Good morning guys! I am going to jump right into this post because I am super stoked to share this new blog series with you all! I invite you to follow along over the next six weeks as I attack Las Vegas’s  Camp Rhino  6-Week Challenge.


I should probably begin by stating my reasons for joining this challenge. You guys know that since being back in the states I have been working out in our home gym with a few random drop-ins around town. Most of all, I wanted to find a place that I could be surrounded by like-minded individuals, and it was a priority to find a gym that offered variety. After scoping out a few different places, I stumbled upon Camp Rhino. Camp Rhino not only offers CrossFit, but has multiple boot-camp locations across town (indoors & outdoors), and to top it off, obstacle training. I read into the 6–week challenge and was convinced to join when I realized I had the potential to earn my money back. To join the challenge costs $300. If you attend a total of 24 classes, meet all nutritional requirements and strive for daily improvements, you get every penny back. This was incredible incentive!

I attended the initial athlete’s meeting at the beginning of the week and was accompanied by a room full of eager and motivated individuals. There were people that had previously battled cancer, men that were powerlifters but joined the challenge to support their wives, competitive athletes, and people like me, simply looking for a new gym to call home.

Tuesday morning (day 1),  I woke and logged my stats. This was the first time that I have been on the scale since my initial “summer-shredding” weigh in. I began my cut (before the challenge) at 143 pounds and dropped to where I currently sit at 137 pounds.
Starting Measurements:
• Weight 137#
• Chest 36″
• Waist 28″
• Hips 33.5″
• Glutes: 39″

Once I established my starting point, I laced up my Nanos and to the gym I went. This was the first CrossFit class that I have attended since leaving Italy at the end of last year & it felt incredible! Days 1 & 2 complete!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 6.22.58 AM.png

Now, fast forward three weeks….This week marks the halfway point and I am feeling great! So what is the challenge providing me that was lacking in my previous training program? This is easy,  more intensity. As I mentioned before, Rhino does offer boot camp, obstacle training and mobility classes, but my focus has been on CrossFit. I still begin my mornings as I have for months now, with a pilates/yoga/core session at home, and then I head to CrossFit. I try to maintain this routine at a minimum of four days a week, and two days a week I focus strictly on  isolation training at home in place of going to CrossFit.

As for my diet, my food choices relatively remain the same all year round; however, since beginning this program I have replaced my weekly “treat meal” with just an increased calorie consumption of the foods I already eat (the camp-rhino program allows for a weekly cheat, this is a personal choice). If you follow my personal food log on IG (tiffany dietetics), you will see that I consume primarily whole foods. My top carbohydrate sources are whole grains, fruits and vegetables, with higher-glycemic foods structured around my workouts. I avoid saturated fat and trans fats as much as possible, and I use olive oil 99% of the time when sautéing veggies. I incorporate nuts and seeds at least 3-4x a week and typically include one small avocado a day. As for protein, I have gradually converted to a plant based diet with the exception of egg whites and the occasional raw sushi roll (this has been a gradual transition since the beginning of this year for a nutritional study. I will share my reasons behind this decision in a separate post).

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.40.33 PM

So what about my stats? As of this morning, I have lost 3 pounds and a total of 4 inches, which is awesome considering my primary purpose for this program has been to find a new gym to call home; so, tighter abs and glutes are just an added bonus!

That’s just it you all, I wish I could stress the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet! If you adhere to healthy eating habits and couple that with a few days of intensity within your training, you are guaranteed to yield results.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 6.49.57 AM

Now here it is, 6-weeks later and I have completed Camp Rhinos 6-Week Challenge!!!!!
I had my final check-in Wednesday afternoon and earned 100% of my money back! If you recall from my first post introducing the challenge, the total cost of the challenge was $300. To earn back your money one must meet the nutrition recommendations, attend 24 classes, and track and log progress stats for 6-weeks.

I reached my lowest weight of the challenge earlier in the week at 131.8 pounds; I chalk this up to the fact that I failed to meet my water intake and woke up a bit dehydrated.  I weighed myself the morning of my final check-in at 133.5 pounds and that was the final weight logged. Overall, I showed a weight loss of 4-pounds and a total decrease of 6-inches. Most importantly, I found a new gym to call home. I collected my $300 dollars and rolled it over to pay for the following two months.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 4.34.59 PM

My plan is to continue with my cut for a few more weeks until Olympia weekend (look for me at the Gorilla Wear booth!) I did allow for a night out this weekend with some friends and indulged with a few gin and tonics and had a veggie loaded thin crust pizza on Saturday night, but this morning it was back to the grind.

Good morning dolls 💜



We got started early on this Saturday morning- Wesley and I both had to work today- Wesley earlier than I, so as he headed off, I jumped on the eliptical for some cardio.


My cardio this morning was at a moderate intensity on the eliptical (40:00), fueled by BCAAs.


Immediately after, I mixed up a protein drink with 1 scoop of BPI snicker doodle protein and amino’s with a banana. I had half of my drink and all of the banana consumed before my warm up was over, and then had the rest of my drink throughout the workout.



Today’s workout:
Warm Up: full Body Bar cycle
•DB Clean and Jerks
•Kneeling DB Curl and Strict Press
•BB Clean and Jerks
•Squat Hops (between each full set)
•Pull Ups
•Dead Hangs

After my workout I had a bowl of oats mixed with protein powder, topped with strawberries outside on the patio ☀️

Soon after lunch I was off to work. I opted for a messy side braid today- I added a couple of clip in extensions for a little added length.
*photo on the left has no filter and the photo on the right is snapchat filter.


In between clients today I ran next door to Del Taco and had a shrimp and avocado taco (yummy 🍤).  I was out of work at 6 and made a grocery store run. My evening has consisted of being online and checking in with clients. Now I am just waiting on my hunnie to come snuggle and call it a night🌛

Happy Saturday❤️

Good Morning 💜

I woke up today without any obligations. I was off from the salon, so after waking up and getting Wesley’s bag for work packed, I piled up to watch youtube a bit while sipping my coffee and sending out emails. I spent the first hour of my morning chatting it up on the phone with my mama playing catch up.

I made myself a bowl of oats topped with eggs and hot sauce while watching Wendy William’s Hot Topics..

After breakfast I made my way out into the garage for a lifting session. I didn’t have a workout planned for today, so it ended up being a full body workout.
•Full body bar warm up cycle
•BB Overhead Strict Press 3×10
-Single DB Overhead Squat 3×10
•BB Upright Row 3×15
-DB Thrusters 3×8
•Pull Ups 3×10
-Sumo Squat 3×10
•BB Good Mornings
Follow with:
:10 rounds of dead hangs
+ Jump Rope

For my post workout meal I had a protein drink (BPI Snickerdoodle) and a plate full of fruit, with a dollop of yogurt and sugar free chocolate pudding 🍓🍌🍎

Most of my day was spent organizing in the garage and cleaning our leather sofa.

I got most of our entry room complete; however, we have two extremely large art pieces that we still have to get matted and framed and then, it will finally be complete.

I paused mid-day for a luck break on the patio: Kale chips, lettuce wraps and zucchini pasta (absolutely photo worthy).

After what seemed like five loads of clothes and twenty-five runs up and down the stairs, I called it a day. I had an afternoon snack while sitting outside listening to Spotify.

Now, it is Friday night and Wes is working late, so I decided to pop this bottle of Alaskan Amber and turn on some Netflix.

Happy Friday ❤️

Good Morning & Happy Monday!
You had better believe that I needed coffee the size of my head this morning. Wes had to be up at 4, so that put me getting up at 3:30. I am an early bird, but man, it was a struggle 😩.
I saw him off to work at 4:30, and by 5 am I was having breakfast (same ole eggs and oatmeal). As I was running up the stairs to get ready for the gym, I realized how sore my upper body was and how fatigued my lower body was. I am a firm believer in “never skip a Monday,” but when you work out just as hard on Saturday and Sunday, sometimes recovery falls on Monday. So, I decided to get in some cardio at home in the form of “dance cleaning,” I cranked YouTube music and went to sweeping and swiffering.

After dancing and dusting, I worked up an appetite. 😝 I fixed myself some broccoli and chick-peas with a side of zucchini noodles 🌱

I cleaned up to make a Wal-Mart run. It was a sweatshirt, cropped jeans, no makeup, flip flop kinda morning ☀️


I grabbed a few more groceries to get us through the week.

Once back home, I had some things to do online for school, checked in with clients and began to get ready for work.

I was obsessed with this Kitty filter on snap today with my red lipstick 💋💜 and yes, I am aware that my catsuit is a bit boob-a-licious…I put a button-up over top before heading into the salon ☺️.


On the way to the salon I snacked on one of Wesley’s protein bars (it was so yummy too!)

My first two appointments were immediate today, and back to back. After a few hours at work, I had a cottage cheese snack pack.

I wrapped up at the salon around 6 this evening. On the way home my belly was growling and at the point of hurting because I felt so hungry. I made it home and Wesley had pizza on the counter!! 😳🍕 It took everything in me to pass by that pizza!!! I threw together a salad and had a half of a quest bar.

Now its time to make my way upstairs to snuggle the sleeping beast in my bed ❤️

Happy Monday!!!

My morning began as usual with breakfast on the patio.

An egg scramble and oatmeal bowl with a green smoothie (spinach, coconut water, apple).


Morning cardio-

I am forever a student of my sport. Learning and understanding the human body is beneficial in designing fitness programs ensuring sufficient training loads that may correspond with the specific ability of an athlete to improve. 
I refuse to let myself stagnate or reach a plateau. I will constantly keep learning and improving to  ensure that I have the ability to raise the bar and set higher standards that will help me to evolve and take me to the next level as an athlete and coach. 

After lunch (sweet potato, ground turkey, zucchini and avocado), I took it to the gym for a shoulder/delt workout-


This afternoon I worked on editing my latest competition prep Vlog that I will be uploading this evening. I am super stoked that my new portable tripod came in before vacation 🙂

Tonight will be an evening of Netflix.

Happy Tuesday!!

Hi Everyone 🙂

I woke up this morning, had lots to do, so decided to take an off day and give myself a break mentally and physically. 

My morning began with having my progress tracked using the BodPod.  My appointment was at 9am, so lets just say that by this point I felt as if I was starving. I didn’t even have coffee!! It is suggested to wait at least 3 hours to have your scan after eating or drinking, so seeing that I woke at 6, I had nothing. 
(I will be posting those results this weekend when I post my competition prep update).

After coming home from my scan I had a lunch that was so satisfying!!

I stopped immediately after having my bodpod appointment for a coffee and snagged a new green tea that I have not had before. It has all of the essential vitamins and only 6 grams of carbs. It was yummy. Once home, I fixed this photo worthy salad the size of my face.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 7.25.48 AM.png

Soon after I was headed to the grocery store for tomorrows food prep for the weekend (not in gym clothes 😉

The rest of my evening has been spent completing minimal homework (that I will regret later), and watching Netflix (Suits). 
Tomorrow I will be slaying two workouts, but for tonight, I will be in bed early letting this body fully recover!

Happy Thursday 🙂 Take a moment to be blessed!

Hi you all-
This morning began with planning the day. When I have school work (labs particularly), I make a plan for my day to ensure that I stay on track and get everything completed within a timely matter.



Todays breakfast looks identical to yesterdays. I am a creature of habit. Maybe it isn’t exciting to eat the same foods day after day, but these are the foods that fuel my needs and my goals. I eat to live.

After breakfast, I got in my first workout of the day. It was a quick 5 rounds:
Romanian Deadlifts
Traditional DB bicep curls
Toes to bar
Followed with 15:00 on the eliptical

Mid-Morning Meal & Lunch:

Once again..the same foods. Would I LOVE to have three slices of pizza and a coke, of course-but that would not help me reach my goals.

Labs took up a good portion of my day. It was a tough lab today. Actually, hard AF is the correct terminology for describing todays class!


This afternoons training session was a great session:
Traditional Deadlifts
Followed with: High Volume:
Single Leg Deadlifts
Leg Press / Toe Press
Lying Hamstring Curls
Leg Extensions
Glute Bridges

I woke up this morning, had some coffee and laced up my Nikes for a stroll around the city. It was by no means a cardio session, or even a power walk. In all reality, my heart rate probably never got over 100 bpm, but it was such a beautiful morning and I couldn’t think of a better way to begin the day.
I try to begin each day by giving thanks-whether religious, or just a believer in the power of the universe, I think that everyone can benefit by beginning each day with a thankful heart, and no better way than a morning outside.
-These pictures can’t even do it justice. It really is the most beautiful place. I am so blessed for this experience!


After my walk I took a trip to the grocery store and loaded up on veggies. I swear, Veggie Prep is never ending!!

Todays training was glutes, hamstrings and back:
Romanian deadlifts
Single leg deadlifts
Seated row
One arm seated row
Lying hamstring curl
Reverse pec dec
Standing single hamstring curls
Lying single hamstring curls
Glute bridges

This afternoon focused on girly maintenance…


I mixed up some of my homemade body scrub. I use coconut oil, lavender epsom salt and brown sugar. This time I also mixed in some healing oils that my friend gave me from Egypt. (Just a tip: I prefer to use the scrub prior to wetting the skin. It works as an amazing exfoliator and leaves the skin ridiculously soft and yummy 😉
I also applied a hair masque which is a mix of Redkens ‘All Soft’ conditioning masque and Redkens ‘time reset’ porosity filler with protein.
As for my skin, I have been a faithful user of Rodan and Fields for a few months now and love what it does for my skin!

For the rest of my evening I will be catching up on some reading and another episode of Breaking Bad 🙂

Happy Hump-Day!!


Today was a scheduled off day from weight training, so for my morning cardio I used the empty BB mixed with bodyweight exercises to get the blood flowing.

I had a hard time not going to the gym today. When you get this close to a competition and you know you still have progress to make, taking an off day can be a battle in itself; however, I know that I needed it. Every single muscle in my body today felt fatigued (not to be confused with muscle soreness), so I listened to it and forced myself to finish up my latest series of ‘Breaking Bad’ 🙂


Confidence is belief in yourself and the ability to feel beautiful without approval of others. If you wait for others to build you up, you will be waiting a while. It is  OK to feel confident and be proud of yourself😉


This is 100% truth. Exposing yourself to artificial ingredients within junk food lead to more cravings. I often have people ask me, “don’t you like pizza and sweets?” Of course I do! I’m human, but what I like even more is to feel good on the inside and appreciate what I see in the mirror on the outside.
It is not an easy lifestyle! Staying committed and having willpower is often extremely hard, but disappointment within ones self is even harder.
Happy Tuesday 🙂

Hey you all!! Happy Saturday 🙂
I woke up this morning at 8:00 am!! That is the latest I have slept in months! I woke up to the sun shining through the window and immediately felt blessed with a wonderful day ahead.

I started the day with a couple of my usuals: Coffee with BPI’s Keto-Bomb for those medium chain triglycerides and Proats (oatmeal mixed with protein powder), topped with cinnamon and strawberries.

I got my HIIT training in early in the day which was a mix of rowing and jump rope and this evenings workout focused on back:
BB Rows
Seated Rows
Single Rows
Triple-Sets of:
Wide Grip Pulldowns
Standard Pulldowns
Narrow Grip Pulldowns

My wild and crazy Saturday Night has so far consisted of lounging in the bath, soaking these tired muscles. Now, I am planning to pile up in the bed and download a new playlist for the gym tomorrow. New music always makes for a good workout!

Enjoy your Saturday night!!!