardio and then decided to give myself a little at home manicure and pedicure.

I took a picture of my toes after my last race, but it is too awful to post!!! I have four toenails that are black and on the verge of coming off. I have one more race before my show and I am really hoping they hang in there, literally ;))

This afternoon I went to the grocery store and grabbed the necessities. 

I food prep usually twice a week. Once on either Sunday or Monday and again on Thursday or Friday. Most people can agree that the weekends are the biggest struggle, so I make sure that I prep before each weekend to ensure that I stay on track!

This evening I cooked up some chicken, mixed with chopped onions, tomatoes and taco seasoning in coconut oil, stovetop. I like to eat this either on corn tortillas (for high carb meals), with greens (for low a carb option), or alone, topped with hot sauce and jalapeños.

Now, it is time to pile up with some casein proyo and watch another episode of my newest series, Breaking Bad. This show was one that I had heard so much about, but nothing about it appealed to me. Well, I finally gave it a chance and it looks like it will be a good one.


Halfway through another week!
Time flies, but when you’re in competition prep, it really does!!

I began my morning with cardio while watching Jeopardy. I absolutely love that show. I rarely know any answers, but when I do, I feel like all of these hours in school are paying off 😉
I spent a couple of hours deep cleaning my house. Deep, as in rubber gloves, bleach, taking everything out of drawers and cabinets, mopping the floors. Once I began there was no stopping.

My gym session again today was late in the evening. This was my second late night session and I have slept like a baby both nights. I think I may be on to something:) Late workouts have always been a bit of a struggle for me, but as training intensifies during prep, sleeplessness tends to be an issue; this just may be my fix 🙂

Todays workout began with a base of clean and jerks: 
3×12 / 3×10 / 5×5
Followed with shoulder and chest isolation:
side laterals, front laterals, lateral to overheads, decline DB bench press and flies, and ending with incline presses on the hammer strength.

Breakfast: eggs, peppers and avocado
Lunch: Tilapia and green beans

Today was a great day! I truly am blessed to live a life that I love so much!!!

My day was consumed with chemistry, laundry and legs.
I worked on homework for the majority of my morning and opted for a night  workout (which is not my usual).
My base movement was high bar back squats (5×5), which had my traps screaming after yesterdays power cleans. I added in some wide stance/pause squats, to be followed with goblet squats, box step ups, leg extensions and calf raises. I ended with 20:00 of LISS cardio and stretches for the hip flexors and psoas.

My leg days right now consist of around 300 grams of carbs, so you would think that hunger would not be an issue; however, today I could not be satisfied with anything I ate. Personally, I prefer a lower carb, high fat intake any day over carbs (call me crazy, I know 😉

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 8.52.46 AM.png
Here are some of my favorite High-Carb Bowls

          Here are some images that I received from this past weekend…

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.47.04 AM.png

Overall, another good day. Life is good, period.

A New Week. Today I woke up with a grateful heart. Blessed with another week to improve and become a better version of me.
I began my morning with coffee, emails and client check-ins.


I stumbled across a message from one of my clients that I never shared. It made me smile:) 


Todays training was fierce. My morning session began with base movements of hang power cleans and push presses (at 85%), followed by 5 rounds of intensity. A few hours later I was back in the gym for cardio and abs.


Hey Everyone-
Each night that I sit down to blog, my eyes begin to droop and I cannot manage to stay awake. So, lets catch up from the weekend!

I had another Spartan race this weekend, a ‘super’ that was held at the Austrian military academy in Vienna.

This race was a blast! There was quite a bit of water involved- and I mean water that was moving!!! While coming to the end of the river (before a drop off, aka waterfall), the current swooped me up pretty good and I lost sight of the rope that was grounded. One of the pararescue guys jumped out to grab me up before the drop. It was a rush-literally!! I am still waiting on time results, but I believe this was fairly close to my best time to date. 🙂

 was spent recovering and finishing up on “Orange is the new Black”.
I realize that I may have been the last person to watch this series, but it was worth the wait!! Highly recommended!!

Below is my VLOG recap from last months race in Orte, Italy
Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.07.22 AM