Hey fit fam! I wanted to share with you all a highlight of my week last week.
I was having my morning coffee last Sunday and began scrolling through IG. I had a message in my inbox from a client; it was a photo of the scale, and in between her bare feet read, 144. This day marked 30 weeks that she had been following my customized training and nutrition program, and this marked exactly a 30-pound weight loss.


When you see that as a reader it looks great on paper, right?! Thirty pounds in 30 weeks for a female in the 35+ age range is perfect; that’s a pound a week! It’s enticing and seems doable, you think to yourself, “I can do that!”

What I’m going to tell you is the same thing I tell everyone when they begin a training program; yes, it is very doable because it’s based on science. Is it easy, no. The reasons it isn’t easy however isn’t because of the reasons you would think. Most everyone can agree that working out is the easy part and diet is the hard part. While I think this is true as well, I believe a lack of patience is most peoples primary detriment.

Take my client above for instance. If she lost a single pound the first week, another the second, another pound the third and this was a continuous pattern that she knew to expect every week, that in my opinion seems fairly promising. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it works. You may begin a new training/nutrition program and the first week lose 5-pounds merely because you aren’t eating sodium filled processed foods everyday. While this is exciting and a great feat in itself, these numbers aren’t typically realistic over consecutive weeks. In fact, some weeks you may show no weight loss at all. This is when people lose their patience. “You mean I have followed my menu and workouts to a T and haven’t even lost a pound this week.” Yes, it sucks! It absolutely sucks to step on the scale one day and read 132, and the very next day weigh 133. How in the world does this happen?! It’s defined as homeostasis and electrolyte balance, it’s called being a human!

My client above didn’t throw in the towel at 15-weeks when the scale didn’t show a loss, or at 21 weeks when once again, nothing on the scale. Instead, she emailed me and said she was going to stay off of the scale and only weigh in every two weeks along with her bi-weekly measurement updates. This made me so happy! I check in with my clients every week. Each week they fill out a questionnaire regarding their menu, workouts, how they feel and so on. I have them weigh in once a week (the morning of their check-in), and every two weeks I request measurements. When she said she wanted to weigh in bi-weekly this showed me that she was no longer relying solely on the scale to determine her progression, which ultimately shows me she has found her “fitness and wellness lifestyle.

I have said it over and over, verbatim …slow and steady progress trumps fast fat loss any day. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you must commit to a healthy “lifestyle.” If you weigh yourself every single morning, you can guarantee that at least three days out of the week you will begin your day with doubt and uncertainty. Why would anyone want to do this to themselves? More importantly, why would you let a scale determine a moment of unhappiness in your life.

It’s ok to occasionally get discouraged, once again, we’re human; however, one must learn to control emotions of discouragement and not overeat and dive head first into a pattern of binging when these feelings come into play. One must realize that every week will not be a rewarding week on the scale. Every week you will not be motivated. You may slip up and eat two too-many cookies on your treat day, but the main thing is to remain patient and consistent.  If you are consistent with a program science will prevail, but you must have the patience while waiting on the bigger picture. 



Happy Monday 💜
Cheers to everyone having a four-day weekend!

We were up and at it early this morning, and off to the gym we went. Today was a cardio and mobility only day for me due to stomach cramps (thanks mother nature 😫). I knew it would be a rather light session, so I only consumed BCAA’s this morning beforehand.


Once back home, following cardio- I had peppers, onions and eggs for breakfast.

While sitting out on the patio eating, I realized that we had a lot of lemons that were beginning to weigh down some bottom branches on the trees, so I did some lemon picking 🍋 I had to throw a handful out due to them getting a bit soft, but I think I will collect a few small baskets to leave on our neighbors doorsteps 😉.  #whenlifegivesyoulemons

Wesley spent most of his day off in the garage playing with our cars, but paused for a lunch break. I fixed him a whole wheat wrap with spinach, pork and light cheese and I opted for ground turkey and broccoli.


I saved my carbs for after lunch- greek vanilla yogurt topped with pistachios, so yummy!

This afternoon we made a Target run ❤️ and picked up a cart full of randomness: leather wipes, night lights, protein bars, nuts and tampons 😜. I scooped up a smart water and a protein bar for the ride home.

This evening I checked in with clients and did some reading ahead for class tomorrow. I had one more snack for the day: egg whites topped with peanut butter and a side of broccoli (yes, I realize that this is an odd combo). For those that know me and have followed me for a while, I eat for a purpose and according to my macros, so if that means combining foods such as this, thats what I do 😁. For dinner I had ground turkey and cauliflower topped with hot sauce.


Today was my first day back to macro tracking. Since traveling so much the first week of the new year and being on the road, I ate intuitively. Today, I didn’t look at my totals as I tracked, I just logged all of my meals and wanted to see where I was in comparison of where I should be. Today’s totals were significantly lower than where I should be. I am sure that was mostly due to the fact that it was an off day, because when I lift, believe me… I can eat like a linebacker!!

Well, now it is time to pile up and get ready to get back to reality tomorrow.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.