Good Morning Dolls 💜


I slept for 10 hours last night, which is completely out of the ordinary for me! My body must have really been needing rest and recovery. I woke up this morning with a positive mindset, and put out energy for a good day 💛.

I swapped breakfast tacos this morning for protein and oats, before heading into the garage for a Glute/Ham workout 🍑
I worked on a single side, completing 4 sets for each superset before changing sides (my buns were 🔥).
4 sets of 15 each: Complete all on the R. side, then all on the L. side
• cable kickbacks / single box step ups
• cable abductor pulls / single DB deadlift
• BB good mornings /  air squats
Followed with: 4 rounds of the following (with minimal rest):
• 25 Box Step Ups
• 15 Deadlifts
• 15 Power Cleans
End with:
20:00 steady cardio

During my workout today I sipped on BPI’s CLA + Carnitine (I ❤️ it when cutting). Immediately after my workout I scarfed down a banana and some protein.

Soon after my workout I was getting ready to head to the salon for the day.

On my way in, I stopped at Sprouts for their amazing salad bar and a diet lemonade  🍋 🌱.

I got home this evening and did a whole lot of nothing. For dinner, I had the final half of spaghetti squash that was prepped in the fridge with egg whites and cauliflower, followed with a protein pudding.

Now its time to head upstairs for some snuggles ❤️ Happy Tuesday!!

Good Morning y’all 💛 Happy Monday!!

I was up at it early this morning, and on the eliptical immediately after coffee ☕️

I planned on a workout, but I chipped a corner off my nail polish this morning, so rather than have it hang up in everyones hair all day at work (😝 eeew, I hate that feeling), I decided to skip the workout and go for a gel mani.

Breakfast and lunch today were both spaghetti squash and egg whites topped with low-fat cheese. I forgot to fix myself food for work, so I scooped up a protein bar at CVS on the way in. I got home and still had another squash prepared, so I ate a 3rd half 🙃 For dinner, I had cauliflower mash, protein-rice mix, and egg whites. I had zucchini sautéed in olive oil and more cauliflower for my evening snacks.

I spent my evening prepping veggies for the next couple of days:
∙ rice mixed with white beans and broccoli
∙ rice mixed with black beans
∙ red beans and corn
∙ veggie mix of carrots, peas and corn
∙ peppers and onions
∙ broccoli
∙ mashed cauliflower
∙ brussel sprouts

Now, its time to finish up check-ins, eat some protein pudding, and call it a night 🌔.

Happy Monday!

Good morning y’all ☀️ Thursday officially began spring break! A week without quizzes, papers, discussions or assignments!


I can say that spring break at 35 holds nothing in comparison to the debauchery in your 20s 😜. We did manage to hit up the casino Saturday for a couple of hours and get in some weekly cheats.


We added a bench to the home gym this weekend 💙 I have slept in the last three days, began my days with cardio, and took my time during workouts, incorporating lots of stretching and mobility.

This morning it was back to reality and I headed into the salon for the day 💕


My Sunday evening will consist of emails, client check-ins and programming for a new week.

Make it a week that you wake up with determination and go to bed each night with satisfaction. Make it count! 💜

Good Morning 💜Happy hump-day!


Today was my Friday, so that automatically means a good day 😉.
I started the morning with a bowl of oatmeal and egg whites, emails, and about an hour and half later later I began cardio. Today was a cardio only day, so I got in 45 minutes of uphill on the eliptical 💦.

Before heading to the salon, I fixed myself some lunch: peppers and onions and zucchini sautéed in olive oil, with egg whites and corn tortillas.


Today’s ensemble: black skinnies, a knit tee (I snagged at ROSS last week for $7!), and I call this a “summer blazer” from Calvin Klein.


I made myself a PB sandwich using P28 bread and PB2 mixed with hershey’s cocoa powder (yuuuuumy), to have at work.


Work was awesome and when I got home I found the heel strap Wes ordered for me for the cable machine 💙. I have one that wraps around the ankle, but it makes kickbacks a little awkward. It’s best for adductor and abductor pulls, so  I can’t wait to use this for tomorrow’s glute and ham workout!

For dinner tonight I had myself a plate full of greens and a turkey burger.


Now it’s time to call it a night and find a movie on Netflix ❤️. Happy Wednesday!

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.28.08 AM

I get questioned regularly, “if I am going to drink alcohol, what is the healthiest choice and can I fit it into my macros?” Below I have tried to provide the easiest explanation of how to track alcohol into your macros.


Doing the Math
When it comes to calories, alcohol has 7 calories per 1 gram. This is very dense especially compared to the main macronutrients:
1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories
1 gram of fat = 9 calories
1 gram of pure alcohol = 7 calories
Alcohol is tracked as carbs or fats.
To track as carb: Take the total amount of calories in your alcoholic beverage and divide by 4.
To track as fat: Take the total amount of calories in your alcoholic beverage and divide by 9.
Or split between the two.
Example: if a drink has 200 calories you could track as:
Carbs 200/4 = 50 grams of carbs
Fats 200/9= 22.2 grams of fat
Both 100/4= 25 grams of carbs
100/9= 11.1 grams of fats

Alcohol takes up a lot of Macros!! Most people think that choosing “lighter” choices (vodka, light beer), that it means a lower carb count, but “alcohol” calories turn to fat easier than carbs!!!

Below I have given an example of how to track a vodka and water in your macros:
2 oz of Vodka = 130 calories
• 130 calories/ 4 (calories in carbs) = the same as 32 carbs

This means that if you want a vodka and water with dinner, then you must take away 32 carbs from your meal (which is equivalent to 5 oz of sweet potato).

Don’t get me wrong, we all love a night out, or a drink at home, but just be mindful and take each drink into consideration.

Good Morning Monday 💜
I challenge us all, everyday this week to believe something wonderful is about to happen. Create your great!

I began my morning with a cardio session and oatmeal .

I had to head into the salon a bit earlier than usual today, so I skipped on the shampoo, and opted for high buns…


…Which inspired today’s look: high waisted cuffed skinnies, a cropped tee, J.Crew blazer, jelly-pops and a touch of turquoise.

I took my food with me to work today: 2 servings of oatmeal and protein powder, along with my customized k-cups (Caffeine and Kilos)

I left the salon around 5:00 this evening and ran by Trader Joes- I was craving a burger! I was hoping to find a black bean burger, but the fat was so much higher in comparison to the turkey burger, so thats what I went with instead- along with cauliflower mash and asparagus 🌱.

While Wes got in his workout, I got in another cardio session. I planned on hitting legs, but my hip flexors have been extremely tight the last few days, so I opted for a cardio only day.

My last meal of the day was a flatbread, egg whites, peppers and avocado, followed with a protein pudding.

Today was a good day 💜 Happy Monday!

Good Morning Y’all 💕
While most are getting ready for the week on Sunday, it is my Monday. So, I was up around 6 am this morning having coffee and checking emails.

My breakfast today was my pre-workout meal: Proats. Oatmeal and  protein powder topped with apples 🍎

I headed out into the garage after for a shoulder/grip/core workout.
I did multiple sets overhead, and a lot or rear delt focus. In between each shoulder set I would superset with dead hangs from the rig, hanging knees, and hanging leg raises. My grip was spent by then end of this workout, but its something I have been incorporating a lot more lately since feeling 100% now since surgery 🙏🏼

While in the garage, the doorbell rang- it was my Plyo box that Wes ordered for me ❤️ No leg day is complete without a box!!

For my post-workotu meal I had the same smoothie as posted yesterday, except I traded the protein powder for egg whites.

Soon after, I was getting ready for the day. Today’s look: high-wasted cropped skinnies, a black v-neck bodysuit, a long, fitted sweater, and jelly-pop flats.


I wore my hair pulled back loosely into two small buns and 1″ barrel curls framing the face.


Work was slow today- everyone wanted blow-drys only, but once again, I have a blast with the people I work with, so most of our day was goofing around and dancing around the salon 💕


When I got home from work, the first thing I noticed in the garage was my Plyo box sitting put together, tall and pretty 💜

I fixed myself a snack (zucchini and tuna), because the Tupperware of oats and protein powder for lunch had long worn off.


For dinner I had P28 bread with some greens. I love this bread. I have cut out most meats from diet unless I am eating out, so my proteins come mainly from veggies, protein powder, egg whites and legumes.

I had client check-ins to wrap up this evening and programming for myself this week, so my night was spent on the computer.

Now to study for tomorrow’s quiz and call it a night. Happy Sunday ❤️

Good Morning 💕 Happy Saturday!

I woke up this morning happy. My feet hit the floor and I thought to myself, “how blessed I am to be able to jump out of bed and begin my day without any burdens weighing me down.” Life is so good 💜.

I began my morning with a typical breakfast of eggs and oats and headed out to the garage for a full body session. My entire workout was supersets. A combination of a lower body movement (ex. DB squats), superset with an upper body movement (ex. cable curls). I wrapped up with few minutes on the eliptical and followed up with a protein smoothie 🥤

I spent most of my morning cleaning house- floors and laundry. I paused for lunch: egg whites, corn tortilla, 1/2 serving of spicy tuna, wheat crackers, sweet potato and asparagus 🌱. Soon after, I found myself hungry again, so I fixed up this bag of cauliflower, topped with hot sauce (volume food).

My afternoon was spent on the computer completing client check-ins while waiting on Wesley to get in from work.  Once he was home, we were heading out the door for dinner. I kept it super cas with a sweatshirt and bootylicious jeans 🍑 with flops.


We went to Greens & Proteins and I had the chicken tacos 🌮 So Good!!


After dinner, we were headed home and piled up on the couch for a movie and a snuggle ❤️ It was my kind of Saturday.

Hey y’all! This last week and a half has been busy-busy with multiple dietary reports due for school and testing on top of my already crazy schedule 🤪, but now its the weekend and time to relax!

Now that things have calmed down, it is time to celebrate a new month! One month is not just a period of time in your calendar – it’s a period of your life. So don’t neglect it -make the most of it. Do something that you can be proud of. Do something that can create positive changes in your life.


Also, remember that March is the introduction into spring, so creating your summer body begins now!! My summer shredding program has officially begun. March 1st I took my (always dreaded) Phase 1 photos (143 pounds). I definitely have some work to do before summer, so here we go…

OK…so I came back and edited this post because I had already been into my new macros (somewhat) for one week 1 week in the photos posted- so I wanted to put the VERY FIRST photos before cutting processed foods (and this is post cheat day belly 😩). We all know that  usually within the first week of changing your diet (at all), you will shed a good amount of water. Anyway, I wanted to keep it real…

I have allowed myself 6-weeks to meet particular goals, so the next month and a half will mean grinding it out in my workouts and adhering meticulously to specific macros.

At this point in time I have yet to make the decision if I will compete this year. I feel that each and every year when training for a competition, particularly in the last 4 to 6 weeks while in a caloric deficit, I lose a lot of strength and run the risk of injury. This is something that cannot be completely avoided. In a deficit, you have to expect to lose strength and unfortunately, muscle as well. I would be happy reaching 13-15% body fat and holding steady there. A 15% body fat percentage year round is attainable, where as, 8-12% (for women) on stage day usually is not. I may change my mind (and as a female I have that right 😉), but as of right now, I have no set show scheduled..

My training program for now looks much like it always has. I always incorporate Olympic lifts and compound movements in each and every workout, followed (or superset) with isolation movements, and end with a HIIT session or a MetCon. Each workout lasts generally 1:30 including warm up and stretching.

My nutrition too, is much like it has always been. I will adhere to a set macro breakdown for two weeks at a time and adjust accordingly, bi-weekly. I stick mainly to whole foods, surround my workouts with starchier carbs, and eat 4-5 meals a day.

So here we go…follow along over the next 6 weeks for SUMMER SHREDDING!