Hello, I’m Tiffany. A southern girl, born and raised in Alabama, currently residing at the beach in Florida. While I grew up participating in a variety of sports, it was after completion of my first triathlon in 2000 that my fitness journey truly began.

My obsession with the human body and its many capabilities, along with a passion for travel, led me to over 20 racing adventures, in five countries, on three continents.

A years stay in South Korea introduced me to the world of fitness competitions, where I learned how to completely transform my body through macro-counting and strategic workout programming.

Three years of living in beautiful Italy introduced me to a world full of farmers markets, freshly grown fruits and vegetables, and a way of eating that forever changed the (once poor) relationship I had with food. An eagerness to learn more about the power of whole, nutritious food, led me to fulfill a BS in Nutrition and Health.

I currently work as an online nutrition and health coach, with a desire to help others find a healthy-balance, and fulfilling relationship with food and fitness.