Good evening y’all and merry Christmas!
I am writing you all from my comfy couch where I’m cozied up here in Las Vegas. Wesley and I decided to hit up a movie earlier today at Palace Station, but apparently everyone else in Vegas shared the same idea. There were 2 seats remaining in the very front row, so we decided to pass. We opted for lunch at Big Dogs, a restaurant nearby that we tend to visit fairly regularly (and is always amazing). Wes had a cheeseburger and onion rings, I had the seared Ahi Tuna with sweet potato. My Gosh, the Ahi was topped with the most delicious raspberry vinaigrette slaw I have ever tasted! After, we came home and have been piled up ever since.

I just returned home the day before yesterday from Alabama. I spent five days with my family to celebrate the holidays. Wes was unable to come because of his schedule, so that meant time for just us girls (mom, sis and I). We had the most incredible time!
They scooped me up from Birmingham airport Wednesday evening. Mom and I sat up until 2:00 am cackling and carrying on like high school girls. We were able to once again get in our routined visit to Unclaimed Baggage– only the most incredible second-hand store you will ever encounter!!! Mom scored me a pair of Birkenstocks, brand new with their tags, still in the box for $60! And yes, I still wear Birks.

While running around Saturday morning, we found ourselves with the most marvelous photo opts… posh reindeer posted up around town. We couldn’t resist!

Everyone was spoiled again as always for Christmas. I made out with a new coach bag and matching wallet, Chrissy Teigan’s newest cookbook, an autographed copy of Rupaul’s latest hardback, pjs, clothes, and the list goes on. I met my newest nephew Zackary for the first time who was too precious for words. My nieces and nephews again, were another year older and all with a bit more personality.  My family has grown so much since I left home 13 years ago. I find that each year when I head back home from a visit it tends to get harder. I miss out on so much. To keep it real with you all, I find myself nowadays having a big ole dose of self-pity a day or two after returning home. Don’t get me wrong, my life is incredible and I have experienced more of this great world than many ever have the opportunity too; however, it is never easy to feel like you’re missing out on so much. Thankfully we have social media nowadays which helps a lot, and my mom is world’s best grandma when it comes to sharing pictures of them babies.

Tomorrow, we will all be back to reality. The grocery stores will be up and running, which means no more gingerbread men and hot chocolate for breakfast- meal prep will be back in full swing. Workouts will be structured for a greater purpose than to keep off excess holiday gains, and new years goals will be set;  I don’t know about you all, but I look forward to this new year!!


Good morning fit friends! 

A Sunday morning snap montage to get the day going. So I signed up with snapchat two days ago and have only sent out one snap, but I do think the filters are so much fun!!

Per usual, every morning begins with a cup of coffee and usually another two to three throughout the day. Im an addict, seriously.
Back home in Italy, I rotate among three to four coffee cup options because I have limited cabinet space, but this is not the case at my mamas house!
For those that have been asking what I put in my coffee…my first initial cup of the day I like to add a sprinkle of BPI’s Keto Bomb coffee creamer (careful for those who have a low fat intake), but all other cups I drink black and extremely strong 😉 For those that are looking for a virtually calorie free flavored option, a splash of 30 calorie almond milk and a single serving of stevia is perfect!

Breakfast this morning was an egg omelette filled with peppers and onions, topped with hot sauce.

The weather was perfect this morning, so I got in a lower body session on the porch. I kept it extremely light with higher reps to make certain that my back was in good shape, and it felt great. Tomorrow I should be back to heavier weight! (drinking bpi’s bcaas in fruit punch).

Can we seriously take a moment to adore my moms porch. She is such a Genevieve when it comes to decor. Her house exemplifies a Country Living magazine.

Off to church…

A green drink was consumed this evening before us girls took an evening stroll (2 miles).

My evening was spent working on programming and client check-ins.
It was a great day 🙂 #blessed