Good morning guys! I am going to jump right into this post because I am super stoked to share this new blog series with you all! I invite you to follow along over the next six weeks as I attack Las Vegas’s  Camp Rhino  6-Week Challenge.


I should probably begin by stating my reasons for joining this challenge. You guys know that since being back in the states I have been working out in our home gym with a few random drop-ins around town. Most of all, I wanted to find a place that I could be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and it was a priority to find a gym that offered variety. After scoping out a few different places, I stumbled upon Camp Rhino. Camp Rhino not only offers CrossFit, but has multiple boot-camp locations across town (indoors & outdoors), and to top it off, obstacle training. I read into the 6–week challenge and was convinced to join when I realized I had the potential to earn my money back. To join the challenge costs $300. If you attend a total of 24 classes, meet all nutritional requirements and strive for daily improvements, you get every penny back. This was incredible incentive!

I attended the initial athlete’s meeting at the beginning of the week and was accompanied by a room full of eager and motivated individuals. There were people that had previously battled cancer, men that were powerlifters but joined the challenge to support their wives, competitive athletes, and people like me, simply looking for a new gym to call home.

Tuesday morning (day 1),  I woke and logged my stats. This was the first time that I have been on the scale since my initial “summer-shredding” weigh in. I began my cut (before the challenge) at 143 pounds and dropped to where I currently sit at 137 pounds.
Starting Measurements:
• Weight 137#
• Chest 36″
• Waist 28″
• Hips 33.5″
• Glutes: 39″

Once I established my starting point, I laced up my Nanos and to the gym I went. This was the first CrossFit class that I have attended since leaving Italy at the end of last year & it felt incredible! Days 1 & 2 complete!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 6.22.58 AM.png

Now, fast forward three weeks….This week marks the halfway point and I am feeling great! So what is the challenge providing me that was lacking in my previous training program? This is easy,  more intensity. As I mentioned before, Rhino does offer boot camp, obstacle training and mobility classes, but my focus has been on CrossFit. I still begin my mornings as I have for months now, with a pilates/yoga/core session at home, and then I head to CrossFit. I try to maintain this routine at a minimum of four days a week, and two days a week I focus strictly on  isolation training at home in place of going to CrossFit.

As for my diet, my food choices relatively remain the same all year round; however, since beginning this program I have replaced my weekly “treat meal” with just an increased calorie consumption of the foods I already eat (the camp-rhino program allows for a weekly cheat, this is a personal choice). If you follow my personal food log on IG (tiffany dietetics), you will see that I consume primarily whole foods. My top carbohydrate sources are whole grains, fruits and vegetables, with higher-glycemic foods structured around my workouts. I avoid saturated fat and trans fats as much as possible, and I use olive oil 99% of the time when sautéing veggies. I incorporate nuts and seeds at least 3-4x a week and typically include one small avocado a day. As for protein, I have gradually converted to a plant based diet with the exception of egg whites and the occasional raw sushi roll (this has been a gradual transition since the beginning of this year for a nutritional study. I will share my reasons behind this decision in a separate post).

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.40.33 PM

So what about my stats? As of this morning, I have lost 3 pounds and a total of 4 inches, which is awesome considering my primary purpose for this program has been to find a new gym to call home; so, tighter abs and glutes are just an added bonus!

That’s just it you all, I wish I could stress the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet! If you adhere to healthy eating habits and couple that with a few days of intensity within your training, you are guaranteed to yield results.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 6.49.57 AM

Now here it is, 6-weeks later and I have completed Camp Rhinos 6-Week Challenge!!!!!
I had my final check-in Wednesday afternoon and earned 100% of my money back! If you recall from my first post introducing the challenge, the total cost of the challenge was $300. To earn back your money one must meet the nutrition recommendations, attend 24 classes, and track and log progress stats for 6-weeks.

I reached my lowest weight of the challenge earlier in the week at 131.8 pounds; I chalk this up to the fact that I failed to meet my water intake and woke up a bit dehydrated.  I weighed myself the morning of my final check-in at 133.5 pounds and that was the final weight logged. Overall, I showed a weight loss of 4-pounds and a total decrease of 6-inches. Most importantly, I found a new gym to call home. I collected my $300 dollars and rolled it over to pay for the following two months.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 4.34.59 PM

My plan is to continue with my cut for a few more weeks until Olympia weekend (look for me at the Gorilla Wear booth!) I did allow for a night out this weekend with some friends and indulged with a few gin and tonics and had a veggie loaded thin crust pizza on Saturday night, but this morning it was back to the grind.

Good Morning 💜

Do you ever have those mornings when you wake up, you automatically feel aggravated at everything? I had one of those mornings.While fixing Wesley’s lunch, I dropped a couple of things on the freshly mopped floor, spilled my coffee all over the counter and realized I never hit start on the washing machine where my intended workout pants for the day were hiding. This aggravation carried over after breakfast, into my drive to the gym. While driving, I knew if my mindset didn’t change, that my workout would receive less than my best. In the words of my favorite comedian, Bianca Del Rio, I screamed out loud, “Not today Satan!!” I cranked my workout playlist as loud as I could and began to shake whatever was trying to hold me down. By the time I pulled into the gym parking lot, I was ready to workout…and that I did!

I began with lower body isolation to warm up the muscles and joints:
5 sets each: 10-15 Reps:
• Single Leg Extensions
• Double Leg Extensions
• Leg Press (using the assisted pull up machine)
• Abductor Machine
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 5 Deadlifts
• 5 Front Squats
• 10 KB Swings
• 20 AMSU’s (abs)
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 5 Deadlifts
• 5 Clean & Jerks
• 10 KB Swings
• 20 Weighted Russian Twists (abs)
Followed with:
5 Rounds:
• 10 Overhead Walking Lunges
• 20 Leg Drops (abs)
Followed with:
• 25 Hang Snatches
End With:
• 10:00 Cardio
• 10:00 mobility/roll out/stretching

I got back in the car and had my usual post-workout banana and BPI snickerdoodle protein and began to chuckle 😂. That was one of the most intense workouts that I have had since before my surgery back in the summer!! What if I had allowed the day to continue without trying to shift my mindset? What if all day, I allowed that dark cloud to burden me? I refuse!! I wrote a paper in college two years ago, “The Power of a Smile.” Since writing that paper, it is a constant reminder that you have the power to alter your mindset, and it’s as easy as smiling and refusing those negative feelings. It’s pretty simple actually, but how often do people wallow in the negativity and allow it to affect their entirety…not this girl- I have too much to be happy about to let spilt coffee get me down!

Once back home I showered up and fixed myself some lunch: Green beans, chick peas and boiled eggs.


I headed into the salon at 1:00 today with my Farrah Fawcett inspired hair 💁

I flipped through a couple of Cooking Light magazines while waiting for my first client in hopes of creating a few new recipes…

In between clients I had a snack break: greek yogurt and peanut butter

I was at the salon until 6:30. Once home, I had the same exact meal for dinner as I for lunch.


Now it’s time to do a bit of reading for school and call it a night 🌜
Happy Tuesday!!


Monday was as usual, my busiest day of the week. I have check-ins with my online clients, food prep for the week, two training sessions, a weekly quiz in math and a Chemistry Lab. Its always a hectic day, but I enjoy jumping feet first and getting the week started right. 



Tuesday was a little more low key. I had an extremely long lifting session that included Olympic Lifting, full body isolation work, abs and ended with HIIT training, 



Wednesday was a tough, but exciting morning. After almost three years of coaching CrossFit at Aviano AB Italy, today was my last day. I have spent the last two months preparing and working with new coaches that are hungry and excited about stepping up and making certain that our program continues to grow. I am able to leave knowing that my athletes are in good hands and will continue to advance in the hands of qualified, enthusiastic coaches.
This being my last year in Italy, I have many goals that need full attention in order to be acheieved and I am beyond excited for the next six months and whats in store.



Thursday began with a morning training session of Deadlifts and Power Cleans  followed with all day Chemistry Labs. 

Friday was a complete off day to rest up for Saturday’s Super Spartan. My first race for the 2017 season.


Race Day Essentials: Coffee. Medium Chain Triglycerides. Protein. Bananas. Trail Runners. Go Pro Camera.





This was my 2nd race in Italy. Last years Super was held in Milano, and while it was beautiful, this race was by far the most breathtaking scenery of any race to date! The course began in the town of Orte, which reminded me of a miniature Venice, and then led us up through the mountains where we tracked through  Vineyards and farms filled with Lama and goats and chickens. It was amazing. I have to admit that I was subject to one set of burpees this race due to the fact that my spear throw was Shit!  I was excited to see rope climbs within the first few obstacles, ensuring energy was in tact (seeing that it has been raining 3 days straight and everything was coated with mud…3 folds!) There were a few new obstacles this race that were definitely testing, and I LOVED it! I’m pretty sure that I am losing a couple of toenails after this one, but other than that just your typical  bumps and scrapes 🙂




Sunday (today) is spent catching up with Netflix 🙂

I hope you all had a wonderful week!
Now that I am in the final week of one class and my hour from 0530-0630 is freed up, I will be more diligent at making daily posts. So i would love to hear any topics of interest 🙂
Have a wonderful Sunday-Funday!! 

Top tier athletes know that success depends on nutrition. Carefully choosing the foods you eat will determine your success. By eating wisely, you will reap the benefits of being properly fueled-Maximize muscle growth, aide recovery and correctly replenish glycogen stores 🍆🍳🍖🍎🍌🍗🍠🍅🍊


It takes diet AND exercise:

Weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise, so it starts in the kitchen.
So, what should you eat? I personally feel that a diet consumed of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and natural sugar is best.  But just as important as knowing what foods to eat, accurate and precise consumption is necessary to optimize physical performance. A good diet will increase energy, sense of well being, while simultaneously flensing fat and packing on muscle. When properly composed, the right diet can nudge every important quantifiable marker for health in the right direction. Diet is critical to optimizing human function.
It’s true that low-carb diets tend to be the most popular because they offer the fastest results, but they can be difficult to sustain and lead to more serious habits (binge eating). Striving for a more balanced plan that focuses on fruits and veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats keep you sustained while regulating glycogen levels- and never cut calories too low (this causes your metabolism to slow, and you can start losing muscle mass).
While you can lose weight with diet alone, exercise is just as an important component. Without it, only a portion of your weight loss is from fat — you’re also stripping away muscle and bone density (no-one wants to be “skinny-fat”).
It’s a no-brainer that diet and exercise are both crucial to your well-being and your waistline. While diet and exercise are both important for long-term weight loss, remember this: “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet.”

Hi everyone 🙂
It has been a little bit since I have created a “personal” blog entry.
So, let’s catch up!
As I sit here, typing away, I am recovering from an awesome lower body training session. Today I worked Tri-sets of back squats, high-hang cleans and squat cleans.
I have been working on creating a new program for myself which focuses primarily on Olympic weightlifting and Powerlifting four days a week and two days a week focusing on isolation movements (not my favorite), but by the end of the week my body is beat down and my hands are spent, so isolation at that point is the only option 🙂
I have plenty of time at this point to focus on building some mass along with an increase in strength. I have no plans to compete again this season, so as of right now, I don’t have a show for another 9 months. This allows me to set pretty big goals for any changes that need to be made. So for right now, adding mass is definitely at the top of that list.
It has been twelve weeks since my WBFF show in Kansas City and I am happy with where I currently sit. I have reverse dieted to a point that I am now at an estimated 1800-1900 calories a day. I am currently not tracking exact macros. I am eating intuitively with two “treat meals” weekly. I sporadically track macros (one to two days a week) to have a relatively good estimate of where I am.
I will continue to log totals of all of my lifts for the following two weeks and from that point I will follow a split of light, medium and heavy loads (taking percentages of my 1RM and basing my program from these).
As for my diet, each day will vary to accommodate the program. Heavy days will require a higher caloric intake and lighter days slightly less (a bit of a carb cycle without dropping too much fat on the higher carb days).
As far as cardio goes….I have two types of cardio that I currently alternate between. The first being; a typical CrossFit WOD (whether it be a sprint, AMRAP, chipper or RFT) following my programmed training session or the second being; a more scaled version (light weight) typically done first thing in the morning. I base my cardio off of my schedule each day.

Today is officially my first day back to school!! I took the summer off to head back to the states for four weeks to enjoy a nice vacation following my show, so  now it is back to the grind!!
I have a full schedule on my hands; Between coaching my CrossFit class, training clients, creating customized online programs and school, I am one busy bee!! But I am beyond blessed and so thankful that I get to live this amazing life!! I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.37.40 AM.png
Nerding out and doing work on this beautiful day. Weekly check-ins with my online clients while getting some sunshine 🙂 So beyond blessed to live this life!!

My Latest V-LOG 🙂 Thanks for watching!
Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.40.25 AM

To understand Tiffany is to grasp the understanding of her primary passions- Competition and Coaching.
Her competitive nature stems from completion of her very first Triathlon long ago. AFRAID, TERRIFIED, PANICKED. Like a fish out of water.
These are the emotions that led to, or produced, great performance.
Emotions that created within her this manner of healthy competition, all the while, without sacrificing morale.
The understanding that fear was her formula for effectiveness, led her to the obsession and marvel of the human body’s capabilities during competition.
TRIATHLONS, DUATHLONS, MARATHONS, ULTRA-THONS AND OBSTACLE COURSES… Her choice of extreme sports due to the mere fact of being solo performances; the competitive element being proposed by and against ones self.
She is driven by fear. Fear of giving anything less than her personal best. Fear of not making the attempt at all. These executions of attempts have to led to over 20 incredible racing adventures, in four different countries, on three diverse continents. This fear in return yields..Self-satisfaction, Self-glorification and above all else, Self-respect.
The understanding that her athletic success stems not only from hard work, tedious training and dedication, but as well as self-determination that leads to competition within all other aspects of her life. Dedicated and determined to finding her best self, each day is devoted to training and preparing for the next big adventure of competition in her life.
However, regardless of the preparation…Nothing could prepare her for her greatest adventure- Her 2nd passion..Coaching.
ACCOUNTABILITY, CREDIBILITY AND LIABILITY…Characteristics that accompany this role.
It comes with immediate realization, it is more than just the sport. It is more than the weightlifting of teaching someone a clean, a jerk, or a Snatch. It’s more than  a conditioning challenge, or CrossFit. It’s more than being just a coach…
It’s mentoring. It’s being a motivator.
Positivity creates confidence. And to believe that you will succeed tends to silence the voice of self doubt. This for her as a coach is primitive. To instill self-confidence, which in return yields greatness.
Enthusiasm not only for the sport, but for each individual athlete is part of her formula for success. Getting an athlete to believe in themselves and the desire to achieve prominence is key!
With over 10 years of certifications to display, these pieces of paper are mere printouts in frames, stuck on her wall. While they make her capable as an individual and knowledgeable, they do not possess the power of pronouncing her as a good coach. But….the two coffee mugs, one that reads “#1 coach” and the 2nd, “coaches change lives”, well, those sources are significant. An offering of thanks for the accountability and motivation.
What began as the hope of using coaching as a platform to inspire, rather she was the one who was inspired.
From a competitor driven by fear, that decided to take a ‘leap of faith’, which in return, created greatness among herself and many amazing athletes…


I had the wonderful opportunity this week to guest coach at ASD CrossFit, Pordenone, Italy with another coach from our gym. This Box has been open for roughly eight months and is full of amazing athletes. With most being relatively new to CrossFit, I was unsure what to expect.
For their skill/strength training, we programmed a Snatch Progression to a 1RM followed with an EMOM. These athletes are coached by an amazing Olympic Lifting coach and it shows!! Their pulls and progressions were extremely precise and their mobility was exceptional!
We programmed for them a 20:00 AMRAP
20 Wall Balls (16#/20#)
20 Box Jump overs (20″/24″)
10 Clean & Jerks (85#/105#)
10 Burpees
Not only were their movements on point, but they WOW’d us with their endurance!!
The determination, drive and discipline of the athletes is absolutely inspiring!! A very welcoming group of people, that even with our language barrier, put us at complete ease:) I recommend to anyone traveling through or a local athlete searching for a Box..give this one a try!!!
To show their gratitude, they invited us out to dinner which was an absolute blast- along with the best Tiramisu I have ever tasted;)
Having this experience just justifies yet again to me the comradery among CrossFit and its athletes.

I am often asked what my typical training week looks like. 
I NEVER have workouts that are the same. Everyday, each week it is something different.
Here is a rundown of this weeks training.


800M RUN
-20:00 EMOM


STRICT PRESS @70% X10/ @80% X10/ @80% X8
SQUAT CLEAN @50% X5/ @55% X5/ @60% X5 X5
10X2 BACK SQUATS @55% 10X5
SPLIT JERK @77.5% 6X3 POWER CLEAN @92.5% 6X2

Today’s Training was split into three sessions. I was earlier than usual for my 0530 class, so prior to setting up for my class I got in a quick WOD.
Following class, I finished up with
This afternoon I went to the track to tackle todays programmed cardio

I could tell as soon as my feet hit the ground this morning that my muscles were tired. I gave myself a longer recovery period between rounds than usual, but thats what it took to get it in;)
500M ROW

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 5.21.58 AM


500 M ROW




For far too long, the front squat has served as the least favored of squatting variations.You can’t front squat as much as you can back squat, so you simply discard it- toss it into the pile of lifts less regarded. The front squat engages your quads to a greater degree and, because of the more upright body positioning required, hammers your core to its max. For avid Olympic lifters with interest in improving your Cleans, Jerks and Push Presses, immediate benefits emanate from the front squat. The bar positioning and body posture in the front squat offer the most direct transference to Olympic lifting of any squatting variation.

CrossFit Northern California Regional 2012
The power clean is a mainstay of the strength workouts of many sports programs. A survey of 137 Division I football coaches found that 85 percent used the power clean to train their athletes, and a survey of NFL coaches found that 88 percent used the lift with their athletes. It’s a good decision.

In 2004 researchers at the Department of Health and Exercise Science at the College of New Jersey set up a 15-week strength training study of 20 Division III college players. The athletes were divided into two groups, one focusing on Olympic lifting (OL) exercises and the other focusing on powerlifting (PL) exercises. Both groups improved their results in the vertical jump, but the OL group improved more.

So now that we know that strength coaches believe in the power clean and there is research to support its effectiveness in developing power, the question is “What is the best method to perform the power clean?”

From the hang position versus from the the floor- When we say “hang,” this means starting with the bar on the mid-thigh. In performing this lift, the athlete places the bar on the mid-thigh, bends the legs slightly, and then pulls the bar to the shoulders. This is in contrast to lifting a weight from the blocks set at mid-thigh, as this variation would not involve the countermovement.
Regarding the matter of intensity, often an athlete can lift more weight from the hang than they can from the floor. One reason is that the bar is already positioned at a favorable leverage position, whereas pulling from the floor to hit that same position requires considerable skill. Another reason is that many athletes who use the hang style place the bar in the crease between the upper leg and hips. This enables the athlete to add a kick from the legs to help increase the force applied to the bar.

For the following four reasons, we say the power clean from the floor is superior.

First, any exercise that is performed through a partial range of motion will compromise soft-tissue integrity. For example, we’ve found that athletes who perform box squats are often tight in the piriformis muscle, which is a muscle involved in the external rotation of the upper leg. For athletes involved in sports in which they need to change direction quickly, such as basketball or soccer, having tightness in the piriformis will adversely affect their performance.

Second, the power clean from the mid-thigh works the legs through a shorter range of motion. This translates into less development of the hamstrings, glutes and quads. One reason weightlifters usually have better total leg development than powerlifters is that they work the legs through a greater range of motion. Further, with the hyper-wide squat stances often used in powerlifting competitions, the quads are not as important to performance of the lift as they were in the past, and this is reflected in powerlifters’ leg development.

Third, cleaning from the mid-thigh often causes hyperextension of the spine. In an attempt to use more weight, athletes using the hang technique often hyperextend their spine, placing adverse stress on the disks. In fact, one reason the Olympic press was disliked by many weightlifters was that the layback they used often caused lower back pain. The result was that in 1972 the Olympic press was eliminated from weightlifting competition, leaving only the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Fourth, when lifting from the hang, athletes tend to use their arms too much, and that means they are primarily using the upper body to perform the movement. If an athlete does both the hang power clean and the power clean from the floor, the excessive arm pull will adversely affect technique in the power clean from the floor.

Often athletes avoid power cleans from the floor because they do not have the flexibility to perform the exercise properly. Instead of giving up by continuing to use the mid-thigh variation, they should perform the appropriate stretching and structural balance training to correct the problem so they can do power cleans from the floor correctly and comfortably.

As proven by sport science research and the popularity of the power clean among strength coaches, it is a superior exercise for developing total body power. But to get the most benefits from the lift and with the least amount of stress on the back, it should be performed from the floor, not the mid-thigh.