Within the last year of living in Korea, I have made this 13 hour journey four times. This is my last. I am officially leaving Korea for the last time. I have loved every minute of this experience, but I couldn’t be more excited about the journey that lies ahead!!
Next stop…ITALY

Today I completed the Reebok Super Spartan in the mountains of South Korea. It was absolutely, hands down the hardest race I have EVER taken part in. I loved every minute. I literally had to dig deep and go into that dark place to make my way up the mountain. As I made my way over the second 10ft wall, I was informed that I was the first female- that’s all I needed to hear. I wasn’t letting anyone pass me 🙂


Gnarly Terrain. To the highest point of South Korea
Amazing Time 😉 First Overall female in my heat and I am still awaiting Overall results to see where I placed against the Boys:)) AROOOOO!!!

Rucking-there is no better way to train for an off road, all terrain race.
A 3-mile run followed by an hour hour and half of unbroken Rucking downtown, through the alleys and hitting every set of stairs along the way.

I didn’t know where to find bricks last minute for my ruck sack, so I improvised. A 30LB dumbbell wrapped in a shoebox..


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 9.39.33 AM

The Spartan Burpee Challenge is a challenge to complete 30 Burpees a day over a period of 30 days for an overall total of 900 Burpees. I agreed to take on the challenge and in true Spartan form, to complete the challenge within one week. I set a plan to complete 150 a day within a single workout for six days, allowing for one rest day. At the end of each session, I always felt I had to add an extra ten to push a little more. So on day six, I completed my usual 160 and decided to add 25 more since it was my last day:)
This morning while finishing up a 5K, I thought to myself..15 more would have been exactly 1000- Damn’t!! Needless to say that my run ended with 15 Burpees:)


(this was a question I received from an anonymous follower and wanted to share)

Hi Tiffany, I have been following your blog since I ran across some of your youtube videos. I too participate in Crossfit. I sometimes catch shit for doing Crossfit and find at times I let it bother me. What do you think of people that bash the sport?

First of all, Thank you so much for following my blog:)
So…What do I think of Crossfit bashers? I really don’t think about it at all. It’s not worth my time.
There are ‘meat heads’ as they are called, that bash CrossFit, and there are Crossfitters that think CrossFit is Gods gift to sports. Personally, I think for anyone involved in the fitness industry to bash anyone’s choice of activity, shame on them.
Some people lift weights for mere appearance and could care less about their overall health ironically. There are people that can leg press 1200 LBS, but can’t run a mile in under 10 minutes to save their life. There are people that can walk 200M on their hands, but can’t squat an Oly Bar. There are people with past injuries that can’t participate in anything more strenuous than a brisk walk or a bike ride.
Point being, anything is better than nothing at all. Let the a$$holes look like a$$holes.
And…to you I say, with all do respect, suck it up buttercup:)
Who gives a s#!t what anyone thinks anyway. My friends that don’t participate in CrossFit give me hell constantly about being ‘gung-ho’ CrossFit and poke fun. I joke about it too. It’s all in good humor.
Besides, you and I both know it’s a BADASS sport 😉
Just do you my friend!

Final glycogen depleting workout before heading to Seoul for my show!! Time to Carb Up and fill these muscles out! Muscle Mania Korea!! So stoked!! Team FitIdeals bringing it once again!!
Food Prep for the Weekend. Headed out on the bus with my team mates to Seoul. Muscle Mania here we come!!
Arrived, tanned and numbered- Registration done.. Tomorrow it’s Showtime!! Team FitIdeals bringing it!

Tomorrow is my photo shoot with my team before our Muscle Mania Show! Super excited!
Also, a bit of a ‘trial run’, before going into peak week.
This means CARB LOADING:) Something everyone in contest prep loves to hear!!
So this morning begins with a mile and a half walk to the gym, 60 minutes of fasted cardio, then followed by a basic low carb meal of chicken, asparagus, and a bit of zucchini. Immediately following is a complete full body, glycogen depleting workout, another mile and a half walk home, then the load begins!
The rest of the day includes mani’s and pedi’s, tanning and hair.
The fun stuff!!!

Can’t Wait to spend the day with my girl Bianca tomorrow!!
Her drive and hunger inspire me.

This weekend was by far one of the best weekends! I had an amazing show with my team @ Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea. On top of a few team members making their debut on the scene and absolutely killing it, we brought home some serious hardware! I am in love with my team mates as a group and each one as their own individual. We all bring our own unique flare and its a blessing to be a part of such an amazing fit family!
I could not have been happier with the package that I brought to the stage!

I took 2nd place!! I was truly happy with myself and very proud 🙂 


Athletes meeting- 1 Day Out
Prepped and Ready to head to the show
My Post show Indulgence overload 🙂


Today I am 10 days out from the stage!!
I cannot believe it is so close!! Eeeek!! I am super stoked!!
My sleeping schedule and training times are all over the place, but I’m not letting it throw me off my game.
Tuesday’s first training session began at 4am with my mile and half wake me up walk to the gym with a muscle focus session on shoulders and biceps, followed with a 30 minute moderated cardio session. After a walk back home and the usual Tilapia and green beans I piled up and did absolutely nothing the rest of the day until my afternoon workout which consisted of an all over upper body workout with a 15 minute light cardio session and yet another mile and half walk back home. After a dip in the tub, I laid down in bed which was around 4pm and ‘napped’ until about 10pm.  I have never faced jet lag like I am this time around, but I am assuming with all the extra training and the diet restriction it is affecting me differently. It will all pay off!!

13 Days Out

Being back in Korea means lots of walking. It was still dark out when I left out for the gym this morning. A mile and a half walk is a good wake me up with coffee in hand for a good caffeine kick start. My am gym session began with 20 minutes on the glute glidder warming up the legs followed by Supersets with muscle focus on Quads, Calves and Abs, followed by a mile and a half walk back home.
I food prepped during the early part of the day, which is fairly easy being my meals are consisting of the same foods. (Tilapia, Zucchini, Broccoli, green beans and yams) Foods are definitely bland and somewhat boring, but that’s just part of the prep this late in the game:) Knowing I am only 13 days out makes it easier to swallow:)
I am dealing with Jet Lag pretty badly. Around 2:00 this afternoon, I intended on an hour max nap, which turned into a five and a half hour nap. After a cup of coffee and some egg whites, I was packing my back pack for my second walk to the gym. Tonight was a CrossFit WOD that was strictly lower body. 4 Rounds of Squats, Box Step-Ups, Reverse Lunges and Plie Squats, followed by another mile and a half walk home.
Walking lunges through my parking garage ended the night.
Quads are absolutely done. My legs felt like anchors climbing the stairs to my apartment …Success 🙂


15 Days Out

After a 22 hour trip, I am back in Korea. I am so stoked to be back and prepping for Muscle Mania with my team!!
I am so thankful that I was blessed enough to go home to Florida for a few weeks, spend my days on the beach and a couple weeks in Bama with family, but I am so grateful to be back where my heart is:)


Training the last couple of weeks has been on point. I found a new gym that opened since visiting home and fell in love with it and the people. (Intense Fitness) I met an awesome trainer, Teddy that I had to join me in some stellar workouts and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for outdoor cardio.
These next two weeks I will be grinding it out, going hard, focused, focused!
Finishing up final touches on my theme wear, tanning, massages, nails, hair, all the fun stuff that makes you feel pretty and girly after living the past 8 weeks in sweat and sports bras 😉 Its the fun, exciting part, that keeps you focused and excited the last few weeks. ANYTHING, to keep my mind off the endless amounts of Tilapia and Asparagus!!!!

3 Weeks Out

Today marks one week that I have been in Bama, and one week away from heading back to Korea, which means… Muscle Mania is exactly 3 weeks away!! So exciting!!
Of course I think it’s only human to be a bit nervous, but that’s one of the reasons it’s so exciting! I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be. To be half naked on a stage in 6 inch heels, florescent lights, and a front row full of scorekeepers judging your every flaw, looking up at you from the most unflattering angle…all the while keeping a natural smile with a million things running through your mind. Am I wearing these heels or are they wearing me? Is my bikini bite doing it’s job, or is my ass eating this suit? Can they see my lip twitching? But somehow all at that same time, it is a high like no other. You know how hard you’ve worked, and even if your name isn’t called out for first round or top five, you are still able to hold your head high because you are doing something that very few people in this world have the willpower to do.

I got together with a few friends in the park for Tababta Hiits

Training has been going well and my workouts have been intense and on point until yesterday, then all of a sudden my energy level and drive became non existent. This is normal at this point in contest prep. It had been two weeks of strict eating with not so much calorie restriction, but carbohydrates being super low, consisting mainly of protein and green veggies. Energy levels being lack are expected, but when you mentally aren’t in the game, it’s time to adjust. This for me means a re-feed meal…. Not to be confused with a cheat meal! A re-feed for me is consumption of all natural paleo foods that I would normally consume, but in larger than normal quantities. My re-feed meal consisted of a large salad loaded with cranberries and raisins, nuts, seeds, a turkey burger and two sweet potatoes.. Yes, two!! It was heaven!! This also means an off day, allowing the body and mind to rest. Today, I woke feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my workout. It’s so hard at this point in the game to allow yourself to indulge, but if you listen to your body, it will perform at its best!

Tomorrow, training will be adjusted to keep the body guessing. Hiit training will be included in am and pm workouts. Diet will remain as is, paleo, with carbohydrate consumption consisting of mainly green vegetables, with additional vegetables added to heavy lifting days.

4 Weeks Out

Today was my last day of being home in Florida for the summer, which meant is was my last day at CF Above the Bar. I have absolutely loved this BOX and the coaches and athletes. I couldn’t have asked for a better workout to end my time with these guys.

AMRAP 31 minutes (As Many Reps As Possible)

8 Thrusters (155/105#)
6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 Box Jumps (30/24″)

5 Weeks Out

At 2:00 am I woke to this crazy growling noise, my belly:)
After an hour of trying to fall back asleep and clearly it wasn’t happening, I was up brewing coffee, eating breakfast, facing the day. By 7:00 am I was headed to the gym for round 1. Muscle focus on Arms.
I had an amazing lunch with one of my girlfriends at ‘The Boardroom’, that turned into a 4 hour catch up session, then off to CrossFit for Tabata Training.
Workouts are going strong. I love being back in Florida!
I am trying out a new CrossFit Box while I am here  with my bestie (who has finally drank the kool-aid;) 

CrossFit Above The Bar FWB, Florida

Post-workout was berries and chicken and to the beach for a sun session.
My evenings at this point consist of a 2nd workout followed with cardio.

Single KB Thrusters

As far as diet goes, still Paleo with a re-feed meal on Sunday.
For this week, all sauces are cut and no more sugar substitute in coffee. One pack of Stevia a day will be allowed. This is when it gets real;))

6 Weeks Out

Contest Prep is going well. I cannot believe that it is so close, so soon!! My training is great. All four cardio sessions this week took place at the beach:)

My staple proteins at this point are chicken, turkey, eggs and fish.

For my chicken, I toss it in a crockpot (usually 6 breasts at a time and add 1/4C of water and let it cook 6 hours. It shreds for perfect chicken)
I use 98% lean ground turkey. I cook it stove top in a bit of olive oil and usually add chopped onions and peppers. For the eggs, I will typically boil around 20 for that quick fix snack. For fish I am using Tilapia, cooked stove top with a bit of coconut oil with chopped tomatoes.
Throughout the week I will prepare my veggies daily. Typically I opt for broccoli, zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes with my post workout meal including a banana or low-fat chocolate milk 🙂


Saturday’s Partner WOD

7 Weeks Out

Training is coming along. I still have good energy levels, feeling strong and properly fueled.
Today’s workout was Legs and Glutes, my favorite:)
Tonight’s WOD was directed toward cardio training.
3 Rounds For Time:
500 M Row
50 DU’s
200 M Run
Followed with Squats.
I didn’t reach my PR today. I gave out at 150lbs, but with an a.m. workout of squats and lunges, I didn’t expect too much.
As far as diet, still Paleo with condiment exceptions.

Working DB snatches

This week in Crossfit was my first run-in with the bitch of a workout ‘Chelsea’. Probably one of the toughest WODS that I have done in a while!! Not only did it take everything I had physically, but mentally as well. 30 rounds of pull ups, push ups and squats. For a total of 150 pull ups, 300 pushups and 450 squats in 30 minutes. At round 14, I looked at the clock and noticed I was hadn’t made it quite halfway.. OMG.. I’m panting and shaking already and still have 16 rounds to go. This is where mind over matter comes to play. I’m strong and I know what my body is capable of, I just have to make it continue. At round 27, I knew I had it beat. If I made it this far, 3 rounds is gravy.. The home stretch.
After leaving a legit sweat angel on the floor, I think I high fived everyone twice, just because anyone that has done this WOD before knows what it takes to complete it.


8 Weeks Out

Today I placed my order for my new suit:) saleyla.com
My last Muscle Mania show, I wore a suit from the same company. They are amazing and can make any style/color that you wish. They also have it completely finished within two weeks!! Anyone that has ever competed before understands the importance of a quick return on a suit.

Back Into Contest Prep!!

When I first came back to the states I had intentions of doing a Competition stateside in Atlanta, Georgia, but as time has passed, I have decided to join my team at Muscle Mania Korea once again this year!!
I absolutely love this team. I love this organization. I love the competition.
I can’t imagine not going back for this show!
In ‘competition world’ this is a last minute decision. 8 Weeks out is pretty much the minimum amount of time you want to begin contest prep! I will really have to grind it out these next 8 Weeks, just coming off of a 3 week vacation!! EEEKKkk!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.29.42 PM.png
My 1st show in Korea- Top 5